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Episode 6 – When I was feeling satisfied after eating something tasty this happens

After phasing out for two hours, I went to check out the traps.

It’s about time for the sun to set after that I won’t be able to see my hands.

I took a peek at each trap while not expecting much.

「Ooh, something got caught」

A large quail was caught in the trap.

For now, this is more than enough for tonight’s dinner so I retrieve the rest of the traps.

By the way, in Japan, capturing them is banned so I’m relieved this is not Japan.

Just to be sure, I asked『Identify』-sensei and he confirmed that it’s a quail as well, so I began to prepare it half-heartedly.

Perhaps it doesn’t have a skill, as『Acquisition』-sensei did not inform me of anything.1

For now, I drained the blood, plucked the feathers, I did this without using a pot.

While leaving the fat on the side 2, I crush the skin, organs, small bones and body with a rock.

As expected the cutter started getting all sticky because of the grease, and because of it the edge started getting dull.

「Its a shame that I don’t have a pot3 as it looks like I can get some good soup stock from this……」

Because I liked cooking even before I got married, I truly get sad when I can’t use good ingredients.

While feeling a bit of sadness, I make an oven and toss in a large flat stone.

I take out the stone that became hot enough, and then I pull out the fat that I kept on the side.

I watch the fat as it changes, and then I spread the crushed meat on top of the stone as if it was a tartar steak.

While an aroma rises that was different from that of chicken, the meat is grilled while going chirichiri.

「Even though they are both birds they are completely different, I heard that pheasant is delicious and it definitely looks like it」

When the fat falls into the fire, an aroma different than that of the Aodaishoumodoki starts coming up.

Right then my stomach starts rumbling.


While the fat is moderately dripping off of both sides that were a bit burnt, I immediately start biting into it.

「A, this would be impossible for chicken. What is this, already, the smell is different」

After that, I crazily stuffed my checks, the small bones that were crushed enough provided a firm accent to the meat.

「Gochisosamadeshita, That was satisfying」

Because I filled my stomach, I start preparing a place to sleep in.

Since there was a space below the rock that a person can barely get into, I start placing dried leaves to act as bedding there.

Even though I am metabolic, it’s not that tight of a fit, so I manage to get in somehow, but it was a bit close at times.

As a precaution, I set an alarm every hour so that the fire won’t die, then I went to sleep.

「It was a tough day, thank you for your work 4, good night」

When I looked at the sky I saw spread out constellations that I’ve never seen before, and once again I realized that I am in a place far away from Japan.

I wake up at each alarm and add in firewood, it was around four o’clock.

A piercing cry was echoing, I tried to jump out, but because of the rocks, I had to squeeze myself out slowly.

「At times like this, I think I should lose weight」5

While keeping my emotions somewhat down, I headed towards the source of the cry.

Since that cry is oddly familiar, I somewhat knew its identity.

「I knew it……」

At the live leg snare trap that I found in the morning, a large wild boar was caught.

Even when compared to the tree the trap was affixed to, the size of the wild boar was overwhelming, It gave off a feeling that it could wreck the tree along with the trap.

「Its impossible to finish it off, or even release it」

For now, As long as this is here6 other prey will not attack, so I decided to go back to sleep.

With that large body, it will be impossible for it to get to my sleeping spot.

I fell asleep while looking forward to finding out what kind of intelligent being was it that placed that trap.

「Once again, good night」

TL: Tetriminoss

Editor: Filip(editing at night, so expect misses 😀 )

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