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ED: Quick reminder: nata stands for this,

Episode 15 – My First Time Was….. A Goblin…. Potsu.

By the way, I understood the list of requests that I can accept at the moment, and I was able to grasp the amount of remuneration as well.

Because of that, another check on my TODO list.

[x] Confirm the Difficulty of Each Request and the Remuneration Amount

I know I’ve already said this but, requests are divided clearly by grade.

From the village to the northern forest, there’s a trail that’s been formed to some extent after being repeatedly stepped on.

Because of the requests, there is some street traffic here and there.

As expected at this time I won’t meet that many people, since everyone starts working earlier than this time.

While walking along the road leisurely, I saw a familiar grass and an unfamiliar grass growing beside the road.

「Vegetation really does look strange. Maybe the god that oversee plants have brought them from another parallel world and started growing them here.」

While thinking that I don’t care even if it looks like a Solidago canadensiswalked while making a botoboto sound 1.

After walking for a little bit more time, the trees started to look sparse.

Uuumnnn. This place looks like a coniferous forest. Is it because of the bad land or just there’s not enough divine protection? There’s black pine, red pine…. This one is hinoki cypress tree, and that’s a cedar. 」

Looks like the living things in the northern forest mainly feed off the pine nuts and mushrooms.

Aah, let’s peel off some bark off the tree. 23

「Ohh, I knew there will be some trees that I don’t know. There are some fruits growing but I don’t know if they’re edible or not.」

For the time being, I will ask Lizatia about them after I get back home, so I picked some fruits that I have never seen before.

I’m walking while looking around my feet, but there’s still no sign of Vuass grass.

「It seems everything on the entrance has been taken already.」

While checking the compass of the smartphone, I kept going north. Around every 5m, using my nata I carve a ‘1’ and an arrow facing the north on the surface of the trees.

「Even if you say I have a compass, I can still get lost.」

It looks like there is not much of an overgrowth, but it is more like there’s no feeling of richness from the forest.

The case may be that the southern forest is just more overgrown that normal.

Also, as I approach the depths of the forest, I started to feel a presence of something hard to describe.

<Informing. The presence that you’re feeling right now is a creature that can recognize magic.>

『IB』- sensei told me proactively.

If this feeling gets stronger, it would be hard to notice other presences.

To be honest, a normal person feels something with their 5 senses4, so if one of those gets stronger it can overwhelm the other senses5.

Going further in for about one hour, a more swamp-like terrain appears.

「As far as I can see around here, there’s no sign of a river. Is this whole place only ground and trees?」

Before going to a place where footing is bad, I looked around, and finally, I discovered Vuass grass here and there.

「Hmm.. It looks like it can’t grow when there’s no water source nearby. Or maybe it depends on the concentration of magic?」

Just like the receptionist girl told me, I pulled only grasses that are more than 20cm from the root.

While confirming what I’m pulling with the help of『Identify』-sensei, I plucked grasses for about 2 hours.

Since it’s impossible to bend continuously with my body shape, I worked while leaning in some random rocks.

Daaaa. I reached 100 grasses. Any more plucking will kill my waist.」

I bound each 5 grasses as i could, so there are a total of 20 bundles.

As expected I feel exhausted because of all the walking around. Checking the time, it’s around 1 PM.

「I would like to start eating my lunch but, let’s see if I’m infested with leeches first.」

I turned around the hem of my pants and checked under the socks, good, no sign of them. I touched from my neck to my shoulders and mouth, but everything’s fine.

「Well for now, this should be mission accomplished. Maybe I will have lunch after exiting the forest.」

While I’m checking the compass to keep heading south, I started to see trees with scratches6 on them.

Starting there, I should be able to reach the exit just by walking towards the south.

「Looks like the revenue will be better than expected. Maybe being an adventurer is really good? Well, if you don’t have a compass there will be a chance of being lost, so maybe it’s not that good.」

While walking while somewhat distracted, I noticed a movement from the distant bush.

「Hm? Maybe it’s an animal?」

I am in a place with a bad view due to those dense trees. For safety, I grabbed my glaive instead of my cane and hid in the bush.7

Something came out while making a rustling sound8. It’s a bipedal gray colored creature.

Long ears growing sideways, eyes were almost all black. Nose is protruded like of pigs, and mouth is thin. There are two fangs that can be seen on the upper jaw.

Height is around 130cm, and there is no hair. On the waist, there’s a skin of the beast wrapped as is.

On its hand there is a 1m piece of wood that has a pointed tip and it is held like a spear.

Uwo. So that’s a goblin. I thought it would look like a servant fairy, but it’s just really ugly.」

While looking here and there, it started patrolling the surroundings.

「Hmmm. Based on its movements, it looks like a scout. I’ll be in trouble if I let them grow in number.」

While singing GIGOGIGA, it started to get near me.

「If I get discovered while trying to leave, there’s a chance they will gather in a large group and start chasing me. I think in this situation, the first strike wins.」

Although I have hunted a quadruped creature, This will be my first time subjugating a bipedal creature.

I went around the bushes towards the bush behind the goblin, without making a sound.

The goblin still had its guards down while walking and checking its surroundings.


I jumped out from the bush, I approached the goblin and swung my glaive towards its right thigh.

It’s fine even if the blade doesn’t hit since the purpose is to disable the leg. But the nata actually reached the bone.


Goblin shrieked.

I pulled out my glaive from the goblin with some effort.

The goblin became stiff due to the sudden pain, while being unable to look behind, it tried to fight back.


I swung the just released glaive with its blade rotated12, and just like that, I tried to hit the left side of the goblin’s head.

I hoped that it would at least end with a concussion if the rotation is not enough, but it seems to have successfully chunked into its left side and chopped the goblin’s face, then it stopped in the middle.

It trembled while the sensation was gradually weakening, and it stopped completely shortly after.13

<Notice from the『Acquisition』. Due to fulfilling the condition of 『Acquisition』. Corresponding skills are acquired:『Spear』0.16, 『Awareness』0.08>

I saw in historical drama and anime that every time someone attacks he starts to yell, so I thought that maybe I can fight in silence. But when you’re about to kill a humanoid creature, you’ll need the momentum and energy to do it successfully.

Contrary to my expectations, I didn’t feel that much fear and disgust. Though it sure felt different than hunting your food.

<Informing. The skill『Bravery』can invalidate the effect of fear type skill up to 2 times its level. Also, it can be effective against the state of 『Fear』>

<Currently, the skill 『Bravery』is at 0.2 so it can’t completely negate anything. But, it looked like it has negated some of it.>

An explanation came from『IB』-sensei。As expected, he’s always calm and accurate.

Well after that, while reminiscing about the feeling of fighting against a bipedal creature, I walked towards my destination.


editor: Filip – and now the ‘i’ changed to ‘A’ ?

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Thank you!!!


My First Time Was….. A Goblin

sounds tough


Thanks for the treat.


Peeling bark is a method of making a blaze, a trail marker, on birch, shagbark hickory, silver maple, and scots pine.



…As I said for similar things in the previous chapter…if you have to put a footnote saying what it means anyway, why don’t you just properly translate it from the beginning? It’s just going to confuse people when it appears without a footnote later…and for those who don’t see/look at the footnotes it’s likely to confuse them from the very outset, heh.

Anyway, thanks for another chapter~


It’s not quadrupled, it’s quadruped.

Quadrupled is consisting of four parts or increased or multiplied by 4. It’s only a matter of an “L”, but still, my OCD acted up for this lol


Thanks, I changed it.
No idea why I forgot about quadruped, I guess my brain was fried.


*8: Rustling


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