Hi, Tetri’s here.

Now, it’s something personal but I thought that you guys deserve knowing this.
I had some problems mentally speaking so I went to the doctor and found out that I am under depression and having a mild case of sociophobia. I now have to seek help mentally and because of this, I might not be able to update this series the way I used to do before this.

That being said, I am not saying that I will drop this series completely, I will continue updating this, maybe once in a while when I am free. But it will be not that often as I have to take care of myself IRL.

Before I go, here’s another episode and a reminder that, you’re not alone.

Episode 24 – When I Partied With the Lil Devil for the First Time I Felt Despair After Getting Told to Just Sit Down 1

I imagined a 30cm wind sphere compressed to 5mm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is cone with a 2mm hollow point, 5mm diameter, 7mm length. Realization point is 10cm in front of my index finger. Fire forward, speed is 300km/h. Execute.」

As soon as it hit the tree that has about 30cm in diameter, it penetrated as it made a loud noise and the debris started to scatter.
I am in a forested area on the way to the northern forest. Since there are no flammable trees, I will use this place as my practice area.

I approached the tree and checked the area where the wind bullet hit.
There is a hole about 10cm deep on the surface, but when I tried to stick in my finger, I noticed that the hole is twice larger than what it looked like.
There are many cracks spreading from the center, maybe due to lack of an escape place for the wind released by decompression.

「I can’t use this for man-to-man battle. It will cause a splatter. I’ll only use this as a trump card when something happens.」

It was the same image as before, but I do not feel as sluggish as before.
Maybe this is the getting used to it thing that Purdis said.

Let’s confirm it.

「Perform self-Identify.」

◇Skill List◇
『Fua Continental Common Language (conversation)』0.23
『Fua Continental Common Language (reading comprehension)』0.07
『Fua Continental Common Language (describing)』0.01
『Magic Control』1.12
『Attribute Control(Wind)』1.33

『Alertness』has risen considerably. I wonder if it’s because I was careful while doing the collection requests.
『Pray』has risen a lot even though I just used it once. I guess that’s expected after getting answered frankly like that.
『Magic Control』also rose. Maybe it went up after getting taught about it properly.
『Attribute Control(wind)』also rose considerably. Although I can only use wind, it’s nice to see my hard work getting rewarded.

「Cancel self-identify」

Well, for now, I guess it will be getting used to it and thus improving『Magic Control』.

Along the way, let’s try other shapes as well.

I imagined compressing 10cm spherical wind to a sphere of 1mm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is a board, 0.5mm thick, 10cm long and 40cm wide. Realization point in 10cm in front of the index finger. Fire forward, the speed is 100km/h. Execute」3

This time I tried releasing it towards a different tree.
I heard a high pitch sound. Nothing has been broken. After getting closer, I could see a slit in the middle of the tree.

「Looks like slicing is possible as well. Though this also looks too dangerous when used in battle against a human. If it’s an organic being it will slice through, no doubt about it.」

I suddenly felt a headache. Though this is not like before, it’s still painful.

「Being magician seems hard. If the rear guard is composed of archers and magicians, and they are not treated well, they will not have much effect4

I remembered the MP management of the old MMORPG wizard. I was told that it’s fine for me to take breaks, but because I like being busy it was conflicting for me.

It was past lunch when I looked at my watch. Looks like I was into practicing much more than I thought.
Well, for now, let’s eat lunch, then go practice constraining magic and glaive wielding.

I returned to the village heading to the only restaurant.


A cheerful girl comes out.

Seems lunch is a fixed set meal.
After ordering the food, it came out pretty fast.
It was bird meat saute with a soup made with various vegetables, and a side of wheat bread.
I guess saute is as expected. As for the soup, I thought it will be full of only vegetables, but there were bacon bits here and there and the soup stock was good.
I eat wheat bread from time to time, but maybe because the fermentation was insufficient or not enough yeast, it was hard to eat, so I ate it while dipping it to the soup.
I am full. I am satisfied.


Haai. You’re so sociable-desu ne. It will be 600 Wars」

I gave 5000 Wars, and received 4 pieces of 1000 Wars, and 4 pieces of 100 Wars.

「Thank you very much. Please come again.」

After getting sent off by the cheerful girl, I left the shop, and the weather started to clear up.
I’m grateful that I won’t have to continue my training in the rain.
I went back to Asuto’s house.

「I’m home.」

Liz came to receive me in a rush.

Okaerinasai. How was it? Did you learn something?」

「Yup. He is a good teacher. I’m grateful for letting me know about him. It was really helpful.」

Sokka, yokatta.5 Could you show me later?」

「What happened to helping Asuto-san?」

「Aha, ahahaha. I will go do my best……」

She returned to the barn dejectedly.

Well then, training my glaive wielding is first.
After arriving at the field, I start swinging like drawing the rice kanji{米}, like the day before.
While I was repeatedly and swiftly swinging the glaive, I started to feel the presence of a person. When I suddenly raised my face, I saw Liz staring at me without blinking.

「Ooooi, are you done helping?」

After asking her with a tone of somewhat giving up. She approached me with a blushed face.

「Yup. You look very cool when trying your best.」

She gave me a kiss while smiling brightly, then she returned to the barn.
Yup. This sweetness is indeed a youthful thing. Though it was more than 20 years ago for me.
For the time being, I devote myself back to practicing. Sweat started to come out from my whole body, my arms started to shake. But this time, I was able to keep swinging for 50 minutes.
Is this the way of living that you can expect from a determined man. Though I only extended my training for 20 minutes.

I received some scraps from Asuto-san who is in the barn, and made a target.

For now, in regards to constraining, I will target limbs and try to restrict movement instead of something sure-kill.
Just getting hit by a small stone can make movement dull.

I imagined a spherical wind of 10cm and compressed to about 5mm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is a cone with a radius of 5mm and a length of 1cm. Realization point is 10cm in front of my index finger. Fire forward, the speed is at 300km/h. Execute」

It made a small hole into a 5cm thick piece of waste material. Hmm. I’m a little uneasy about the power. The feeling is that it stopped at the fatty layer when skinning a wild boar.
In this case, let’s try Rifling.

I imagined a spherical wind of 10cm and compressed to about 5mm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is a cone with a radius of 5mm and a length of 1cm. Realization point is 10cm in front of my index finger. Fire forward while spinning, the speed is 300km/h. Execute.」

I heard a strong piercing sound. Looking at the waste material, it penetrated.

After that, I repeated fine adjustments of activation, behavior, and speed.

TL: Tetri.

ED: Filip

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Thanks for the chapter!


Your health is more important than these translations, don’t feel like you have to translate it


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Well by experience can tell you that there is as many solutions for cases like ours as there are people so i can’t tell you something more usefull than to keep away from stressing things, take a break and make some real introspection this is necesary to know where we are, then where we wanna go and last how to go there.
Keep moving keep walking there is nothing more crazier than to hope changes fall on us doing same again and again.


I got curious about the math for pressure on his little air bullet. From what I could tell 30cm to 5mm is 60 times but because that is either radius or diameter the difference becomes 60^3. Which is 264.6g/cm^3, Funny thing that ends up being about 12 times the density of the densist matter on earth.


There are many places in the story where math seems more than incredible, my guess is that the author did not do his math, and just wrote what he though was good/impressive. BTW, the numbers and the units of measurement are written in English in the raw.

Jefferson Selvy

I hope it helps your depression to know that you have several fans, myself included.

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Good luck for you. Come back when you can. We will be waiting.
Just an advice from someone who also was diagnosed with depression: it is not the end of the world, just focus on what makes you happy.


thanks for the chapter ^^

I hope you get better, 2 years I went through a depression and I stayed 7 months without leaving home, it was terrible. Thanks to the medical help today. I’m much better.

I hope you seek medical help as soon as possible and this disease is very serial and destructive.

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Thanks for the chapter Tetris!
I had something similar in the past and I overcame it by filling up my day.
Whenever I had self-deprecating thoughts I started doing something which became my job today.

Everybody is different so my tip might not be effective for you but it is worth a try!
Wish you get better.


I wonder if its best to just keep it full on English…
It just irks me when reading English phrases then short other languages keeps on popping in… just a preference, don’t take it seriously but just my opinion.
Unless you can’t translate the language its fine but dropping the desu and ara doesn’t change much at least for me… the greetings can be in English too.

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