It Seems I Came to Another World, Now What Should I Do

Author: (Mai)
Raws: Syosetu

Translation Status:
Recruiting new translator


One morning, a 35 year old overweight salary man was suddenly transported to another world.

Without knowledge, ability to communicate, and I am especially not confident about my physical capabilities. I have no idea what to do.

However my current goal is to figure out how to keep living using the skills granted to me from the existence known as the interface.

Hero? Demon King? I know nothing about that. I am just an ordinary salaryman

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Vol. 1: 9784896375916
Vol. 2: 9784896376241
Vol. 3: 9784896376630
Vol. 4: 9784896377583


Episode 1: When I tried to go to the Company, I was sent flying into the Another World
Episode 2: I thought this was Japan, but apparently, it’s not
Episode 3: I thought an IT peon was going to debut as a forest boy, but an even bigger thing happened
Episode 4: I thought it’s time for survival but it’s actually time to try out food!!
Episode 5: While looking for a watering hole, I found a traces of people
Episode 6: When I was feeling satisfied after eating something tasty this happens
Episode 7: I Thought the Adrenaline was Gushing out, But I Tasted a Glimpse of Something Worse
Episode 8: Before I Can Settle my Feelings With my Young Wife, I Received a Bigger Bomb
Episode 9: Leva…… Nira…… ?
Episode 10: There are rejuvenation and Gods…… There are……
Episode 11: I Met my Father (in law),  I Thought He’s Going to Object but it was Something Different
Episode 12: German Sausage is the Best in the World!!! Though it isn’t from Germany
Episode 13: I Arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild but it was Different than I Thought
Episode 14: Mr Backbeard is looking….. Back look?
Episode 15: My First Time Was….. A Goblin…. Potsu
Episode 16: I’m Home, Wait, Isn’t Something Warm Here?
Episode 17: 『Identify』has been updated
Episode 18: The God is Watching….. Kamimite?
Episode 19: Isn’t Kinkin Voice Overwhelming?
Episode 20: Surprise Party
Episode 21: Duck Face is Indeed Cute When a Pretty Girl Does it
Episode 22: Long Time Ago, You Did Play Finger Gun While Saying Pew Pew, Didn’t You?
Episode 23: Will I Be Able to Fly Freely in the Skies?​
Episode 24: When I Partied With the Lil Devil for the First Time I Felt Despair After Getting Told to Just Sit Down
Episode 25: Even Though I Ate Mangoes from Okinawa Until I Got Tired of It, I Still Love Eating Mangoes.
Episode 26: First of All, Target its feet!
Episode 27: Bigamy with a Childhood Friend, What Kind of Eroge is that?
Episode 28: Interest

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Masahi Ayako
Masahi Ayako

Mnh~ I will try this one~! Hope this is good, no~? Hu~hn Hu~hn

Magnus Chase
Magnus Chase

Is this series still being translated?


TL(Tetriminos) has some problems with real life, so please wait 🙂

Magnus Chase
Magnus Chase

Fair enough was only checking, anyway hope things in RL get better for the translator


Have things imptoved for Tetri?


Sure, just don’t drop this project, plz :3


Hi! Has this novel been dropped?

A Morikubot


Unfortunately, Tetri, the previous translator for this novel has stepped down as the translator of this novel. You can read more about it here

We’re not dropping it just yet though, as stated in the “Translation Status” part of this page, we’re currently looking for another translator to translate this novel in Tetri’s stead. Meanwhile, you can check out the new projects that Tetri has taken here, here, and here.


Thanks for the update!


I know this is unrelated but I really would like an answer, soz xoxo Just one question, is the manga ahead of the LN? Saw CH 21 and that definitely wasn’t in the Manga, but here it says that he will defeat the giant slime tomorrow but in the manga they have already fought the slime. Unless this is another giant slime. And if you are wondering, I have not read the translation yet. As someone else commented, the heavy use of Japanese phrases really throws me off(just like with them). But if this is ahead of the manga I… Read more »

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