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Episode 18 – The God is Watching….. Kamimite?1

To be honest, I don’t even know the basics of using glaives.

I was in the Kendo Club when I was in the junior high school. Tthere was a naginata-section but I just peeked at it and nothing more.

I have the experience of borrowing training equipment to do a practice match, but I got rekt2.

I thought that rather than swinging a long weapon, normally, a bamboo sword will be faster.

Because the frequency of strikes is different, I’ll be hit with a bamboo sword faster than I will hit. Faster things, faster threats.

In high school, rather than joining a club, I was at home playing games. If only I entered an athletic club I wouldn’t have this big stomach……

「If I’m not mistaken, I need to take a posture keeping the center of gravity close to the center of my body.」

For the moment, I imagine the median line and then swing the blade. I tried to stop the swing around my chest, but it still dropped to the bottom of my waist.3

To be honest, as someone who lived while doing only desk works, I don’t have enough muscles. I didn’t even think that a 30 cm nata would feel heavy.

First of all, I need to raise my stamina and my physical strength, while thinking like that, I continue swinging like drawing the kanji for rice.[米]

Maybe it’s the influence of the skill, but I started to gradually understand the basics of grasping and handling. But for real this big stomach is getting in the way.

After swinging around for 30 minutes, my arm started trembling. My grip strength is almost gone too. I have an overwhelming lack of exercise.

When I was a student I could keep swinging for 3 hours easily without getting tired. I hate metabolism.

When I confirmed my status with the help of『Identify』-sensei, 『Spearmanship』has grown to 0.18. Maybe because I started to be able to handle things a little bit better that it did grow a little.

Since I’m drenched with sweat, I borrowed warm water and wiped my body with a towel. After my body has been cleaned, I went the bed.

I really want to sleep. I will work hard tomorrow so please excuse me.

Next morning, I again woke up at the dawn. I’m grateful for not having to use an alarm.

My arm is a little bit heavy but my grip strength is back. But, this is a trap.

When you grow in age. Usually, the muscle pains come when it’s almost healed.

The breakfast’s menu was the same as yesterday’s dinner.

While I was talking about my schedule to everyone, I suddenly remembered about my grandfather.

Because he was a farmer and a hunter, he was really religious. Before going hunting for wild boar or deer, I remember he was offering sake and complementary snacks to the gods.

I got to a point where I can earn my living expenses. It also seems that the gods are real, so maybe I should pay them a visit at least once.

After asking about the religious view of this world, I learned that it’s polytheism rather than monotheism. It is said that Gods appeared long ago and each god has his own authority. According to the documented history in the past 1000 years, they have made appearances frequently.

They are basically gentle gods but each one has their own taboo, and if you do something related to that then you will get a punishment. This makes the money forgery matter more understandable.

Buildings such as churches and similar religious institutions are not intended for missionary purposes, instead they are mainly concerned with the appreciation and service to the gods.

Also, these institutes offer primary education, such as reading, writing, and basic math.

Well, for now, maybe I will say thanks for letting me live and report about arriving here, in this parallel world.

I went to see Asuto and Lizatia off, received lunch from Tisha, then proceeded towards the church.

It is the only building in the village surrounded by stone walls.

After passing through the gate, you can see a garden and a building made of stone. The scale of the place is similar to that of a small-sized gymnasium.

While thinking that this building can be used as an emergency shelter, I opened the door.

There was nothing that looked like a statue of a god, but rather it looked like an auditorium.

An elderly woman wearing a priest clothing called out to me.

「Nice to meet you. Welcome to the church. May I ask your reason for your visit?」

She asked with a calm expression and tone.

「I would like to offer a prayer of appreciation to God. This is my first time, so would you please teach me the proper way of doing it?」

Answering that, she started teaching me how to pray.

I need to go up the stage and put my weapons aside, raise my hands while kneeling. After that, I need to close my eyes.

While I thought that the most respectful salute comes from here, I headed to the stage.4

I put my weapons aside, lifted my two hands, and sat on my knees.

<Informing. A serious error has occurred. An unknown system has been connected to us. Countering…>

『IB』-sensei told me in a panicky tone, rather than the normal calm one. While thinking of that, suddenly I heard someone.

「AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is funny, so funny, so so funny, really funny.」

A white-haired boy, wearing a silk hat and a swallowtail suit, who’s also standing in mid-air, suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

Sherue floating midair

「Nice to meet you, really nice to meet you, visitor. Welcome to this world. My name is Sherue5. I’m the one who governs enjoyment.」

A young man talks to me while wholeheartedly having fun.

「Someone who governs? Are you a God?」

Due to my surprise, I don’t know what to say.

「Oh yes, yes, yes. All beings in this world, yes everything, call us a God.」

「What do you mean by visitor?」

Fumu. Fumufumu. Although I don’t mind answering that, but I named myself. MYSELF. How about you? Your name?」

I acted rudely without noticing it.

「I am sorry about that. My name is Maekawa Akihiro.」

「Maekawa, Akihiro. So it’s Akihiro. So it is read ‘display the beauty of water’.6 Very good. Ideal name to call you, Akihiro-kun.」

As someone who governs excitement, he’s indeed excited.

「So about the visitor right. Fumu. You, ever since this world has been made, yes ever since, you’re the first visitor of this world.」

「First time? Visitor? 7

「Yes, yes. There are lots of worlds. And each of the worlds has their own gods, and all worlds are independent to each other.」

I tilted my head while he is nodding.

「Aahh…… It’s bothersome to explain the concept. I will borrow some of your knowledge.」

As soon as Sherue put his hands on my head, I felt something like an electric shock.

Fumu. Fumu fumu. You can think of the world, the universe, like a server that connects everything in an independent network. As for us, gods, we’re the ones holding the authority to manage each server application. You can say that you guys are the terminals connected to the server. You, you’re someone that somehow crossed from one closed network, to this network that we govern. Isn’t that amusing?8

If I crossed between closed network, isn’t there’s a way to physically connect them?

「Aren’t there any logs left about that incident?」

「Ahahahaha. Good. We understood each other. Regarding the logs, interestingly, it has been tampered with.」

「Who did? For what reason? And in the first place, is there anyone who has such authority?」

「It takes a lot of trouble to build a server9. The original environment is build based on the default settings. Then in each server the corresponding environment is inserted.」10

Ah, I got a bad feeling.

「In order to make the servers more diverse, the configuration of each application is different. So, who makes the configuration for each applications?」11


Subarashii. Subarashii12. Yes, someone with a superior concept than that of god.」

「Why did someone like that connect me to this environment?」

「Fumu. Fumu fumu. Amusingly, I don’t know the answer to that! I already tried to confirm about that, but there’s no response.」

Is it like a case of bad connection to the technical support?

「If you want to change the environment, then make another application, if you want to make someone do something then using the terminal is faster. So, because of it. In this environment, that has been going for 100000 years already, you that we call a visitor has appeared. Isn’t that amusing?」13

I kinda understand the feelings of someone who’s been kidnapped, even though there’s no known purpose.

「Other than that, it is about the skills that you have. Those skills are not something from this application’s skill list.」14

「The『Intelligent Being』、Identify』and『Acquisition』?」

Umu. Umu Umu. That’s right. Taking in consideration the future, let me give you a brief explanation.」

He raised a finger.

「『Intelligent Being』is a voice chat connected to a support system operated with the administrator’s authority.」

I can not imagine that. I wonder who’s the one I’ve been talking to until now.

「However, it looks like it is considerably restricted. In fact its main purpose is just to explain something that’s outside of your universal knowledge.」

He raised another finger.

「As for your『Identify』, it’s like a browser software, but it can only display information on something that『IB』allows you to.」

He raised another finger.

「『Acquisition』is a something like the administrator privilege to acquire skills from this world’s skill tree.」

In that 10 minutes conversation, something outrageous has been passed to me.

「And that would be everything regarding your skill’s information. Any questions?」

「So basically, I am someone who’s using an illegal software that’s not under the recognition of the management side? If that’s the case will there be no problem for the network?」

「Don’t Worry, don’t worry. Your skill is something like a terminal software, and that’s something that won’t do anything huge to the server. Especially since we, the management side already know about it. We, really love this, this garden like environment. Environment management is something like equipment management. And we have been doing that for a long time. So to this environment that we love, yes, to this priceless garden’s first visitor which is you. We, really welcome your visit.」

It looks like I really am welcomed here. That really gave me a sense of relief.

「Although we still don’t know the administrator’s purpose, we still wish for you to live in this environment. Of course if you wish to return, we can coordinate about that.」

It is good news that the means of return has come to light. However,

「Is it possible to move along with other terminals at the time of return?」

Although it was a short time, they were a people that has a positive relationship with me. Even if it is a misunderstanding, we also have a marriage proposal. I should take the responsibility.

「Fumu. Fuumu. As for that, it depends on the administrators. As for our side, for this garden that we love, its residents are also something that we love.」

So for him, it will be a NO.

「From this time onwards, as the gods of this environment, we will look after you. Since we are gods after all. Since it’s hard to stay living without a proper foundation, I will give you some presents.15

Again, Sherue puts his palm on my head. But unlike last time, instead of shock it was a warm feelings that passed on to me.

「Right now, in order to release you from『IB』’s protection, you’re in a position where you’re not connected in the network but the server itself. If I leave, you’ll understand naturally.」

Everything was still when I looked around.

「My authority is enjoyment. My influence is pretty big if it comes down. Enjoyment means having fun with a splendid moment. Long enjoyment is nothing compared to brief enjoyment.16

Well for now, I returned to the original prayer pose.

「Be happy, be happy, be happy. New resident. I am looking forward to our next meeting.17

Sherue disappeared. As soon as that happens, a static shock like sound appeared again in my head.

<Informing. Reconnection has been confirmed. Restoration has been confirmed. Starting the confirmation of connection to an unknown system. Confirmation finished. There’s no connection to an unknown system. Normal operation has been restored.>

『IB』-sensei is back.

<Notice from the skill『Acquisition』.  A condition for 『Acquisition』has been fulfilled. 『Praying』1.00,『Magic Control』1.00,『Attribute Control(Wind)』1.00, has been acquired.>

『Acquisition』-sensei’s wording is slightly different. Is this the gift?

For the time being, I stood up and re-equipped my weapons.

Because I’ve obtained too much information, I am overloaded. After resting a little, I’ll think about it.

I talked with the priestess and then I left the church

「Will she return, I wonder… Regarding my return, that it’s also not definitive.」

For now, add another line on the TODO list.

[ ]Confirm the Usage of『Praying』『Magic Control』『Attribute Control(Wind)』

Well then, let’s have a break.

TL: irteT

Editor: Filip

ED(03/09/2018): I changed some wording for a better understanding thx bloggbigg

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Finally the mc gains some useful skills


Surgical Control or Magic Control?
Thanks for the chapter!!


In the manga the skill is named “Magic Mastery”, I will ask the translators about it, then change it. Thanks for the ideas.
Edited 18/09/2018: Considering a later chapter, the name of the skill will be “Magic Control” .


Thanks for the treat.


Ah finally, something above 1.00.


Thank you very much for the chapters!


Thanks for the chapter!


My interpretation of this is the author is paralleling ‘server creation’ (and utility) with ‘world creation’ (and natural laws)- as well as taking some ‘game world centric’ creation liberties in focus. [9] “「Fumu. Fumu fumu. In case of your world, which you call Earth, that’s something like a server that’s connected to a separated network.」” Earth: (‘like a server’)(connected to a separated network) I’m assuming this is from an ‘Functionality/Administration’ viewpoint “「As for us, we’re something like an administrator of a server application. 」” Gods: (like an administrator (of a server application) ) “「So you guys are like terminals connected… Read more »


Thanks for the ideas, I went over again, changed a little more. Also I have to thank the people from LHTranslation(the link to their site seems down, so I won’t post it for now) for the manga translation, from where I managed to learn what the h*ck some parts mean (hopefully). ‘Aquisition’ does not steal, instead it plunders:D Somehow it feels like the server has the settings, and the network is “in the flow of time” ? Anyway, admin is the overgod, manager is the local god, server is the world, terminal a living being, skills are programs/applications on the… Read more »


Glad my musings provided some assistance. I really hope the author can deliver on the potential of this novel. Also- learning there is a manga is good- I’ll have to seek it out. I always like seeing how these sorts of things are visualized. Yeah- I got that- I was stating more how I was relieved that it wasn’t ‘steal’- most authors don’t really get how broken (and nonsensical) ‘steal’ is. Now, that said, ‘acquisition’ is somewhat nonsense too (if you’ve ever seen a well-developed skill tree, you know what ‘pre-requisites’ are, and acquire seemingly ignores them. We can also… Read more »


Ok I think I got this…
Network = Universe
Server = World
Administrator / Management = God
Terminal = Person
Enviroment = an aspect or part of the world (Landscape, Places, Things, ect.)
Visitor = Person from another universe
Terminal Software = Skill / Supernatural Ability

Im guessing when he mentioned returning to Japan he was asking if he could take his wife with him.


Administrator was specifically mentioned as superordinate (above) to god.
Environment seems a bit more (physics/magic), but we’ll have to see.
Did I miss ‘Terminal Software’? I only noticed ‘Application’…

Yeah, doesn’t care about going back so much as taking the too-young wife he’s yet to make a commitment to with him…

Seems legit. 😛


They said they were refered to as gods. Then the seemed to say that someone is above the concept of god (I think it was refering to whoever snatched up the MC.) I guess it means that there are gods with higher authority.
Terminal Software was there. He seemed to use the term software and application interchangeably.
I think he was refering to software as the rules of reality.

Masahi Ayako

Thanks for the Chapter nya~!

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