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Episode 20 – Surprise Party

I went to the adventurers’ guild to check if there are any changes to the completion fee.
I looked into the request form and I confirmed that the completion fee for the request to gather Vuass grass has not changed.
In the future, if I were to live in the village I will have to do some miscellaneous tasks up to a certain point, and there’s also a need to interact with the villagers, but for now, the main objective is to gather up the main foundation for living.

Since it’s still early in the morning, I can see a lot of people that have the same profession as me. Maybe it is because I’m a newcomer that I can feel their gazes pointed at me.
To be honest, there is a high chance that it is because I am an overweight old man, so it should be fine if they don’t mind me that much.1
As far as I can see in the lists, there are no requests with a high efficiency of completion. Well, for now, I’ll leave before something troublesome happens.

While walking towards the northern forest, with the future in mind, I started to think about Lizatia.
It was a great step knowing that Lizatia and I can be together and create a family.

Actually, If I ever asked if she’s my type, it is indeed she’s my type 100%.2
My Northern European Pretty Girl folder is on fire.3No, they’re not pretty little girls. There’s no lolicon attribute.4 It’s better if she’s someone more endowed.5

After that, I think of my past and the discussion about the return. To be honest, I have to talk about this. This is not something that I can hide from them forever.

「Haa…… Stomach, bundle up……」67

A 180 degrees turn and I went back to Asuto’s house.

Ara? Welcome back. Did you forget something?」

I told Tishia that I am thinking of making today’s dinner.

「That’s fine, but…… Did something happen?」

「It’s a bliss that the wife’s cooking is delicious, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the husband’s cooking is also delicious?」

Ara? Ara ara. I see, so, that’s your plan. Wakarimashita.

She started to grin like a Cheshire cat.

「I will buy some ingredients but, could you tell me what ingredients here I can use?」

Eeh~8 It’s fine for you to use these.」

There were flour and goat butter9, salt, pepper, vinegar, and dried rosemary.

「Do you eat fish?」

「There are only a few opportunities to try fish because we usually eat what prey we hunt, but they do like them.」

For now, the main menu’s decided. Because there is no sugar, I will buy it later.

「Well then, I will be off.」

Hai hai. Dinner, I will be looking forward to it.」

She saw me off while smiling.

Well then, let’s pump up my motivation.

I arrived at the swampy place I visited yesterday.
When I went to confirm the goblin’s remnants, all I saw was the leftovers10 and almost only skeleton can be seen.

「With this the concealment is all good.」11

I started to use『Identify』-sensei promptly, and with its help, I gathered up Vuass grass.
While pulling here and there, I started to think about tonight. To be honest, after the divorce, I have never thought of marriage.
The reason for my divorce was, because I got inflicted with ED.1213
It was something psychogenic, I thought if it’s alright for someone ugly like myself to defile my wife, and after getting such ideas it just stopped rising.14
Ultimately, the divorce came from my wife herself, and I accepted it.15
I am not confident in myself.16 Also, thinking that it might happen again, the desire for marriage goes away.
But, there is a part of me that wants to change. It’s my first time to have pure love directed at me.

While thinking about that, I reached 150 pieces.
I have been working for 3 hours, but I only felt a little fatigue.
After putting 30 bundles inside the bag, I left the forest.
I proceeded south while consciously paying attention to the surroundings. I was able to reach the exit without anything happening.
I ate the lunch that Tishia gave me, and took a break.

「I didn’t see a goblin today.」

I didn’t feel any signs of animals or demons. I headed to the village while thinking that there are such days.

I entered the guild and went to the appraisal counter. Today’s receptionist is the same as yesterday’s.

「Vuass grass desu ne. Please let me confirm it. Please wait a moment.」

He finished appraising it after around 15 minutes.

「The completion fee will be, since there are 30 bundles of Vuass grass, it’ll be 24,000 Wars. Is it fine?」

Hai. Onegaishimasu.

Dewa, may I have your card?」

He processed it with the reader.

「The registration has completed. There is no change to your rank this time, since the number of achievements is 51. I will return it to you.1718

Will I rank up after 100 achievements?

「Yesterday as well, I was surprised, I would appreciate your continued support in the future.」

I received 4 pieces of 5000 Wars coins, and 4 pieces of 1000 Wars coins.

After a brief greeting, I left the guild.
I went to the bar. They also seem to sell liquor.1920

Irasshai. Are you here for meals?」21

It looks like this man that’s around 50s is the master of this bar.

Iya, I would like to buy a takeout bottle. Do you have any good white wine here?」

「No more stock for white, are you fine with red?」

「Can I have a taste of it?」

The barmaster pours lightly on to a shallow cup.
After drinking some, hmm, it’s quite thin. Maybe it’s a picket? However, the taste itself was fine.

「This bottle is fine. Also, I would like to ask for a stronger one in a cup.」

「Well then, here.」

The red wine poured was free from stagnation, and it was solid.22

「This one is good. Can you put it in a small bottle?」

「Everything will be 3000 Wars.」

I gave him a 5000 Wars coin and received two 1000 Wars coins.23

「Thanks, come again.」

After the bar, I went to the fish store.
Rainbow trout…… Was there.

「Can I have three of that rainbow trout there?」

「It’ll be 600 Wars.」

「I would like them to be sliced into three parts, is it possible for me to ask that?」

「Okay, please wait a moment.」

From scaling, they even did the scraping the meat from the bones.24

「Well here you go.」

I gave them one 1000 Wars coins, and received four 100 Wars coins.25

Arigathanks gozaimuch」

After the fish store, I went to the greengrocer. 26
They have carrots, and also cauliflower.

「Can I have 1 whole cauliflower and a carrot?」

「It’ll be 400 Wars in total.」

I passed four 100 Wars coins.

「Thanks for your shopping.」

Finally, I went to the general store. For some reason, only they have sugar and not any other store.

「I want some sugar.」

「Around how much?」

「How much is it at the smallest scaling?」

「It’ll be like this.」

It was around the half the size of the sugar jug which I often find in a coffee shop.

「How much?」

「It’ll be 5000 Wars」

As expected sugar is expensive.
I passed 5000 Wars coin.

「Thank you very much. I am looking forward to your next visit.」

Since I’ve finished my shopping, I went back to Asuto’s house.

「I’m back.」

「Welcome home. Otsukaresamadeshita.

「I will borrow your kitchen.」

I start a fire in the stove.
I poured plenty of water in the pot and boiled it.
In the meantime, I processed the carrot and the cauliflower.
As soon as the water started to boil, I threw in the carrot.
I check if the carrot has softened by poking and when it is ready I put in the cauliflower.

At the same time, I seasoned the rainbow trout with salt, pepper, and rosemary, then applied flour.
I put a piece of butter in the pan, and then start frying the rainbow trout beginning with the skin side down.
I fried with high heat, then flipped it over after lowering the heat. I poured the oil back on the fish using my spoon.27

As soon as the color of cauliflower became vivid, I threw away the hot water and added salt, sugar, and butter then mix on low heat to the extent that it will not burn.

By the time the rainbow trout is done, two people came back home.
It seems there was a wild boar caught in a trap, and just by looking at their luggage I can tell that this one was bigger than the one that we caught before.

「This time’s prey was a once in a while big game.」

Asuto said so in a good mood.

「Ah. What a great smell. Mom, are you making the dinner already?」

Lizatia said so while smelling.

「Fufufu. Today’s dinner is being made by Akihiro-san.」

As expected, Tishia’s grinning.

「Eh? Akihiro-san, are you in the kitchen!?」

It seems she was really surprised.
Aah, maybe it’s not in their culture for a man to be in the kitchen.
I placed the rainbow trout on a plate.

I poured in the red wine in the just emptied pan, flushed alcohol with a high heat, put some salt and vinegar, and boiled it.
When the liquid has evaporated to one thirds of before, I poured it onto the rainbow trout.
And then the rainbow trout is garnished with carrot and cauliflower.

As for the bread, I used the leftover Roggenbrot and arranged it.
I poured the Picket into the cups and readied the table. 28

After making sure everyone has taken their seat, I opened my mouth.

「I have something to tell you before the meals.」29

I took a deep breath, made a game face, and faced Asuto.

「I came across a clue on how to solve the problem that we talked about the other day. As for the income, I think that there are no more problems. I would like to be in a relationship with Ojousan with marriage in mind. Could you allow me?」30

After making a blank face, Asuto started to smile.

「There are no problems on this side. From now on, we will be in your care.」

Looking at Lizatia, she was looking at me with a bright red face.

Saa, let’s celebrate. Those are Akihiro-san’s dishes, so let’s eat before it gets cold.」

We started eating after Tishia said so.

「What is this, Both carrots and cauliflower are sweet…… And the moment you bite into it, the Umami comes out like juwaajuwaa…… What is this?」

Lizatia said so while smiling.

「Rather than that…… This rainbow trout. The crispiness is bliss. Above all, this sauce. It has the fragrance of the butter and a tint of acidity.」

Asuto continues eating while making a surprised face.

「It’s a surprise isn’t? I haven’t eaten such a dish. Thinking that Liz can eat a dish like this from now on is making me envious.」

Tishia said so while grinning and started to poke on Lizatia.

It seems the surprise dinner is successful.
While I was surrounded by a warm dining table31, thinking that from now on they will be my family is making my heart warm.
I’m sure we will be able to build a happy family.32 That’s what I decided in my heart. And I made up my mind.

TL: teptoprip

Editor: Filip



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So he pictured him and his wife having sex as “fat old man” tagged hentai and then couldn’t get it up anymore
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[14] I’m no authority on Japanese culture, but the societal pressures are apparently immense in many ways (crazy high suicide rate)- and men are raised with very unrealistic (and imbalanced) views on women (Japanese women are ‘old maids’ after they hit 30) & almost none on how to interact with/’attend to’ them (arranged marriages/marriage arrangement still a thing, specialty ‘dating cafe’s- lots of ‘we can’t do it ourselves’ cultural indicators). In any case- this ‘frank’ portrayal of the MC & an attempt to ‘right track’ him is actually encouraging (for the culture (from my view)). [18] I think he means… Read more »


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*17,*18: 20 Bundles of Vauss, 30 Bundles of Vauss, 1 goblin. 51 Achievements (Or 51 completed quests).


Great explanation, finally made some sense for me. Thank you.

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