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Episode 27 –  Bigamy with a Childhood Friend, What Kind of Eroge2 is that?

I gathered Vuass grass silently. Just as expected, they grow abundantly in a place where mana3 is also abundant.
Because the places that are abundant with magic are deep within the forest, it gets harder to be able to gather peacefully.
I am assuming that before there were a lot of them growing at the outskirts of the forest, but since they get gathered a lot, it should have exhausted its source.

Not to mention that goblin before, I can’t let down my guard. Though with a strange feeling, it became easy to grasp the situation of my surroundings.
Maybe it is due to me learning『Alert』.

However, the fact that the 『Alert』was transferred from aforementioned goblin, its own 『Alert』should have activated due to me being in its vicinity.
If I wasn’t focusing, it may have discovered me before I discovered them.

Additionally, will I be able to acquire skills that have lower mastery than mine?4
Though I don’t see myself growing into something we see a lot of, the「I got a new skill, and I am very good at using it.」-like characters.
Even about that, one of my questions is how do they find out how to use them so easily.

Maybe『Acquisition』-sensei is like someone who prioritizes the acquisition of new skills?

「Well, it is something that includes getting information and getting experience. Maybe the purpose of it is gather information and experience that comes from me and others. After that, maybe it is using those information for the upgrade of this world’s skill application 5

If that is the case, if I don’t defeat a stronger opponent than me by any ways, I won’t be able to get any new skills.
Hmm, am I a cheat….? Is it a cheat if I can get any skills as long as I have a chance? Hm. Let’s leave it that way.

While bending my waist, I kept gathering continuously. If I get tired, I go to the stream and rest my feet there.

「A~ This place is quite convenient. From now on, let’s prioritize finding a stream.」

Because of the high density of Vuass grass in here, I was able to gather 30 bundles within 3 hours.

「Something like this should be enough. Since I also plan to go to the blacksmith, let’s return.」

I headed south, and with the marks carved on trees as a guide, I went back.

When I arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild and opened the door, the atmosphere in there was somewhat bad.
Looking around, the red-haired girl, Arie6 that I met yesterday was looking at me in a bad mood while sitting.

Why is she glaring at me when I haven’t done anything to her?

Well, while feigning ignorance I went to the appraisal counter.

Today’s person in charge was again the usual man. Does he ever get some off time?

「Vuass grass and goblin right? Please give me a moment to confirm them.」

The confirmation ended after around 15 minutes.

「The total payment will be 28,000 Wars split like this: 2 goblins for 4,000. 30 bundles of Vuass grass for 24,000. Is everything okay with you?」

「Yes, please proceed.」

「Well then, could I borrow your card?」

The process was done using the reading machine.

「The registration has been finished. There has been no change in the rank this time. Thank you very much for today, we’ll be in your care again in future.」

I received 5 coins of 5,000 Wars, and 3 of 1,000 Wars.

After exchanging greetings, and when I was trying to go to the blacksmith, Arie grabbed my sleeve.

「Give me little bit of your time, can we talk?」

She was calmer than I expected.

「I was scolded by Watisu 7 and others. So, sorry for picking on you so suddenly.」

So the black-haired girl from yesterday is Watisu.
Since I felt sorry for her, I decided to listen to her. When we entered the meeting room on the second floor, I saw Watisu and a young man who was wearing a strange looking metal cuirass.

「My name is Deed. 8 It seems we caused you some trouble yesterday.」

So this young man is, Deed?

「So, what do you want to talk with me? I still have a plans for today, so if possible make it quick.」

Deed started to explain their situation. Them 3 have formed a party, and their leader is Deed.
They are also from the same village. I just have to say that I am not envious that he has a girl childhood friend ok? SO ENVIOUS…. Oops, no negativity.

「Currently, there is a huge slime 9 in the deepest area of the northern forest.」10

Oh so they do exist, slime-san. Though it seems they don’t look like a water droplet. They are an irregularly shaped creature with a nucleus.
There are different races of slime depending on the attribute. It seems that the nucleus is covered with some sort of material based on its attribute.
Additionally, if the nucleus is not destroyed, it will keep on reviving itself by absorbing the nearby mana.
To propagate, the nucleus divides itself. The bigger the slime the bigger its nucleus, and the rate of propagating goes down.
In general, it is said that it can digest and absorb anything. It is also said that they don’t have any preferences. Maybe they have the role of cleaning the forest?

So basically, there’s a huge slime growing there. It seems it is huge enough to gobble on a human sized creature in one go.

「If it were a normal slime, with Arie and my sword, or with Watisu’s magic, we can defeat it somehow. But if it is something huge, swords won’t work and our magic is a bad match against it.」

It seems that the slime has a water attribute, and Watisu’s magic is fire attribute. Well, maybe it would be easier to just blow it up? Considering it is a block of water.

「There’s also another person named Berda, who is also a magician, but Berda is not with us due to a separate matter.」

Hm? First-name basis? Maybe he has two wives? Bigamy is not good. Wait, is Bigamy is even a thing here? 11

「So, there are no more rank 7 or higher parties other than us. It is also difficult to refuse doing anything since we are nominated by the guild. 12

Apparently, the prohibition from the escort missions is lifted when you reach rank 7 or higher, since usually around that time adventurers become capable to move from one place to another.

「According to Watisu, you have a wind attribute, and you’re good at controlling it too. If possible we’d like you to help us.」

If you’re wondering why guild has made it a forced quest, it is because a monster that reached “Huge” class will keep on growing without limits, and that may destroy the balance of the ecosystem.

「Although I am a rank 10. And there don’t seem to be a merit for my side?」

「We will give you 70% of the 200,000 Wars reward for this quest. For us we just need the achievement 13 and the nomination rewards14.」

The reward is not that bad. Though it will be bad if I get assassinated to get the money after the quest completion.

「This quest is coming from the guild, so there is someone who will watch us doing the quest. It’s someone that we can’t win against.」

I see, if that is the case then there will be no chance for them to bury me in the dark.

「When will you depart?」

「As early as possible, since it is better if we do this as soon as possible. So maybe tomorrow. Also, it will be a day trip since even if we say it lives deep in the forest, it is really not that deep.」

So it’s a day trip, that’s relieving.

「To be honest, I am a beginner so there may be times when I drag you down, even then please take care of me.」

「Don’t worry we will take care of you, and there will be someone from the guild as well. So don’t worry too much.」

I shook hands with Deed, and then left the meeting room.

Hmm, this turned out to be something huge.

TL: Not Jealous Tetri.
ED: Filip

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