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Episode 4 – I thought it’s time for survival but it’s actually time to try out food!!

Well then, It’s time for survival.

Since the conversation with『IB』1-san has come to an end, I decided to restart my main objective.

「Now that I think about it, is this Aodaisho Modoki edible?」

If I look closely, this Aodaisho Modoki doesn’t have a side ridge and it’s flesh is pretty tender. Aodaisho can’t be eaten because of its stench and scum, but this guy looks more like an eel than a snake.

「『IB』-san, can I eat this?」

When you don’t understand something too well it is best to ask someone who seems to know, it is a living being from another world after all.

<Resolving, please use the skill『Identify』>

A rather unfriendly reply, I don’t even know how to use『Identify』, what is this treatment.

「Etto, I will use 『Identify』」

For now, I tried saying that while looking at the Aodaisho Modoki. And then the internal structure, information on the use of each organ, its habitat, etc.  started to flow into my brain. By the way, because I kept calling it Aodaisho Modoki it ended up being identified as Aodaisho Modoki. The fundamental difference between the two is that it 2 doesn’t climb up trees, and lives on the ground. It mainly lives off of nuts and insects. Regarding the venom, it’s a weak neurotoxin that it uses to protect itself from external threats, its effect on something the size of a human is nothing more than just momentary numbing. Furthermore, it’s venom sack can be found in the neck, so it seems that it can be eaten without worry if I chop it off.

「Does it not stink because it’s not carnivorous?」

11-hours have already passed, so I decided to eat it for lunch. If it turns out to be no good then I’ll depend on the calorie-providing blocks that I have. Since I have skipped breakfast, I am too empty for any more survival.

「Guess I should make a temporary camp around that river bank I saw earlier」

Besides its uses in making a simple stove, the fact that river stones are easy to use is a good enough reason to move there, and I spent about 20 minutes walking on the way there while picking up twigs and branches to use as firewood.

「There’s quite an amount of water」

From what I saw atop the tree, it looked like a place where you could play in the water, but it turned out completely different due to the depth and the sheer amount of water.

「It looks like there might be a big one, but I don’t think that it can be caught with a wooden harpoon」

I gave up on fish, then proceeded to collect river stones to prepare for an oven. I stacked up the stones and left the top open. I dressed 3 the Aodaisho Modoki starting from its stomach, I peeled off the skin with the scales still on it, and then an unexpectedly white flesh was revealed. I washed away the blood and organs and removed the small bones with the cutter. I cut it into the size of grilled eel, then I skewered it on the twigs.

「Even though I stopped smoking, it’s a good thing I still left the lighter on me」

Back when I used to smoke I developed a habit of putting a lighter in every storage space, but because of that, I was able to do this.

「I should roughly grill the surface with the flame, while at the same time turning it around to make sure its done evenly」

I kept on grilling it like how I did it back when my grandfather brought some eel, it seems it has some fat on it because this world looks like it is entering autumn, when the fat started dripping into the fire it crackled while releasing a savory smell.

「soro soro kana. 4

The crunchy fox-like colored cooked meat has oil burned parts on it and that makes it unbearably delicious looking.

「Just to be safe, I will use『Identify』」

I used『Identify』to see if there is any toxicity, but there is none. I can eat it without worry.

「It’s regrettable that there is no sauce or salt, Itadakimasu 5

Oil bursts out of the meat as soon as I sink my teeth into the surface, while the tender peculiarly -white meat dances in my mouth. 6

「This, even though the taste is a bit thin it’s delicious, just the sweetness of the fat and the fluffiness of the meat is enough」

The stink that I was worried about was almost non-existent, and I was able to enjoy a deliciousness that was different to that of an eel. As expected of a 150cm snake, even just the edible parts turned into quite the amount.

「Just as expected, I am already full 7

Even though I’m said to be metabolic, I don’t actually eat that much. Because my efficiency is too good, fat kept piling on my stomach. For a while, I stayed fat even if I didn’t eat or drink anything, I even wondered if I was feeding off of mist.

「So for that, Gochisousamadeshita8, Oishugozaimashita9

My first meal in another world was a weird snake, but since it was pleasant, let’s say it was a good experience.

TL: Tetri

Editor: Kat

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