Hello guys! Tetri’s here!

This time again, I tried to translate as close as it can be to the raws. If you’ve found any grammatical errors please tell me!

Also, please don’t hold back saying tips and feedbacks, it helps me with my future translations! Trust me! I won’t be salty having my mistakes pointed (but pls no bully, or I cri).

Anyways, here’s a short chapter for Isekai Mitai!

Episode 2 – I thought this was Japan, but apparently, it’s not

I can hear the sounds of the forest.

A sound which seemed like it would belong to a bird, a cry of a beast, it sounded like I have heard it before but I am not certain.

It reminded me of the time my grandfather took me to the mountains, and because of that my anxiety started to rise.

「Where is this place… Aah, I’m late. I’ve never been late or absent.」

I started to look around in an attempt to escape reality.

「Hmm. The vegetation is Japanese right… Isn’t this an oak tree 1? Even acorns have fallen. This one’s a Konara Oak

Because my grandfather was a hunter who also did some farming, I’ve been going to the mountains since I was young. Therefore, there is no chance of me misidentifying a tree.

「Where in Japan is this place?」

In general, when trees that can be used for firewood are densely packed in a place, there’s a chance that there was a human involvement. If that’s the case, somewhere near here, there should be a residence of some sort.

「Just, for now, finding a private house will be my top priority. But first I will check what I have on me」

Since it’s unknown how long it would take to find a private house, I will first check what I have on me.

「Three notebooks, five ball pens, two lighters, two towels, one 500ml water bottle, three portable meals, two solar chargers, two rechargeable smartphone batteries, and a set of tools」

Because I often can’t get a lunch, having thought of bringing portable meals is a fortune. Also, while I’m at work, I have avoided having my smartphone’s battery to run out using my fulfilling charging system.

「The smartphone’s antenna… is no good huh. However, the compass works. I wonder in what countryside is this?」

Since this is a countryside forest, there will be a good amount of dangerous organisms, having some tools for self-defense is important.

「If anything should come out, it should be on the level of dogs and snakes. If I am right, there should be a large-size cutter in the toolset. For the time being, I have to make do with that.」

I processed a split branch of a tree that is around 120cm thick, I can use it to pin down snakes and also as a cane.

I wrapped a towel around my neck as a protection. Also, to find if there’s a road nearby, I looked for a tree that is easy to climb and climbed it.

「I haven’t climbed trees in 20 years, I hope the tree is sturdy.」

While being self-conscious about my metabolic self, I want to avoid breaking a branch because of my weight. After spending around 20 minutes to climb around a good height, I started to look nearby.

「What is this? 」

I became speechless. The forest keeps on going on as far as the eye can see. It is obvious that this is not the kind of terrain you would see in Japan. If there were this much of flatlands, development would have continued.

<… A place far beyond here… >2

I remembered the line that was muttered by Interface.

「Oioi, this isn’t Japan… Where is this place」

TL: Tetriminoss

Editor: Kat

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Thanks for the chapter!


Good luck in your translation!!!


Thanks for the treat.


Thank you very much for the chapter!


“I processed a split branch of a tree that is around 120cm thick”. Dayum, this boy has superman level strength :D. I’ll check the raw chapter, and with my super low lvl of Jap, i hope to uncover the truth 😀 .


The raw is this: “120cm程度の太めの生木の先を二股に加工し、蛇を取り押さえられるようにし、杖と兼用とする”
For me it was like:”I processed a thick 120cm branch of a tree, split at it’s end”,
After a while it was decided to be a branch from a 120cm thick tree.

But you are free to imagine our MC going around with a 1.2m thick “branch”, weighing about 2.61 tons (math from out editor-chief Kat), because it’s an isekai novel, so MC have cheats 😀


“120 cm thick branch” and “thick 120 cm branch” are very different. The first case quantifies the thickness. The second case quantifies the branch which is also thick. Likely it is a thick ~4 ft long stick with a forked end.

Masahi Ayako

Arigatou desu~


As was said by someone else…

“I processed a split branch of a tree that is around 120cm thick, I can use it to pin down snakes and also as a cane.”

I’m PRETTY SURE this should simply be a “120cm split branch of a tree” or a “split branch of a tree that is around 120cm in LENGTH”. A 120cm “branch” isn’t a branch at all, it’s the freaking tree trunk of an old tree. XD

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