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Episode 3 – I thought an IT peon was going to debut as a forest boy, but an even bigger thing happened

I tried to calm down for the time being.

  1. My current location is not Japan.
  2. My food can last me for about 3 days maximum while the water is good for about 4 days.
  3. In a forest this big, there should be relatively large wild animals that might be living here.
  4. Weapons, Armors, I have neither of those (with the exception of the large-sized cutter).
  5. There’s no sign of residence nearby.

「Ofu. I’m checkmated」1

While I was on all fours, I got pessimistic about the situation.

「Oioi. An IT peon having to do a forest boy debut is impossible. Though if it’s my grandfather maybe he’d survive this」

Right now, being pessimistic will get me nothing so I decided to make up a plan.

「For now, secure the water. Also, the food too. If the vegetation is similar to what’s in Japan, then edible ones should be nearby」

I raised my awareness little by little, and thought of ways to survive.

「Using a river as a source of my fresh water is rather scary, so I’ll look for spring water… For food, I will try to trap small animals and birds, afterwards comes the fish」

I still remember how to make small-sized traps and how to dress the prey from my grandfather’s training.

「All that’s left is to secure a place to sleep and I’m done. It’s now… 10:302 huh. For now, I have to secure some water. In the worst case, I’ll boil some river water」

While thinking up to that point, I heard an incredibly quiet sound. Judging by how low the source of the sound was, I believed this would be a small animal. Holding the split cane, I gently opened the bush, which was the source of the sound.

「Isn’t this an Aodaisho?」

The snake that was struggling below the split cane is about 150cm long. But it’s color was reddish-brown, so it was hard to be sure that it was an Aodaisho.

「Huh? The pupil isn’t round. But the shape of the head is right」

While I was confused seeing a familiar-looking snake that turned out to actually not be familiar, the snake opened its mouth wide and bared its fangs, and from there liquid began to spout out.

「Uwo. Are you venomous? Eh? Aodaisho shouldn’t be venomous」

Since meaninglessly being bit by the revolting snake is unfavorable, I grabbed my awl from my toolset, then pierced its head. While convulsing with a twitch, the strength of the coiling by the snake slowly faded and it started to hang onto the cane, strengthless. At the moment I believed it to be dead, I heard a certain recognizable electronic voice echo in my head.

<Notice from the Skill『Acquisition』. The condition of the skill『Acquisition』has been fulfilled. The skill『Stealth』0.03 that was held by the target, has been transferred.>


Due to not foreseeing this situation, my head became completely blank.

「What?『Acquisition』? Transfer of skill?」

Without having myself pulled up, I kept on asking questions.

<Notice from the skill『Intelligent Being』. Nice to meet you Unset3. I am 『Intelligent Being』. I spoke to you because you wanted a conversation.>

Again, I heard an electronic voice, but this one, in particular, felt like I could have a conversation with.

「Intelligent Being-san was it? As in the skill granted by Interface-san?」

Since I know nothing about it’s identity, I ended up using a respectful manner of speech.

<Your recognition is correct. Please identify the skill『Intelligent Being』4 as Intelligent Being. The Skill 『Intelligent Being』has been granted to Unset by Interface.>

I see, an intelligent being, but what is this Unset?

「What is this Unset?」

<The skill『Intelligent Being』is incapable of identifying those who are not set, therefore they are referred to as “Unset” temporarily>

Aah, since it doesn’t know my name that’s why it called me Unset.

「My name is Maekawa Akihiro, please call me Akihiro」

<Resolving. The Unset shall be given a designation, registering as Akihiro. From now on I am in your care.>

Communication can be done. This is a big difference from Interface-san. Well, let’s go back to asking the first question.

「『Aqcuisition』has informed me that a skill was transferred, what was that?」

<Resolving, Akihiro has been granted 3 skills by Interface. One of which would be 『Acquisition』>

<Akihiro desired to acquire all experience and knowledge, therefore the corresponding skill was granted.>

<The power of that corresponding skill is to devour the experience you yourself have gained through an event and turn it into a skill that will reside in your body>

While I didn’t make such a grand wish, an extraordinary ability now lies within me, but what is a skill in the first place?

「What is a skill? And what is that 『Stealth』skill that I gained earlier?」

<Resolving, There are two types of skills, the first kind is the ability bound to one’s soul, that is the type of the 3 skills granted by Interface>

<The second type is the ability gained from binding to the body through techniques, these abilities can be strengthened with appropriate training>

<『Stealth』is a skill to hide oneself, it interferes with others’ visual recognition.>

It seems that I was granted a greater skill than I thought, I want something to support my head with.

For the time being, I have to survive, and while I’m thankful, I’m getting this feeling that things will become quite the pain after I return to Japan.

「『Intelligent Being』5-san, how do I use『Stealth』?」

<Resolving, normally speaking, skills do not show their true effect until they reach 1 and higher, therefore because Akihiro currently has 0.03 only a slight effect will be shown。>

Oooh, that’s going to take a while, for the time being, I might as well ignore it, certainly, that fake common harmless snake didn’t feel like it was invisible or anything.

Well now that I finished with the important question, let’s mainly do our best to survive… let’s do our best…

TL: Tetri

Editor: Kat

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