It’s been months since I’ve started translating Isekai Mitai.

This is my first novel that I started to translate for the people, and it was enjoyable at first.

But as the time passes, the novel lost its shine to me. Not to mention the IRL situation that I got myself into, throwing myself into an indefinite translation hiatus. This made me even unmotivated to translate Isekai Mitai. I think I will never regain that motivation.

That being said, I still like translating novels for you. I still like reading them too.

So I will stay with this group to keep on translating.

If you have any suggestions on novels that might be interesting to translate, feel free to add your recommendation using this google forms:

Please note, before you add anything, please consider the following:

  • Should not be licensed – licensed novels are NG, translating them might give us some problems.
  • If you are suggesting an LN, make sure there’s a raw source – I really don’t have money to import books.
  • Should not be dropped by the author – I don’t feel I will be motivated to translate an unfinished work.
  • No duplicates – Submitted novels can be found here :

Thank you, and sorry for the fans of the Isekai Mitai, who has been waiting for the new update.

I am hoping for your consideration, and still be with us with the new novels that will be translated.



Hey guys, kizen here.

Because Tetri has decided to step down as the TL for Isekai Mitai, we’re now looking for someone who will translate that series in his stead.

If you’re interested, you can either fill up the translator form on our recruitment page here, or join our discord and contact any of our staff there.




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Sorry to hear that Tetri has dropped this WN. I do like to read it. It is understandable that IRL issue needs to be deal with first. Whatever happens, happened. Take care, and thanks for the hard works.

Andrew Ligas

Thanks for the translation work.

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