Episode 26 – First of All, Target its feet!

I was waken up with a strange feeling on my mouth.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Liz above me, and she was kissing me.


While grinning like a Cheshire cat, she greeted me with a good morning.

「Good morning. That startled me.」

Fufu. Today, more than yesterday. Tomorrow, more than today. Day by day, you will feel more love from me.」

While looking at her expression, I found a very close resemblance of Tisha which made me think they’re really a mother and child.

「I’ll go ahead and get ready 2.」

She rose up from the bed, but before she could stand up, I hugged her from behind.

Fufu. You’re acting like a spoiled kid.」

As soon as she turned to me, I kissed her.

「I didn’t think of that myself, but that might be the case.」

Liz slipped through my arms and went to the door.

「Thank you for the food.」

She turned around while smiling.

Fufu. Thank you. Although most of them are done by mother. That said, I will do my best okay?」

Liz opened the door, then went to the kitchen.

When I opened the window, I found out that we are having a fine weather today.

I changed my clothes. As for my clothes, I am borrowing some, and when the night comes, I do my laundry in the river near the house.

In this village, as expected there is no sewage system but there are some branches of the river dug that are going around in certain sections, which makes it easier for the village to get some everyday water.
Maybe because the forest is near, there are a good amount of wells out there. Because the quality of the water is quite good, distribution of everyday water and drinking water is clearly divided.

Maybe it is okay to introduce a hand pump to this village. Using the encyclopedia from the smartphone, you can see its basic concepts and the build plan of it. I don’t know how advanced is the level of workmanship in this civilization, but it should be possible to mass-produce it by casting 3.
I don’t know if a similar concept is already patented, and if this can become a source of income, but since collecting water from the well is quite labor intense, I really don’t want to do it.

「After work, while looking at the price of weapons let’s visit the blacksmith as well.」

After deciding so, I went to the living room.

「Good morning.」

Ara, good morning」

Tisha replied.

「I will get some water 4.」

Ara ara. Thank you.」

I grabbed a pot, then went to get some water.
People are gathered around the well again today. After greeting, and some bland conversation, I returned to Asuto’s house.
It seems like my muscle pains are starting to heal.

「I have returned.」

Ara. Thank you, Sorry for making you do it every time.」

Ie ie, I am already grateful for the fact that you’re letting me stay here.」

Breakfast was stir-fried bacon with cabbage, and some root vegetables with rye. There was also a bird-based soup on the side.

After breakfast, the pair went to go hunt. 5

Since it became only Tisha and I, I handed her a 5,000 Wars coin-roll.

「May I know what this is for?」

She asked me with a surprised face.

「I’ve been in your care for a while, so please receive this at least.」

The price for a stay in inn was 5,000 Wars, but since they’ve done more than that for me I feel like this is not enough.

「That thing6. You’ve done the same for us? Moreover, you’re my daughter’s fiancee. So I cannot accept this.」

「At least as a payment for letting me stay here.」

After some dispute, I got her to accept it.

After receiving lunch, I headed to the Adventurers’ Guild.
I looked at the requests board. Today’s price for the Vuass grass is the same. Looks like the stack is getting exhausted quite fast.

「Oh, the guy that gets『Herbals』」

Someone that I haven’t seen before, a tall guy wearing leather armor with a sword at his waist, has called out to me.
Looking at his expression, there isn’t malice behind it.

「A newcomer, who has been rumored to making quite a lot by just getting Vuass grass. That’s you right?」

Hai. If I am not mistaken」

Since I don’t know the intention behind his question, I answered him warily.

「Ahh, I am not here to pick on you. For us every time our ranks go up the targets for subjugation become harder as well. Since there aren’t that many healers it’s getting quite a hassle. So having medicine on hand can be really life saving. Also nowadays the price for it started to soar really fast. What I want to say is that I am really grateful to those who gathers Vuass grass. So then I call them 『Herbal』7. You’ve been a help. Do you best from now on too.」

He turned around, and left while waving his hand.

He was like a storm. Well rather than getting malice from others or getting involved into some trouble, this is a lot better.

I had a thought while walking towards the northern forest.
Since this village has a tight relationship between humans, even if you don’t like it there will be a lot of information exchanges through conversation. I honestly think I have some sort of communication disorder, and all I can do is to fix it. Although this is really stressful.

I arrived at the gathering point. I looked at the place quickly, and just as expected, the quantity of Vuass grass that can be gathered is starting to shrink.

「Should I go a little bit further?」

Just like in the past, every 5 m I cut an arrow shape into a tree.
If you get to this area, you should expect this to be some wildlife’s territory. Without losing awareness of the surroundings, I went ahead slowly.
I also gathered some Vuass grass on the way.

Suddenly, I felt a prickling sensation and some sort of presence nearby. Is this feeling caused by『Alert』? Without making a noise, I hid in one of the bushes and investigated carefully the surroundings.

「Oh, is that it?」

A pair of goblins threw their spears out, squatted and grabbed something. It looked like an animal similar to rabbits.

「It would be bad if I had been spotted and sneakily attacked from behind. Since I have magic, maybe I can defeat them?」

I readied my glaive-like weapon.

I imagined a compressed sphere of wind around 20 cm with to a diameter of 5 mm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is a cone with a radius of 2 mm and a length of 7 mm with a concave of 2 mm on the head. Realize 10 cm in front of right hand index finger. Shoot forward, with the speed of 150 km/h…..

I started chanting so in a low voice. The target is the back of the nearest goblin. From the shadows of the bushes, I pointed my index finger and readied myself.


Soon after the chanting finished, the magic was piercing the goblin making a crushing sound. I could confirm myself that it was a quick death.

<Notice from the skill『Acquisition』. A certain condition for skill『Acquisition』has been met. A skill from the target,『Alert』 0.01 has been integrated.>

While listening to 『Acquisition』-sensei’s voice, I looked at the other goblin’s situation.

Maybe because the goblin it was with died due to an unknown reason, it was overwhelmed with panic. It just stood there with a blank expression.

I imagined a compressed sphere of 10 cm to about a 5 mm diameter.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. The shape is a cone with a radius of 5 mm and a length of 1 cm. Realize in 10 cm in front of the right index finger, the speed is 150 km/h.」

I started chanting again in a low voice. The target is the goblin’s right knee. I pointed my finger towards it and aimed.


It made a crushing sound and formed a 5 cm hole into the goblin.


Maybe because it couldn’t endure the pain, it started to scream, and while holding its knee, it started to roll around on the ground.

Since I don’t know if there are any more around. I ran from bushes quite fast, and using my glaive-like weapon I stabbed it from behind.
It looked like it was still alive even after that and tried to fight back, so I stabbed its neck.
After it made a soft breathing sound, it died.

Hm?  I haven’t received any notice from『Acquisition』-sensei.

<Informing. There is nothing to receive because there is no skill that is compatible with your current skill level.>

I have looked around again, there seems to be no more goblins.
For 10 minutes, I waited hidden in one of the bushes thinking there might be reinforcements after hearing the scream, but that wasn’t the case.
Just as I thought, maybe they really are not that smart. Maybe last time too, rather than scout goblins, maybe I was just unlucky enough to meet two groups.

I sliced off a part of their nose as a confirmation of kill, and chopped their bodies and hid them in the bushes. Since I am far away from swamp lands, it is hard to dispose of the corpses.
I am hoping some carnivorous animal will be lured with the smell of blood and take care of it for me.

I did not feel the dizziness that is caused by overusing magic. So maybe it is possible for me to use magic as long as it is within this level. I don’t know if it’s the same in case of continuous battles though.
Minimizing the output level is to prevent unforeseen accidents.
As for targeting feet, as long as you’re able to stop its movement, it will be a very huge advantage.

「If I target the head it will be one shot one kill, but it will also destroy the part that will confirm the kill so it is not worth it. Well, that can’t be helped.」

I soiled down the blood, and covered it within an acceptable level, then left the area.

When I moved more towards north, I found a stream. Vuass grass was also growing there.

「Ohh, if there are some here maybe I can use this place to rest a little.」

While thinking happily, I cleaned the blood using the water from the stream.

「That was nerve wracking. I’m tired. I’ll rest a little.」

I sat on a moderately big rock and moistened my throat with bottled water.
It seems like I was more nervous than I thought. The water felt really good.

TL: Tetri 10
ED: Filip 11


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