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Episode 9 – Leva1…… Nira…… ?

This was a situation where it was impossible to hide being surprised by learning that this world is one of swords and magic. But for now, I will proceed with the preparation of the wild boar.

For the Bloodletting, we should let it be while it drains. When I touched it, I could still feel the body temperature.

Yoshi2. Since there’s a pond nearby, let’s use it to cool it3 down. 」

I asked Lizatia4 who just came back to help me transport the wild boar.

Hai. I will transport it then.」

She carried up the wild boar by holding its forelegs, then she submerged it in the pond.

Ano, it looked like you know how to hunt. Is this your livelihood?」

She sat on the edge of the pond and started a conversation with me. Even though she is taller than me she still looked up5 to look at me. Her hip is so high6.

「Since my grandfather was a hunter I understand to a certain extent. Though it was my first time hunting with a stone spear.」

「I see. So your grandfather was a hunter desu ne.7

It is around lunchtime, but it seems I still don’t feel the hunger due to still being excited.

We kept on chatting while waiting for the wild boar to cool down.

The only women I had the opportunity to talk to after the divorce were office ladies, so this was very pleasant.

On the contrary, there is no guarantee of living, and in a situation where you don’t know when you’ll go 8. Because of this, the feeling that it’s fine to live with her is fading away.

Maa, even if you say it’s a marriage, there’s this misunderstanding. For now, I will go with her to the village and tell them the circumstances properly.

After about 2 hours, the temperature of wild boar finally went down.

Sate, should we butcher it down soon?」

For wild boar level of butchering, I don’t have that much of a confidence because the last time I did it was when I was junior high school.

「Ah. Please don’t worry about that matter. Since I will do that myself.」

Lizatia sent me a rescue boat. 9

She laid the wild boar on its back on top of a hood like cloth and spread its legs. Oh, it’s a male.

She stuffed the anus with a cloth. 1011She sliced through the skin carefully while evading the fatty layer.

With a butcher knife, she chopped the head off and through the throat, she bound intestines near the anus with a rope. 1213

While avoiding the gonads 14 and the bladders, she cut from the middle of the stomach through the throat in one swipe. As soon as the diaphragm is cut, the internal organs started to burst out15.

For the bladder that remained, she cut it with utmost concentration.

「Can I have the Liver? I would like to make lunch with it.」

「No problem. I may trouble you a little, so for that thank you very much16. 」

「Also, do you have any frying pan? And I would like you to lend me a knife, too.」

「I do not have a frying pan, but there is a thick pot in the miscellaneous goods bag so please use that instead. Although a little, there’s also salt inside it.」

She pulled out a knife from her chest area and handed it over to me.

While looking around yesterday, I confirmed that there are nira17 and red peppers clustered around.

From the miscellaneous goods bag, I took out a one-handed hot pot and salt, then I went to the campfire from yesterday.

There is some firewood picked up yesterday left, so I ignite the fire with it. I collected some nira near the river and some red peppers around the forest edge.

I cut the nira and liver into pieces, and I crushed the red peppers with stones after removing the seeds.

I dropped in some fat from the wild boar and waited for it to start melting.

A delicious and fragrant smell of lard started to come up, so I threw in the red peppers and heat it up quickly.

A noticeable scent comes up so I threw in the liver. I put the nira to the liver that has started to brown.

When the heat goes into the nira and the oil, and when it began to color up I threw the salt in, then removed the pot from the fire.

「The lunch is ready.」

After heading to the pond, I saw Lizatia who’s cleaning the intestines thoroughly.

「I also finally finished. So let’s have a lunch together.」

After going to the disassembly site, what I saw was the carcass chopped to pieces.18

The parts of meats that can be eaten are wrapped in cloth and are submerged in the pond to wash and cool, as for the inedible parts, they are buried in the ground.

As we are going to the pot, she’s holding a wooden spoon and I’m holding half-heartedly made chopsticks.

「So you can make a dish like this with that plant. I thought those are just medicinal plants.」

「This is a cuisine from my region. There are only a few seasonings, so maybe it came out a little imperfect?」

While smiling19202122, she began eating.

「Um….. mmmmm. delicious. You only used salt to make this dish, right?」

She asked with a surprise and a tint of stuttering.

「Fresh liver is so tasty after all.」

For modern people who are accustomed to excess salt, the saltiness is indeed important.

After the meal ended, we also finished cleaning up the wild boar, after that, what’s left is to go to the village.

「Well then, let’s depart. There will be around 5km to walk before reaching the village.」

Hearing that if I walk for about 1 hour I might find a residential area, I’m regretting that I did not do so.

I pray to God that i would like to find an inn, as much as possible. 23

TL: Tetri

Editor: Filip – also asking for impressions in the comments.

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Thanks for the chapter~! As a side note, muscles relax after death. The butt is a giant muscle. Keeping the orifices closed is to prevent toxic leakage that would spoil and contaminate the meat. Also, you bury the parts that cannot be eaten due to their role as part of the excretion centre or because they can’t be easily eaten without processing, usually. They tend to build up methane gas faster as well. Also, which parts are considered inedible depends on culture and methods of processing. I’m really simplifying things here to keep it short, so forgive me if I’m… Read more »


That reminded me about Avenging Angelo (2002), and the “squirrel” trapped in “the wall”. It did not have anything to block the hole 🤣


Thanks for the treat.


Generally speaking, bear liver is toxic. I know this is another world, but the author is playing at him ‘knowing stuff due to grandfather’ or whatever- which is fine except this can’t be something he ‘learned in Japan’ as it would likely kill him if cooked & ate it like a normal meal.


Ignore this- dunno why I thought bear when it’s boar. Too sleepy. Going to bed.


For the record, boar liver is toxic too (not recommended to eat)- but nowhere as bad as bear liver…

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