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ED: In the translated manga “Lizatia” and “Toruma” are used for the heroine and village respectively. Viewer translator and/or editor choices please in the comments ?

Episode 10 – There are rejuvenation and Gods…… There are……

Suddenly, I wondered.

「『IB』-sensei. The reason that a certain degree of conversation is established is that of sensei, but what about units and proper nouns?」

<Resolving. As for the units,  since the decimal system is also common here, we are conducting a direct conversion.>

<Regarding distance, length, and weight, because the system is different, some translations are done.>

<For example, in the case of a 10M rope, it is strictly expressed as a rope of 8.98 Ohms. Then we do a round up to 9.00 Ohms.>

<In addition, regarding the proper nouns, we are expressing them through relatively close words, but since nowadays’『Nihonggo』is hard to express, we are using some of them as is.>

Direct and useful answers came back, as expected. Maa, I don’t think there’s a need to construct proper sentences as long as I express the meaning that I intended.

<Informing. Although you will get the gist by using『Identify』, Your Skill 『Fua Continent Common Language』 is gradually growing because many conversations were performed.>

It is convenient to not only having a capability of simultaneous translation but also the native language skills. Aah~. this continent is called Fua..


It seems she noticed my mumblings, that’s why Lizatia called out to me.

Eetto. I am not really that kind of a great man actually, so can you please not affix “sama” to me? Just call me as is. It’s kind of ticklish1

I don’t have any inclination to feel happy when getting called “sama” by a girl. Absolutely not.

Lizatia answers while looking down with a bright red face.

Ano, it is a rule in our village that you can only call a male by only his name if you’re his wife. If possible for now, can I call you Akihiro-san? Oh, not because I don’t like to call you just by your name…」

It seems I stepped on a landmine again without noticing. Established facts are getting being build just like this? 2

「I’d like to hear your frank opinion. To be honest I am a 35-year-old dayo? Moreover, I am this overweight. Are you actually fine with making someone like me your husband?」

Negative thoughts rise up to my throat. Even though she is considered an adult, she is just a 15-year-old girl. There are still many options for her future.

Saying that she answered with a sulky and kind of angry face.

「For the matter for your age, I thought that you were in the middle of 20s. Also, our age differences don’t mean anything to me. What I like is you being there. 3 Regarding your figure, that body shape is a symbol of health so I like it. I won’t start to hate you because of your appearance.」

It seems your sense of beauty changes according to the place. If I remember correctly, the image of the man in the Heian period was similar, probably. Do oriental people really look that young?

「Regarding the lifespan, there are ways to rejuvenate. So if possible, let’s try our best so we will live together for a long time.」

Hmm? I have a feeling that I just heard an outrageous fact.

「『IB』-sensei. Are there really ways of rejuvenation?」

So to avoid getting noticed by her, I spoke in a very low voice.

<Resolving. Hai. There are. Drugs, or equipment, and also God’s miracles.>

<Furthermore. There are also applicable magic ceremonies with such functions. These things are relatively easy to acquire.>

Aaah~ Another bomb hiding in the answer. So there is God. Since this is a different world after all. But for now, I will not think about them. I will not think, I really will not think.

Putting those things aside, I decided to go to the village.

After that, I tried to prepare our luggage, even after the processing of 110kg wild boar, we only reduced the weight only down to 80kg.

Although shameful, Lizatia is carrying the 3/4 of the luggage while I am only carrying the 20kg of overall.

Let’s think carefully, it is hard to walk for an hour while carrying two rice bags.

So we take breaks every now and then while going to the village.

We reach the entrance of the village after 2 hours. The sky has started to turn orange.

Yokoso, this is Toluca Village4. We welcome you.」

Said so by Lizatia while wearing a bright cute smile.

TL: Tetri

Editor: Filip

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