Woof Woof Story Glossary

TL: Here’s the glossary(aka. Routa’s human(?) harem) for Woof Woof Story. It’s not really a glossary but I just translated the character list located here.  


Routa's owner and the daughter of an extremely wealthy man. Is neat and graceful and spoils Routa with plenty of her affection.


Mysterious witch of the forest. Is responsible for the medical treatment so she is heavily relied on by everyone.


A freeloading(guest) swordswoman staying in the mansion. Is suspicious of Routa's true identity.


Should have been free from all kinds of work after reincarnating as a dog but he's clearly growing up into a wolf no matter how you look at him. Frantically mimics a dog-like behavior to hide his true identity.


An apprentice maid and one of the few in the mansion who is afraid of Routa.

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