Disclaimer: If you haven’t caught up to the latest translated chapter, this page contains spoilers.

P.S. This is written from the author’s perspective.


  • Protagonist, Former Japanese.
  • Mixed race after reincarnating, Race unknown
  • Has his father’s skin color which is a cross between indigo and deep blue. It looks similar to the color of a rainbow colored lizard’s tail.
  • Has his mother’s red eye color, there are a lot of fish with red eyes right?
  • Hair color is black, has grand parents but hasn’t met them yet so he doesn’t know where his black hair came from but doesn’t mind since he was Japanese.
  • At the start of his second year in school, his height was around 165 cm. Has a gentle personality so he tries his best not to make any enemies but is capable of taking action in situations where it can’t be avoided.


  • Protagonist’s father
  • 70~75% human-like appearance but has a lizard face and tail at his back.
  • Scale color will change depending on the season.
  • A Lizardman.
  • Has a personality of someone who does not mind minor details.
  • Source of income: agriculture and rewards for subjugating monsters around the village


  • Protagonist’s mother
  • 80% human-like appearance but has webbed hands and feet
  • Has scales until her ankles and wrists like a sahagin
  • Scales would change depending on the temperature of the atmosphere
  • Has an easygoing personality


  • Childhood friend and was written as the intended heroine
  • Has an overall appearance of a Japanese person except for small horns growing 3~5cm above her eyebrows
  • Part of the Kijin/Onigami race.
  • Has straight, shoulder length black hair
  • She wears something that closely resembles a Samue which is a particular outfit worn by her race. Wears clothing similar to a Jinbei during hot weather.
  • Was around 160 cm at the start of their second year in school.
  • Has a docile and taciturn personality but also has a surprisingly aggressive side.
  • Except for her height, her body has not experienced any growth.
  • Is a carnivore when it comes to meals and love.


  • Suzuran’s father
  • A muscular ogre but is also half kijin/onigami
  • Has a horn 5 cm above his eyebrows.
  • Has a really terrifying bloodlust and intimidating aura.
  • Is passionate about drinking sake.
  • Has a cheerful personality that doesn’t mind the minor details but becomes really thorough when it comes to work.


  • Suzuran’s mother.
  • With the resemblance between her and Suzuran, you can definitely say the she inherited this person’s blood.
  • Her body has curves and looks really young.
  • Has a gentle personality.
  • Is slightly troubled with the possibility that her daughter has not inherited her figure.


  • Teacher #1
  • Teaches calculations, reading and writing
  • Also supervises simple mock battles
  • An arachne with the upper half of a human and the lower half of a spider
  • Has short white hair that is close to silver
  • Doesn’t wear anything besides a cloth wrapped around her chest so whenever it’s wet, the surrounding men would get troubled.


  • Teacher #2
  • Magic teacher
  • A white birch dryad
  • Has a mandragora assistant named Gaike but since it’s of the weaker variety, if pulled off, it will only let out a scream that would cause fainting.(rather than death)


  • Classmate
  • A Goblin
  • A surprisingly helpful aniki!……is not what he’s called but is the three idiots member #1


  • Classmate
  • An Orc
  • Is good with bows, fire and wind magic even if he’s an orc since he’s half elf
  • Becomes a deplorable ikimen whenever he drinks sake and is the three idiots member #2


  • Classmate
  • A Kobold
  • An unexpected mascot
  • Has a good head but is an idiot
  • Looks like a labrador and is the three idiots member #3


  • Classmate
  • A Dhampir
  • Acts like a committee chairman
  • Has been acting like a tsundere so far
  • Chest is mediocre.


  • Classmate
  • Is a Ghoul
  • Is taking care of her body odor so she doesn’t have that decomposing smell
  • Although a corpse, is oddly warm
  • Unexpectedly has breasts
  • “Shinnin ni kuchinashi”(Dead men tell no tales), probably named just to incorporate that phrase.


  • Janitress
  • Has an appearance of a spirit taking on the form of a human maid
  • Is a carnivore who is aiming for and preyed upon Speck.


  • Schinken’s mother
  • An Elf
  • Has a caring personality and a strong sense of duty
  • Taught the basics of hunting to the protagonist in a business like manner
  • Be it her son or the protagonist, the way she treats them is the same
  • Her husband is an Orc(gentleman) and they’re in love with each other but doesn’t flirt in public
  • Is a bit worried about her husband doting on their child.


  • Dragon race with a childish body

Village Chief

  • He exists but it’s unclear where he usually is.

Werecat, Werewolf

  • Village dwellers
  • Cat-eared and dog-eared old men with tails
  • Is strict

God A

  • Frank and annoying
  • Has some dignity from time to time but instantly loses it.

God B

  • Has an appearance of a gentleman and speaks politely but is deplorable

Village Name: Beryl

  • Was a poor village but, with Caam’s magic that made plowing and harvesting become easier
  • The number of wheat fields have increased and distilled liquor has become a local specialty.
  • Later on, the distilled liquor became known as Beryl Sake. Became the top producer of wheat in the continent.
  • The population would probably increase soon

Town name: Aegirine


10 copper coins = 1 large copper coin
10 large copper coins = 1 silver coin
10 silver coins = 1 large silver coin
10 large silver coins = 1 gold coin
10 gold coins = 1 large

~1 copper coin is about 100 yen


Personal belongings:

Crow bar
Military grade modified rucksack

Acquired Skills:

Faint Resistance: 1 Poison Resistance: 3 Throwing: 2
Concealment: 1
Understanding of Time: 1
Fear Resistance: 1
Charm Resistance: 3
Damage Resistance: 1
Danger Perception: 1
MP Increase: 1
Craftsmanship: 2

Offensive Attributes:

Fire: 1
Water: 2
Wind: 2
Earth: 4
Light: 2
Dark: 1


Recovery Magic: 2
Physical Enhancement: 2

  • has a lot of races mixed in his blood so his actual race has become unknown
  • was about 175cm by the time of graduation, body is muscular has low body fat
  • was slightly concerned that he’s being overpowered by Suzuran but just gave up halfway
  • likes the last boss from the 3rd game of a certain RPG so he will be using magic from the ice system I guess… While that was the plan, there weren’t really any opportunities to use it.


Personal belongings:

The suzuran hairpin she received from Caam
Short spear
War pick (in the storehouse)
10 chickens
10 ducks

  • Onigami/Kijin, approx. 180cm tall
  • has the figure of a splendid ironing board or washboard
  • Heroic girl who skillfully swings her weapon around with all her might. Swinging her short spear sideways, he blew of a goblin’s head
  • Mercilessly strikes at monsters head with her war pick
  • Is scary
  • Recently has been taking care of poultry and has succeeded in breeding them. Raises them so that both would not exceed ten birds each. The rest after that would turn into something delicious.
  • Was also entrusted in taking care of the ducks at the fish farm. Is close with the fish farm onee-san.


Personal belongings:

Short Sword
Large Round Shield

  • Goblin, approx. 160cm tall
  • somewhat muscular physique, is big for a goblin
  • a somewhat inspiring person. With his caring personality, he has become popular with the children in the village
  • In a relationship with Kuchinashi
  • Works at the distillery
  • Watches over and takes care of the children of various households in his free time. Doesn’t feel bad being called 「an-chan」and「onii-chan」
  • Gets really angry if confused with a monster goblin. A shared trait with other members of his race.


Personal belongings:

Short spear
Large round shield

  • Ghoul of the Undead race・height: approx. 165 cm
  • Figure: has meat in all the right places. Jiggle jiggle
  • An inconspicuous girl but really confident with her chest. If I had to say, she’s cute.
  • Is a ghoul but doesn’t have that decomposing smell since she’s a demonkin. Monster ghouls have that rotting smell though
  • Is in a relationship with Wurst.


Personal belongings:

Hand-made bow and arrow

  • Orc and elf half
  • Height: approx. 180cm. Has an athletic and well balanced body.*
  • Is an ikimen and a gentleman but since a part of the three idiots, is classified in the deplorable ikimen group
  • Is skillful and considerate so since he’s pretty popular with women
  • In a relationship with Mir
  • A lookout at the watchtower and is entrusted with the patrols near the forest. Is good at his job


Personal belongings:

Main Gauche

  • Dhampir(half vampire, half human)
  • Height: approx. 160cm. Has a slender figure but has quite a large chest
  • Is a high-handed character but became pretty mellow and a bit of a tsundere as the graduation got closer. If I had to say, she’s cute.
  • Has a fairly high individual fighting ability and strength but has no place to show it off since the village is pretty safe
  • When she drinks sake, starts pressing her breasts if you get involved with her so she’s unexpectedly popular with the men
  • Because of her (high-handed)nature, she also causes damage to Schinken’s stomach whenever she drinks
  • In a relationship with Schinken


Personal belongings:

2 daggers

  • Kobold race
  • Height: approximately 155cm, slender figure with supple muscles
  • Has a dog-like appearance so girls are fond of him. Because of that, he gets fawned over by female classmates at school and fell victim to the janitor working there, Tryapka-san.
  • Is normally warm and fluffy but his disposition changes into that of a hunting dog once things gets serious.
  • Has droopy ears.
  • In a relationship with Tryapka
  • Is an good scout that makes full use of his excellent nose and is entrusted with an important role of patrolling along the highway.


  • Member of the fairy race Kikimora.
  • Height: approximately 165cm. Three size: tayun, kyu, purin1. Doesn’t wear maid clothes
  • The school’s janitor
  • As a janitor, she’s in charge of cleaning the school, repairing damaged areas and taking care of flower beds. If I had to say, she’s cute.
  • Is a carnivore and has aimed for Speck. After chasing him around for a while, Speck finally gave in so she was able to have her meal.
  • In a relationship with Speck


  • Cyclops
  • Height: approximately 190cm. Has a really muscular physique. Is still more or less female
  • Has only one eye
  • Is able to swing any weapon but is more than enough of a threat even if barehanded
  • She didn’t have the chance to show her abilities anywhere in the village but once she left for the town, she became livelier and stopped caring about minor details.2
  • She has short boy cut hair so that just increases her ikimen levels.
  • 『Bust? No, you must mean chest measurement』『That guy’s a girl』『An ikimen with breasts』
  • Her strength is the real deal since she was still able to blow Wurst off during one of our combat training even though he was able to prepare for the blow with his shield.

Village chief

  • Has no presence.
  • 「I am the town ma…… *cough cough* village chief desu」3


  • Loves drinking so much that he used his own funds to make a distillery.
  • Frequently steals a drink from the sake barrels before it has properly aged but since everyone in the village already knows, he stopped sneaking around and just openly drink
  • Periodically returns to the Dragonkin’s village and comes back with members of the same race who who wants to study.
  • Has a young appearance. Shota jiji4


  • Had no screentime recently. Will probably appear sooner or later.


  • Was more or less there but didn’t make any appearance.
  • There are also upper and lower classmen but they also didn’t appear.
  • Will probably make an appearance sooner or later.

Beryl Sake

  • Sake with the village’s name attached to it.
  • Is probably distilled wheat sake that’s why is a part of the whisky group.
  • Liquor that will eventually appear in various places in the story.
  • Is thought to be the reason why different types of distilled alcohol started emerging.


  • Would be leaving out.

Tanishi(Pond snail)

  • Was immediately eaten by ducks. Probably won’t be making any more appearances in the future.

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