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Episode 5 – While looking for a watering hole, I found traces of people

Well then, now that I have a full stomach next is the need to secure water.

Since the temperature is not that high the consumption of water is pretty low, but having only a 500ml water bottle filled with barley tea is not reassuring.

「Seeing the place entirely flat, there’s also no sign of terraces. For now, let’s head upstream」

In the worst case that I don’t find a spring, I will have to filter the river water and drink it, but it’s hard to make filtration equipment without the right tools.

「I could make do if at least I have some bamboo……」

After walking for 4 hours the vegetation didn’t change that much, and the width of the river remained unchanged.

「Assuming I was walking at the speed of 5km per hour I can also assume that I already have walked around 20km, and yet the scenery remains the same」

By the time I began to feel somewhat frustrated, I found dense footprints belonging to animals.

「Is this where the herbivores come to feed and drink?」

Seeing how most of the footprints are made by hooves, I think the possibility is high 1 so I decided to stretch my legs in that direction2.

The forest itself is not that thick, the sunlight shines through sometimes3 and the footing is solid.

After walking for around 30 minutes I found a pond that was bountifully filled with spring water.

Water flows from between the rocks, the water flowing from the pond ends up making tributaries until the previous river.

「As expected, for now securing water is done」

From now on I will change my goal to securing my food.

「Target will be a bird. It would be good if I can find some quail or something similar」

To be honest, even if a large animal like a deer or wild boar gets caught in a trap I have no way of finishing it off.

A long time ago I saw a wild boar that my grandfather caught using a trap when I saw a reasonably big tree that was shaved down to its center, and the ground being dug up for 50cm in the shape of a doughnut, I could only remember feeling fear.

The bones of its feet were showing. Just by approaching it, you would be intimidated I doubt you can charge at that creature in order to hunt it without a weapon.

「If you can’t use something like a tree to repel it, then I doubt this cutter could deal with it」

An oak tree somewhat close to the feeding ground and scattered around it were some small fruits that i do not know. I set up a number of small-scale traps near the tree with scattered fruits.

By the way, while I was looking for vines I ended up finding a mountain potato and started digging it up enthusiastically, but it turned out to be around 2m deep and that made me almost cry.

It would be different if I had a shovel, but digging using a wooden stick and a flat piece of wood was torture.

「Hmm? Could this be……」

While I was setting up a number of traps, I found a trap that was clearly live4.

「Use 『Identify』」

Things made out of twisted metal wires to resemble foot snare traps are placed in a number of areas.

「Without using springs, when you step on it, it tightens just by relying on the elasticity of the tree, this is pretty well made」

This means, that there are people who can make traps around here. What’s more it was only set up yesterday.

「Encountering a sentient being which may or may not be friendly huh……For now, I guess I’ll hide and observe」

While setting up traps I discovered a pretty good rocky area that I’ll make as my campsite for today.

What’s left is to check the traps before sundown, if nothing is caught then I guess it’ll be a mountain potato festival.

Aah, the mountain potato wasn’t poisonous it was just a mountain potato.

TL: Tetri

ED: Filip(a newbie, so expect imperfections 😀 )

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