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Episode 21 – Duck Face is Indeed Cute When a Pretty Girl Does it

After the dinner, I brought Lizatia into my room.1
Trying to bring an unmarried woman to the room, there was some opposition, but because of what I wanted to say, I told them that this is an important talk that should be done privately.

Sate, I think the talk will be a little bit long, so please go ahead and have a seat.」

I had her sit on the chair, and I sat on my bed.
Lizatia, while looking a bit uneasy, silently sat down on the chair.

「Important….. talk is it?」

「Aah, sorry about that. It might sound preposterous to others so I want to have a talk with just the two of us. Things that I have kept hidden, things that happened today, and future talks. On top of that is the marriage talk, I want us to think about it properly. As for the questions, let’s leave it for later. I will listen and answer after.」

I talked about being an individual not from this world. About my life on Earth. About the divorce and its circumstances. Having met a God and held a conversation with him. The talk about superiors of Gods being involved.
That it might be possible to return, and that the chance to bring her back with me is currently unknown. That being said, I would like our bones to be buried together in this land. 2And that there’s a possibility of us making a child.
Also I hope that this talk will be taken to the grave.

「And that’s everything. Please let me hear what you think frankly.」

It seems she thought that I am not an individual from this world. It was suspicious because the clothing materials and the sewing technique were too advanced.
Thinking that I am her savior, her family decided that I am not a threat to them.

Regarding the Earth’s technological prowess and that there is no magic, it seems she’s surprised about it. She was thinking that the lighter I was using from time to time is a magic item.
Showing her the lighter, she was surprised that it is made only of material and with technology.3

About divorce, there is a general idea similar in this world as well. The God who governs the marriage seems to be flexible about it. Divorces with good reasons are allowed.
As for the divorce, I had complicated feelings talking about it. But, as the time passes, I was able to move on and feel relieved.

Regarding the meeting with God, she wasn’t surprised contrary to what I expected. It appears they frequently descend and stay for a some time when there is a need. 45

「The name of the God who governs enjoyment is new to me. But there’s this famous story that, a few years ago, there was an unparalleled talent who performed in the retirement performance of a comedian and this comedian had to hide in his dress room to laugh.」67

As expected of Sherue, he’s playing around.

I had a hard time explaining the superiors of Gods. Since there’s no concept of it at all, there’s no base to my explanations. I was able to explain them as someone who made Gods and thus higher rank.

As expected she was negative about the talk of going back. It means getting separated from either family after all. I also told her that both of my parents are still alive.
When I told her that I will live with her, she made an expression of half happy and half sorry.

「If possible I want to tell them that I got such a pretty girlfriend. I would if I could.」

Saying that, her face became red.
As for the talk of reproduction8 I told her we should wait for her to reach the age of 16. 9

「Why 16-year-old specifically?」10

「The country where I lived allowed women only above 16-year-old to marry. Even though I decided to live here, personally, I would like to keep that rule.」

Saying that, she made a complex face. 11
By the way, about contraception, I found out that you can ask the God that governs birth for protection. 12
It seems that rape and such also occur in this world. To prevent unwanted childbirth, women seem to receive protection from the church when menstruation begins.13

「I am 15 years old already. It’s the truth. I can do it」

Because saying that I am not a lolicon14 cannot be used as an explanation, for now, I used the run option by saying it’s a custom from my world.

After telling her everything, we both became relieved.

「I Have received a serious explanation, and although there are some parts that I cannot believe yet, I did not perceive any lies. Being told properly, is something that makes me happy.」

To be honest, I did not expect to reach such a situation. To think about marriage after not even a single week, I am in deep emotion.


With lavish eyes, she moved to the bed and sat beside me.

「Saying that marriage is a motive, it means that I can expect a marriage in near future desu yo ne?

I could feel her body warmth. Sweet fragrance. Even though she didn’t take a bath yet, she can have such a sweet fragrance? 15

De, desu ne. Instead Akihiro-san, but would you like me to call you Akihiro?」

She asked me with an upward look. It’s cute that she’s making a little duck face.16

「You can call me Hiro. Since I was called so by my family and friends that should be fine.」

「Hiro…… Hiro…… Hiro」

Whispering so, she gradually comes close with her eyes gleaming.

「Nicknames are, only used by the close family. As for me, please call me Liz.」

She approached up to the point our lips touch each other. I started to get a little bit dizzy from her fragrance. 17




「Can you pamper me more?」

Her hands wrap around my neck. Aah, it reached my limit, so a part of my brain did some calm and cool judgment.

「Aah, I don’t mind. I’ll pamper you as much as you want.」

I also moved my hands, embraced her waist and pulled her to me. Our forehead touched, and felt each other’s warmth.

「To be honest, things may go far beyond the imagination of Liz18, but still I will protect you. Can you please be with me?」

「Fufu. Slow, too slow. I, have already prepared since that day for what is to come.」

Both looking at each other then embrace strongly.
Her wet eyes, gently closing.

「From now on and towards the far future, please take care of me.」

「Until we are taken by the Gods. Let’s walk together for a long time.」

Our lips lightly touched. While gently touching each other, we started kissing deeply.
Everything I touch is soft. I unconsciously pulled her waist down, and push her down on the bed.


Liz mutters.

It seems my junior is getting big unconsciously. This is the first time it happened in the recent years, it seems my junior is touching her stomach.

「It’s hot…… I am happy that you’re aroused because of me.」

She smiled like a goddess who can accept everything.

「No. Just like I said earlier, we will hold on till you reach 16-year-old.」19

She pouted.

「Fine by me. I will try my best so that you will not be able to endure anymore.」

She declared so with a bright smile. Indeed she’s a bright child. 20

「Please be easy on me.」

Well as a compromise she wants to sleep together in the bed, so I made some space for her.

We repeatedly hugged and kissed each other, every time feeling an even stronger warmth.
While repeating countless kisses, I whisper.

「Good night, Liz」

「Good night, Hiro, have a nice dream」

Aah, it’s been a long time since I slept next to someone.
While being enveloped with a feeling of satisfaction and security, I fell asleep.

Aah, I forgot to ask about the fruits on the TODO list.

Is what I thought, but since she’s already sleeping, it should be fine wait till tomorrow so I let go of my consciousness.

I hope tomorrow will be a nice day as well.21

TL: tet 22

ED: Filip 23

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