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AN: Today, the 3rd of August, is Honey day so I quickly wrote a side story about Miel. It should be correct(the info that it’s honey day) since I heard about it on the radio.

You wanted me to write about yesterday’s panties day?

Don’t worry about it……1

Miel’s Honey

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

My name is Miel. It’s the name my papa gave me. He says it means 『honey』 in the language of a country that’s far, far away. Mama’s name means 『Milk』 in that language so it seemed like I was named hoping the two of us would get along together. It’s not like I’m being teased and 『Honey-kun』 so I’m fine with that name. I heard that onee-chan got her name from papa too and it’s a different way of saying Suzuran-mama’s name.

Right now, Honeybee-san is teaching me how to harvest honey from the honey bees that were left to me by papa. I’m helping out and it’s my job to bring it to the store.

Papa must have talked to Honeybee-san since she always comes over and talks with me. We talk a lot so it’s like we’ve already become friends.

It seems like when the number of honey bees increases their houses also need to increase so Honeybee-san tells me when that happens. It’s easy though, I just need to follow what Honeybee-san taught me.

「All I have to do is burn the wood and use the smoke so the bees won’t get mad then they’ll let me take a bit of honey right?」

「That’s right. They’re quite timid and don’t really sting so you don’t have to be scared. And besides, they’re following my order not to sting you」

I used the smoke to calm them like what I was told then opened the cover and took out a few of the wooden frames. I was scared at first since there were a lot of bees but Honeybee-san taught me a lot of things.

「Those that have the white-ish covers are being saved for winter so don’t take it okay? You can take a bit from the frames that aren’t capped. Also, make sure not to hurt the baby bees okay?」[TL: this isn’t like modern beekeeping I know so I’ll just tl it as is]


「Then you should cut a part of the nest with a blade and put it in a pot. Be careful not to break too much or the bees will leave the nest and run away, okay?」


Just like she said, I cut half of the nest that wasn’t covered then put those on top of a pot with a strainer. I continued to receive honey from the bees by doing the same thing to the other frames.

The large nest doesn’t go through the strainer so I just needed to put the honey that was in the pot into a jar then I was done. There were only a few hives and bees so I didn’t get a lot but my first time helping went well.

「Thank you, Honeybee-san」

「No problem. We should even be thanking you instead and we even owe a lot to your father. Well then, I’ll be taking my leave for today. The next time I come will be when the bees need to move out」

After saying that, she went back to the forest.

「Oh, is that honey, Miel-kun~? The ranch auntie gave mama some milk so let’s warm it up and put honey in it!」

Mama cheerfully warmed up the milk she received and quickly mixed in the honey I had.

Suzuran-mama and onee-chan came home after that and the four of us drank the warm milk with honey together. After taking a sip, we all sighed and our eyes started feeling heavy. Drinking the warm honey milk was so relaxing that it made us all feel sleepy.

「When Caam-kun comes back, let’s get him to make us some some sweets with the honey」

「I want to eat cookies」

「Me tooー」

「I heard that honey makes meat tender. I want to try. Can’t do it myself. Don’t know how much to put in. Don’t want to eat sweet meat」

Suzuran-mama only thinks about meat as usual. I think today was a really good day for me. I got along with Honeybee-san better.

I want to quickly be like papa who knows a lot of things. I’ll work hard with my magic too.

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