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ED: Remeber: -『IB』 stands for 『Intelligent Being』

– nata stands for this,

Episode 16 – I’m Home, Wait, Isn’t Something Warm Here?

I asked『IB』-sensei the question that just came up in my mind right now.

「Lizatia has 『Archery(Toluca-Village-Style Small Bow)』kind of skill, so what’s the difference to the goblin’s 『Spearman』skill?」

<Solving. If we were to name the skill strictly, it will be『Spearmanship(Northern Forest Goblin Driftwood spear)』0.19.>

<Due to structural difference, it’s difficult to use it as is, so we extract the usable parts and we apply it as your skill.>

<Incidentally, as an example, in case of Akihiro’s world’s『Katana Wielding』, the skill can derive into 『Shinkage-Style』or 『Jigen-Style』.>

<The skill『Katana Wielding』will be at the top of the skill tree structure and becomes the basis or the nucleus of each derivation. Then, each style will be linked to that.>

Aahh…… So, the basics of katana such as swinging, parry, or counter will be the top of the skill tree, and when requirements are reached the derivation will be unlocked.

Does that mean that if I have my 『Katana Wielding』skill leveled up, I will be able to move like the past’s master fencer?

Maa, it will be hard to find a katana in this medieval age like world, also, it’s more desirable to obtain a mid-range weapon rather than small-range weapon.

In the first place, it’s hard to imagine a over weight old man gracefully swinging a katana.

I stopped using my imagination to escape reality, for now, I will clean up things that I’ve already done.

I don’t know how smart goblins are, but if your scout doesn’t come back, it should make them feel suspicious.

It’ll be bad if they group up after finding a corpse.

Though I have no tools to dig up a hole.

It feels bad to dismember a bipedal creature but, I sliced the proof of subjugation which is the nose, I also cut its legs and neck, then put them into a bag.1

It’s obvious that the body will not go in so I carried it back to the wetlands. I sunk the body in the deep parts and to avoid it on floating up I pressed it down with a stone and concealed it.

And then, I saw small crab-like and shrimp-like creatures, so I think they will help me clean it up.

Other than that, since there are bears and wolves in the forest, I hope they think that this body’s been mauled by them.

I washed the bag that’s drenched with blood and squeezed it. I grabbed the subjugation proof(nose) and put it in the bag, which I then folded, and threw it inside the other bag that contains with Vuass grass.2

「Aahh. Leather shoes started getting very weary. I think it’s time to buy a new pair or I’ll be in trouble.」

Regarding the clothes, it is not hard modifying them to fit me so I was able to borrow clothes easily, but for shoes there’s a problem of size so I’m wearing the shoes that I had from the beginning.

I pulled out a piece of scrap instead of a towel, and wiped my shoes.

Lastly, I went back to the place were I fought, and I scattered the soil and concealed the blood stains.3

「Well by doing all of these, I finally feel relieved. I would like to use this place again as a collection area, if possible」

If I’m not mistaken, goblin should get me around 2000 Wars. Life threatening act only worth 3 hours worth of work in a convenience store? Life’s cheap.

While thinking about useless things, I went back to the forest’s exit.

I became hungry since time for lunch has passed long ago. It took an hour just for cleaning and moving.

「Well then, let’s see what’s for lunch.」

I opened up the lunch that Tisha-san gave me.

It was a sandwich made with this morning’s rye bread with mustard spread on it, and for the filling it was salted cabbage with ham.

「This is a mustard right? So there are Mustard Flowers…… Maybe it’s on southern forest?」

Regarding the ham, it’s saltier than the one that I ate back in Japan, but maybe because my body is tired, it was really tasty.

「Gochisousamadeshita4, Oishuugozaimashita.5

While thanking Tisha-san, I walked towards the village slowly.

When it was almost dusk, I arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild.

Doing as the receptionist girl told me, I approached the appraisal counter.

Maybe because I’m still early, there was no need to line up, and I was able to reach the counter just like that.

「Vuass grass and a goblin Desu ne? Please let me confirm what you have. A moment please.」

The receptionist here is a deep-brown haired 30 year-old-man.

He is confirming the shape of the grass 1 by 1. Appraisal ended in less than 10 minutes.

「The reward fee will be: 1 goblin for 2000 Wars, 20 bundles of Vuass grass for 16000. The total will be 18000.」

「Yes. Please go ahead.」

Dewa, can I have your card please?」

He inserted the card into the card reader, and the number on the request board has been decreased.

Is there some information embedded in the request itself? This looks like a very sophisticated technology.

「Registration has been finished. There is no change of rank this time. Regarding the subjugation of goblin, since those are usually for rank 9s, you have been ranked up from rank10-10 to rank10-1.」

Just as expected, I won’t rank up that easily in one day.

「As for the Vuass grass, since the quantity is high, this will be a great help.」

It seems the source of the grass on the near exit of the northern forest has been already exhausted so the supply became unstable.

Since medicine for wounds can save one’s life, the pharmacists’ guild seemed to be on edge as well.

There are some in the depths of the forest, but it’s unpopular because of the high threat level.

To be honest, I don’t have that much need to check one by one because of the help of『Identify』-sensei, so I am personally grateful.

That thing aside, I received three 5000 Wars coins, and three 1000 Wars coins.

Aahh, I want some small bag to use as a wallet. If there is no banknote then a bag would be really useful.6

Well for now, another check to TODO list.

[x] Confirmation of Collection Request

[x] Confirmation of Search Method of Collection Target

[x] Try to Improve the Efficiency of『Identify』

This area is completed. Maybe the subjugation part of TODO list will be for later. If my rank won’t go up the efficiency will not be that great.

[ ] Confirm What Are the Fruits With The Help of Lizatia

[ ] Buy Some Shoes

[ ] Buy a Wallet

[ ] Buy a Bag

The addition will be something like this I guess.

Let’s go to the general store before going back to Asuto’s house.

The general store is located somewhere in the middle of the village.

It seems they have almost everything related to the every day items.

Well, I don’t want to return a dirtied bag so I bought a new one.

As for the wallet, there was a 15cm drawstring wallet so I chose that. It was cute because there was a carved wild boar on it.

By the way, The tunics that I am borrowing has a hook around the bosom area, maybe that is where I place the wallet?

It’s able to hang it around my belt, but because I have a big stomach I can’t see anything under it.

Since my stomach is really soft and huge, so I have my belt loosely, and because of that there’s a fear of dropping the wallet.

「2 Bags will be for 3000 Wars each, and a wallet for 2000 Wars each. The total will be 8000 Wars 」

The clerk was a gray headed 60-year-old-man. 7

My income for the day has been reduced close to half. Though it cannot be helped.

By the way, regarding the shoes, it seems I can buy them at the shoe store.

Considering it might be a handicraft product, the price can be around 10000 Wars.

Well, another checks for my TODO list

[x] Buy a Wallet

[x] Buy a Bag

Let’s finish it at once.

Since I am pretty tired, I decided to return to Asuto’s home as quick as possible.

Tadaima, Omodorimashita. 8

Saying so while opening the  door, I thought that this is the first time saying I’m back since the divorce.

I felt that my chest started to warm up.

TL: TetriHot

Editor: Filip

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