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Have some flysekai mitai

Episode 23 – Will I Be Able to Fly Freely in the Skies?

The feeling of sluggishness and the headache have started to go away while I was sitting on the sofa and drinking the tea that I was given.

「This, I can’t use it repeatedly.」

I said so while supporting my staggering head.

「If your『Magic Control』 levels up, the efficiency of converting magic to a magic skill will also go up. If that happens your strength will not melt away. Also, I don’t know what kind of image you had in mind, but something like that is unreasonable. The moment it hit the target it both pierced and destroyed. Since it has density and speed it will dig onto the opponent, and then it also releases the pressure, so it will explode inside the opponent. If that thing hits someone’s head, not even a speck will remain.」

I flattened its head hoping to raise the surface damage instead of its penetration performance, but I wonder if it would be better to hollow it like a hollow point.

「Well, this is the foundation of the basic magic skills. There are other things such as Multiple Activation Skill, Parallel Activation Skill, and Continuous Activation Skill, but about those, it is too early for you. Although there is more to learn about magical skills, I am a drop-out from magic school. It feels like I’m suddenly scouted as a teacher.」

「Multiple Activation Skills?」

「Alright, this is for future reference. Wait a moment, I’ll get ready.」

Purdis prepared a new target board.

「Attribute: Earth. Unit2 5g. Spherical shape with a diameter of 5mm. Number of activations is 10. Activation source: 20cm above my right hand. Blast straight forward, speed: 150km/h. One second after contact, reconvert to magic. Activate.」

10 stones started to float above Purdis3‘ right hand, then went flying towards the target board and made a loud noise. It left beautiful holes in the board.

「The attribute I’m most efficient with is Earth. Back at my parents home, we were working with stones. The Single Activation Skill makes only one event, but with Multiple Activation Skill, you can make many. Also, you can differentiate the behavior of each activation. This time, because it was too much work, I kept all activations the same. When working in a party, there might be a need to bend the trajectory to shoot from behind cover, and you might have to hit multiple targets at once.」

Why is it that my head cannot catch up with the current situation. Do I need an aptitude like the new generation4?

「With the Parallel Activation Skill, you can activate several different Single Activation Skills at once. But if you want to do that, you’ll have to do it without chanting5. As for the Continuous Activation Skill, it’s just as the name suggests, as long as there is no condition to end it, it will stay activated continuously. Using the wind attribute, there was someone who could fly in the skies.」

I started to feel that I can act like playing a robot game operated with two joysticks.

「Well, for the time being, I suggest you keep using Single Activation Skill to learn your limits and then level up your『Magic Control』.」

He does act like a decent teacher.

「How much would the teaching fee be?」

Because it was a private tutoring, I feel that he will ask for a lot of money.

「What’s your profession? Are you a mercenary?」

「Adventurer. 10th rank.」

「Beginner is it. I can’t receive any money if it’s like that. At least reach the 8th rank, then I can ask for some. If I am not busy with work I can attend you. If you are fine with that, then come again.」

It seems he’s like a pretty pleasant older brother.

「Please take care of me from now on, master.6

「Hahahaha. I’m not that type. Just call me Purdis. Though you look young, our age doesn’t differ that much, am I right?」

「Then, Purdis-san.」

「Ou. Yoroshiku. You’re a funny beginner.」

Arigathanks Gozaimuchita

Finishing the lessons, I was at a loss since I didn’t know what to do after the study. So I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to look for requests that could be done within the village.
Opening the door, I could see people everywhere. I wonder if everyone thinks the same when it’s raining.

While going to the request board to check it,

Chotto Anta!7

A redhead girl with sharp eyes called out to me.
Because I felt it would be a hassle I tried to ignore her, but she grabbed my sleeve.

「You, you’re a magician right!?」

What a rude girl.

Anoo…… Sumimasen

With a shaky voice, a black haired girl appeared. She seemed nervous.

「Because the circulation of your magic looked pretty…… So I thought that you’re a magician……」

Looking at her, she is also circulating surrounding magic and converting it into her own magic.8

「No, you’re wrong.」

I don’t want to be caught up in a trouble.

Anta! I, the 7th rank Arie9, is talking to you, ya know? Can’t you listen properly?」

「But, since I am a 10th rank, I think it’s impossible for us to work together, so I will refuse.」

Looks like the black-haired girl just wants to watch the other one who keeps on blabbering.

For now, let’s avoid the source of danger and browse the request board.
To be honest, since everyone is thinking the same there are no eye-catching requests.
Can’t be helped. Let’s change the objective and find a vacant place in the village, and practice magic.
While going out of the guild, the redhead from earlier was staring at me awfully.
Why is that?

Fuu, because it’s raining today, my motivation is not going up.

TL: Tetri

ED: Filip

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