Peerless Slime Summon

Peerless Slime Summon ~My gaming skill seems to be the strongest even in another world~
(スライム召喚無双 ~ゲーム技術は異世界でも最強なようです~

Author:可換 環
(Yoshigae Tamaki)
Raws: Syosetu

Translation Status: Ongoing


Yukata, our pro gamer protagonist, was sent to another world one day. During that time, he was given a unique skill that was tailored just for him.

「If you do well with the puzzle game that’s displayed in the window, you will be able to shoot out powerful magic」

Taking advantage of the game skills he has cultivated, he quickly mastered that skill. And while making use of that skill and living freely in a another world … Yukata ended up becoming the strongest hero in the world.

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Vol. 1: 9784040737553
Vol. 2: 9784040737621

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