I’m Being Paid ¥ 300,000 a Month to Say ‘Okaeri, Kyo MO Ganbatta NE’ to a Hardworking Neighbor Oneesan Who Earns ¥500,000 a Month but Doesn’t Have a Use for the Money, Which Is Really Fun

Author: 黄波戸井ショウリ (Kiwadoi Shouri)
Raws: Syosetu

Translation Status: Ongoing


When the company slave Yuji Matsumoto came back home late due to late-night overtime work, Saotome Mio, who was next door, was stuck outside without a key. After jumping from veranda to veranda, Matsutomo opened the door and accidentally said “okaerinasai.”

「I thought no one would say that to me for the rest of my life. If you could, please tell that to me again tomorrow.」

「Though I come back home late due to overtime…..」

「I’ll hire you for $3000 a month!」

Matsumoto was pulled out from a black company by the power of someone elite that works in a leading company.

My next job destination is Saotome-san.

As for the contents of the work is to say “Okaerinasai” to the lonely Saotome-san.

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