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Here’s another episode of Isekai Mitai!

Episode 13 – I arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild but it was Different than I Thought

The crowd was already gathering when I was about to leave the village.

Farmers seem to start working as soon as the sun starts to rise, I can see in each plot of land some people swinging their hoes already.

There seems to be some development in regards to steel-making, because I can see some of them using steel hoes.1

「Place looks empty because there are no horses or cows. I am pretty sure keeping a cattle is one of the basic elements of the three-field agricultural system. Maybe because they can’t make the cattle pass the winter. 2

In some places, there are stalls, which are emitting a very appetizing smell.

I’m sure if there are residences you don’t have to open up stalls, maybe there are a lot of tourists here?

「Why is it that there seem to be more facilities rather than residences or farmlands. Maybe there’s some kind of hub nearby?」

<Resolving. Our current designate, Toruca Village’s main industry is agriculture. Incidentally, the gathering requests are done in the southern forest, and the subjugations happen in the northern forest, so the village happens to be the waypoint on the shortest road between them. 3>

<Addtionally, there’s Ruth Village4 to the west, and there’s Mebuburk5 Village to the east, and this village operates as the place where you can stop and trade goods. So this village is richer than other villages nearby.>

『IB』-sensei answered my question. 6

Ruth village and Mebuburk Village. Maybe Lizatia’s brother works in either of these villages?

That thing aside, I head to the village as this is one of my TODOs in my TODO list.

Tisha-san told me that there should be a signboard with a bed so I tried looking for it. I found 3 places that have beds on the signboard.

The first one seems to be a big hurdle for me so I disregard that, so I went to the 2 story inn which is the closest one other than the first one.

The name of the inn is 『Azoratei』.78

Are? I seem to be able to read characters just fine. 9

<Informing. The same as Akihiro’s ability to comprehend information and the ability to pronounce properly, your ability to read has been enhanced as well.>

<As well as writing, I have enhanced your ability to write the correct notations.>

As expected of 『IB』-sensei. You can’t expect nothing.

Since conversation and describing is the bottleneck10 of the parallel world, having it solved is truly appreciating.

At this age, learning a new language is impossible.

TOEIC ‘s examination was planned from this year according to the company’ s policy, because of this I had thought of changing my job.

Irraishaimase11. Are you here to stay? Or maybe are you here for breakfast?」

A man in his 60s that has a great balding at the bangs area called out to me.

His appearance is fine and his impression is good.

There is a dining area established in the lobby section, the cleaning is pretty well done too.

「I am trying to schedule my first stay since entering Waranika Kingdom. Can you please tell me the information about the money and the accommodation fee?」

This man is the shop owner, and he seems to be operating the inn with his wife.

Regarding money, it’s not the weighed money 12 and instead, it’s count money 13.

Since there are different kind of money in each kingdom, there’s a way to exchange money to a different kind.

In regards to exchanging money, the exchange rate depends on the current trust between the kingdoms. The current Waranika Kingdom’s rate is set slightly low is what I learned. I can see the current Waranika Kingdom’s strength with just this. 14

Also, the unit of currency in Waranika Kingdom is called War 15, and generally they are made up of iron.

I learned that there are different types of coins: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000. The bigger the value, the bigger the coin is with a 2mm increment. I learned this by seeing the coins personally.

On the reverse side, 16 I saw the faces of governing gods and the well known successive kings. To be honest, even if I’m told about their names I can’t identify them.

There are coins for 100000, 500000, 1000000 units of War but since they are made up of gold, they are only used for large commercial transactions and rarely used in general shops.

The iron coins seem to be easy to counterfeit, but those who counterfeit seems to receive a punishment from the governing gods as soon as they find out of it. 17

It seems that the punishment is gruesome and affects the whole family, so people have decided that it’s not worth to counterfeit money.

Maa, if I have my face on one of the coins and it gets counterfeited, it will make me feel dejected, so I understand the gods. Though it felt like kind of childish18, well, God of Greek mythology did the same so whatever.

「For one night with morning and evening meals will be for 5000 War. If no meals accompanied it will be 4000 War. The kitchen is also free to use except in busy times.」

Considering the price in Japanese Yen, it’s a low price business hotel.

The single rooms seem to be large as well.

「You can buy a bucket of hot water for 500 War. You can also buy candles that last for an hour for 1000 War each. If you need some please feel free to ask at the front desk.」

「Thank you very much. Though I may end up scheduling a stay here, I want to look at the other places first, So we may meet at a later time. Thank you very much again.」

Aah, I also heard about the toilets, it seems there’s a shared toilet placed in each floor with water system installed.

The toilet is important, very important.

Well, for now, one TODO objective check.

[x] Confirm Monetary System

I left the inn and proceeded to another inn which is located far from the middle square.

I can read 『Earth and the Earth Temple』19 on the signboard.20

Peeking through the door, there’s a front desk, and additionally a dining hall and a bar. There are also people who are wearing armor drunk and lying down like a corpse.

After looking at the establishment, I notice the cleaning is not done properly. The owner also looks like a cunning middle-aged man.

It depends on the income, but I feel like the safety that’s been bought by money is great. So I left the place without saying anything. 21

Well, one more TODO objective check.

[x] Confirmation of Inns’ Accommodation fee

Umu, it feels great every time I fill a check to the list because I feel that there’s an advancement in my plans.

Sate, since the morning crowd seems to have started calming down, let’s proceed to the guild.

I went towards the relatively large building in the center of the village. It’s one of the guilds you see with a white sword and shield on a black background as a signboard.『Adventurers’ Guild Toruca Village Branch』. Yup, it’s here.

Opening the door and going in, the impression is that of the building like a government office mixed with an old security office.

A template situation where at the bar inside the guild was a bad guy looking for a fight. It’s a frustrating experience but well, let’s ignore it.

I saw a window that had “register” written on it so I walked there. The receptionist gives the impression of a 20-years-old naive village girl.

「Nice to meet you, welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild. Are you here for registration?」2223

Hai. Could you please explain the process of registration and the terms of service?」

Dewa24, I will explain everything first and then we’ll proceed to the registration okay?」

As for the information about the jobs, everything was almost the same as how Tisha-san explained.

「Regarding the tax, after you register, you will be considered a member of the guild. Your tax payment will be taken from your revenue based on the Kingdom’s tax rate. As for the tax summary, the whole country will take care of that so please do not worry about it.」

Aah, so it’s a deduction system. Since it’s a pain to pay tax one by one so I am saved by this system.

Honestly, It seems that Edoguchi’s temperament seems to be more certain if you look at the abusive situation of the inn. 2526

「In addition, ranks are given to adventurers according to business contribution, it will be from rank 10, which is the lowest, to the rank 1, which is the highest. There are 10 steps before you rank up. 27

Ooh. Adventurer Ranks. The template “I am strong” huh. 28

「Regarding the ranking system, it is based on the reliability of the person. Though there were sometimes people who misunderstood ranks for how strong you are, please understand it as credits which have been accumulated through many successes. Also, the number of jobs you can take depends on your rank. Though to avoid failures, we will review you to see if you really can handle the job」

Well for example, in one request asks you to escort someone, it’s no use to hire someone who hasn’t done any escort mission before.29

There are guilds for difference specialists, and the Adventurers’ Guilds are oriented towards general jobs.

「I mentioned about reliability, please understand that I mean this literally. In case of accidental failure of jobs, there will be a little penalty to be paid. Though for an intentional failure, there will be a big penalty as a punishment.」

「By the way, what penalty would be given, for example?」

「In the case that occurred in the past, there was an adventurer in a party who stole the cargo of the delivery mission. As for the person concerned, he was caught and restrained using all the power of the guild, and that person had pay for the expenses, the value of the deliverables, and pay for the delay of the delivery.」

「What’s going on with that person now?」

「Since this is a story of a long time ago, he’s already deceased. But, I heard that he spent his entire life paying his debts.」

It’s really a heavy story. As long as I listen to it, there’s a scent on it just like a black company. 30

Maa, I don’t have any foundation for living, and there are no other options if I want to live.

「Regardless of the request, you only can receive one at the same time, but if an event not covered by the request conflicts with another request, we can deal with that later.」

For example, in case of accepting a collection request and subjugating in self-defense, that subject will be covered as long as the object to be subjugated fill the requirements of another request.31

「For more details, we have kept documents that were organized32 and can be found in the second-floor library. If you’re interested please feel free to go there.」

It seems that it’s a 3-floor-building, and there is a library on the second floor. Also, there seems to be a conference room, so it’s possible to make a confidential talk, on the off-chance that a delicate client might come.

「Do you still have an intention to register?」

Hai, I will proceed with the registration.」

In order to collect living expenses as soon as possible, I can’t bother to think twice.

Dewa, please fill in the necessary information here.」

I’ve been given a paper that’s about A6 in size. My name is Akihiro, age is 35, my current address, maybe I can use Asuto’s house.

Dewa, please stab your index finger with this needle. Just enough for the blood to come out.」

I thought I will leave a bloody fingerprint, but I just have to drop a bit of blood on a white card that the receptionist-san took out.

Doing that, the card started to glow dimly, and the blood disappeared without any trace.

What is this?

「Here is your Guild Card. This can also be used to confirm your identity. Also, this can also be used to access your own database 33 so please try your best not to lose it.」

Something futuristic has come out. The civilization gap is here, and it’s strange. 34

「About the card and the card reader, those are mass produced by the god of magic and the god of workmanship, so please don’t worry about it.」35

If I think about how the gods mass produces things, I feel a little better. Also, what kind of power do they use? Maybe it’s magical power.

「As for the power, they absorb magic from the surroundings and are using that to operate. The consumption is insignificant and there’s almost no breakdown.」

While looking at the card, the information that I wrote in the paper earlier comes out. In addition, there’s also a information telling that I am at the 10th rank.

「Also, this card is directly connected to your soul and continues to ping.」

Ping in the parallel world, it’s directly translated. Indeed it doesn’t suit. 36

「If your soul has passed on, there will be a report of your death in each reader. Using this as a trigger, there’s a way for you to write a will, since this is free of charge service, feel free to use it.」

So there’s a service even when you die. Though if possible I don’t want to end up using it.

Dewa, this will be the conclusion of the explanation and the registration. Your trust will be this guild’s and your power. please believe in yourself and try your best」

The receptionist-Jousan told me while smiling.

「Thank you for your help. The explanation was easy to understand.」

While reminiscing that long explanation that caused me to be tired a little, 37 I went to look for requests.

TL: Tetri is Tired

Editor: Filip, who could not translate or understand some lines, sorry ?

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Efrain Lopez

In this sentence the meaning is that if you look at the state of the Adventurers that were Lying drunk in the floor of the cheap inn you understand that they think with muscles not brain, so they paying the tax by themselves is just a dream. Edoguchi’s temperament is a kind of muscle brain and working like a zombie.


It depends on the income, but I feel like the safety that’s been bought by money is great. So I left the place without saying anything. (21)

You said you didn’t understand this in the footnote, so I’ll explain it. He’s saying whether he can stay in that other place that seems like the better alternative (in cleanliness, manners, and security) or not will depend on how much money he can make. If he can’t make enough, he’ll HAVE to stay in that seedy looking inn…or just stay with Lizatia, heh. ^^


*30,*31: A “Black” Company is a company that abuses its workers, even to the point of death. Even if the crime is justified, it still gives him a little bit of a “black” feeling. Being Japanese, it feels like an overly harsh punishment. *35: “Gap Moe” is the idea of cuteness from the “gap” between what you expect from a person by their looks, and them being extremely different from what you expect once they open their mouth and you see their personality. I believe he is talking about a “Civilization Gap”, where appearances would logically mean a certain type… Read more »


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