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Episode 25 – Even Though I Ate Mangoes from Okinawa Until I Got Tired of It, I Still Love Eating Mangoes.

I’m drenched in sweat.
The fine-tuning of the composition1 is almost done.
For the time being, this should be enough for two-legged opponents and other opponents such as wolves. If against bears, I guess it is not possible unless I use all of its power.

I want to enter in a bath tub…… A Japanese like desire suddenly came out.
But, there is no culture of entering bath tub in here. Maybe I will buy a Tarai and fill it with hot water.

When I entered the house, a good smell was in the air.


Someone hugged me from behind.

「I am very sweaty, I’m also dirty.」

「It’s fine, since I’m also sweaty after helping out.」

When I turned my head behind, Liz came closer with her lips ahead.

Fufu. It’s a little bit salty」

Aa~, I told you didn’t I?」

「It’s fine, including that, is also fine.」

「Like you want to eat it?」2

「Like you want to eat it.」3

I went to the living room, and there I found Asuto already seated.

On top of the table, there was a Naan like bread and on top of that were vegetables, melted cheese, and ham.
It was something like a pizza.

As soon as I bit into it, I felt a springiness in the dough and the sweetness of vegetables has seeped in it, there’s also an Umami that makes you speechless spreading inside my mouth.
There’s also the fragrance of cheese and the saltiness of ham, so good.

「This is so tasty, isn’t?」

Ufufu. It’s a new work. Akihiro-san made tasty food for us yesterday, so today I added some twist into it.」

Tisha said so with a smug.

「How was your training with magic spells?」

Asuto asked.

「The teacher was funny. There was nothing wrong, basic spells wise.」

「Is that so.」

We resumed eating without talking.

After eating, I started confirming things that I have left for later.
I called out Liz when she started to go back to the room.

「Liz, do you have a moment?」

「What is it?」

I brought out a bag containing various fruits, then I took the fruits out of it.

「I picked up some fruits here and there in the northern forest, do you see any edible ones?」

She looked one by one, and she only picked one of them.

「Other than this, they’re not very delicious. Since there’s no poison in it, maybe you can use it as an emergency hydration.」

It’s a fruit that looks like a red loquat.

「You can eat it as is after peeling it.」

She peeled it dexterously, then handed it to me. It was a one seed type of a fruit. The taste is closer to a mango rather than to a loquat.
The sticky sweetness is what makes it tasty. I peeled another one and shoved it into Liz’s mouth.

「Nn. Sweet. Delicious.」

She holds her cheek while chewing.
Those gestures are cute too.

「I was curious about it, thank you.」

「It was delicious.」

She grabbed around my neck, and went for a kiss as is. She had a sweet fragrance of the fruits that we just ate.

「This one is tasty too.」4

My heart skipped.
I went back to the room, borrowed some hot water, then cleansed my body.

After thinking that I should go to sleep, I heard some knocking sounds. When I opened the door, I saw Liz.

「Can I sleep with you tonight as well?」

That question can be heard in the whole house. 5
Her two parents are probably not worried.

「Come in.」

Liz jumped into the bed. I could see her white skin under the hem, and that made my heart skip a beat.

「Wanna see?」6

I guess even where we are now, the thing about females being sensitive to the male’s gaze is true.

「Since it’s almost the end of my patience, so no.」


While saying that, she grabbed my neck and pulled me into the bed.
Mou, her eyes started to moisten. 8

She grabbed my waist, then pulled me strongly. Thereafter she started to kiss my forehead, my ears, and my whole face.

「I like it…. gentle.」

My reasoning started to dissolve and I started breathing rough. We kissed each other over and over again.
But the moment I tried to reach her breast, my reasoning came back abruptly.

Kora. 9. Told you that we will do this in future.」

Fufu. you almost lost it, didn’t you?」

She figured it out.

「Yes yes. since my princess is so attractive, it’s hard to resist it.」

Ufufu, a princess…… Go on…… Tell me more.」

「She is brighter than the brightest star. She is more graceful than a most graceful flower field. Even if you look at the corners of the planet, you will never find a being better than Liz.」

「You’re…… good at talking……」

I brought her closer to me.

Until we melt, we kissed each other, until we melt.

「Tomorrow’s early. Let’s go to sleep.」

I suggested we went to sleep, before I completely lose my reasoning.

「Good night.」

「Good night, my princess.」

Aah, the TODO list check.

[x] Ask Liz about the fruits that I have gathered.

I finished the thing that I was most curious about.

Well then, let’s do our best tomorrow.
Good night.

TL: Tetri
ED: Filip 10


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