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ED: Quick reminder: nata stands for this,

Episode 17 – 『Identify』has been updated

When I tried replace the used bag with the one I bought for Tisha, I was politely refused.

It seemed that the original bag was already old and used, but with the excuse of gratitude for letting me freeload, she finally accepted it.

Soon after, Asuto and Lizatia came back.

It seems they were be able to set the traps successfully.

They also managed to hunt something like a crossbreed of mountain birds.

Since it’s already been processed, we will use that as it is for our dinner.

Tisha and Lizatia went to the kitchen in a bright mood.

「18000 Wars in one day, I made quite a bit of money.」

I talked to Asuto while the dinner was being made.

What I understood is that generally the annual income of a farmer’s family is around 1 million Wars before tax.

With some calculation, it seems I could to earn that much in about two months. If that’s the case, maybe everyone would want to be adventurers.

「It’s difficult to collect 20 bundles of Vuass grass in one day. Since entering the forest equals to higher threat level, normal people usually avoid doing this. Also, even if an adventurer looks around the edge of the forest, at best he would get 2 bundles of Vuass Grass in one day.」

If that’s the case then earning a living will be difficult.

Also, it looks like you can accept rank 10 requests even if you’re not an adventurer.

If that’s the case then there will be no tax deduction but, it will be declared by the adventurers’ guild to the country at the time of tax collection.

I thought that there are a lot of miscellaneous tasks in the village, and it seems those are to help the people without stable work earn money.

Well, because my income is not stabilized yet, I asked if they can let me freeload until I reach rank 9, their answer was the same as yesterday’s.

By the way, as for the older brother, they said that he will still be away for around a month. Seems that a hunter in the Ruth village can’t work due to his injury, so while that hunter recovers, he is the one who’s helping them get food. Apparently, onii-san’s name is Atten. 1

By the time the talks calmed down, cooking was done and the dinner was ready.

Using the mountain yam as a binding to form the dumplings with bird meat and cabbage. There’s also stew of root vegetables and rye bread.2

It seems that there are bread-maker guilds, and from there they are getting the rye bread.

「Ohh, the dumpling is fluffy and tasty. The fragrance and the meat juices are indescribable. You’re a good cook.」


Lizatia answered while being shy. While Tisha grins she continues.

「This girl, even though she doesn’t like cooking that much. But ever since Akihiro-san came she started doing her best.」

I enjoyed the dinner with a warm feeling.

We took a short break after dinner, following that we started the processing of the prey.4

「Did you cut into a bone?」

Asuto asked me after seeing the nata I used to make the glaive.

Certainly, there was a small nick in the middle.

「Well in this degree, it should be fixed if you just sharpen it. Leave the sharpening to me.」

From the barn, he took out a container with warm water and a grinding stone.

「I’m sorry for troubling you, I will be in your care.」

I have an experience of sharpening a kitchen knife, but I only passed it through the electric sharpener, to be honest, I don’t know how to sharpen blades.

I thought of observing the process for the future, but I was stopped by Asuto.

「My way of sharpening is self-taught. If you want to learn the proper way, go learn from the blacksmiths.」

Because my hands were free, I attached another nata to the cane.

I naively thought that I will only have to harvest, but considering what happened today, the chance of having to fight again will be high.

<Informing. Each skill can be improved by gaining proficiency].>

As a matter of fact, I would like to confirm my skills, so I wanted to use 『Identify』but because I don’t have a mirror I am in trouble.

I thought it’s possible by seeing the water reflection, but it wasn’t.

<Resolving. A part of the skill『Identify』will be updated. Please hold on a moment.>

<…… Update finished. This is the change log. The visual information interception function has been extended.>

<The activation keywords will be「Activate self-identification」「Deactivate self-identification」>

『IB』-sensei solved my problem in a flash. He really is awesome.

「Activate self-identification」

As soon as I murmured that, about 50 cm ahead, a translucent glass plate appeared.5

◇Skill Information◇

『Intelligent Being』





『Fua Continental Common Language (Conversation)』0.12

『Fua Continental Common Language (Reading Comprehension)』0.06

『Fua Continental Common Language (Description)』0.01



My current skills have been listed on the glass panel. Hmm. I wonder what happened to the knowledge that I’ve gained before coming to this world?

<Resolving. Regarding the skills you’ve obtained in your previous world, they have been masked and concealed. If the skill 『Acquisition』recognizes the skill then the mask will be removed.6>

Ah.『Stealth』has also improved. If I’m not mistaken it was 0.03 before.

<Resolving. While you’re in the battle with the goblin, you were using『Stealth』.>

<The skill『Stealth』activates when there’s a creature with a visual ability and you try to hide away from it.>

So the skill『Stealth』improved because i was able to sneak attack from the bushes while using the skill.

「Deactivate self-identification」

After murmuring the keywords, the translucent glass panel disappears.

Fumu. It is easy to keep up the motivation, if you can see the results of your hard work.

Well, let’s do our best and train!

TL: Toriaezu Tetri Desu. 7

Editor: Filip, now thinking about “toriaezu nama”8

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