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Applications for Editors and Proofreaders are currently closed but we’re always accepting Translators. We primarily deal with JP=>EN translators but if you want to translate a different language to English, feel free to apply.

To start the recruitment process, please join discord server through this link or on the side bar and follow the instructions on the #info channel.


Do you accept translators of any level? MTL?
Yes, we accept translators of any level, no experience required, as long as you pass a simple test so that we can ascertain your translation ability and if whether or not a TL checker is required. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate but we’d like it if there are no details missed at the very least. MTL is okay as long as they also pass the test.

What will I translate?
If don’t have a particular novel you want to translate, we might be able to give you recommendations it would probably be better if you looked through other sources like the Novel Pickup Request thread on the Novel Updates Forums.

Novels that are being translated by Nono’s Sanctuary Translations can only be taken over if it is listed below. You can pick up a novel that was translated by a different individual/group as long as it has been 3 months since the last update as per the Novel Updates Rules. We should still ask for permission as common courtesy though but we will be helping you with that.

I’m already translating a novel but I want to join, would that be okay?

Can I translate an R18 novel?
Sure but it we won’t be able to run ads on that novel.

What about the schedule?
The only schedule you have to follow is your own and you don’t even need to have one set, just work at your own pace. However, we reserve the right to hand over your novels to other translators who are interested if you’ve been away without prior notice for 6 months.

Will I get paid?
We will give you your share of ad revenue but don’t expect much. This is only a fan translation group You are also free to setup a patreon/ko-fi/paypal/etc. if you want.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Nono’s Sanctuary Translation’s Recruitment Page!

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