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Episode 11 – I Met my Father (in law),  I Thought He’s Going to Object but it was Something Different.

There is no entrance towards the village, instead, we went along the road that’s situated in between of farmlands.

Some farmlands are left as is and there are weeds growing on it.

「Right now, we’re supposed to be in the season of autumn so it should be the right time to sow wheat. Are those wheat or rye?」

Hai. I heard that there will be 60% wheat and 40% rye to avoid failures.12

「Is the rough farmland that’s contained within the fences a fallow land?3

Hai. It is currently used to contain goats」4

「Are you not planning to keep pigs as well?」

「Pig-desu ka? Because the price per unit is high, it is impossible to maintain raising them in this village. Also, it is difficult to breed them because they mate in winter. In addition, wild boars are breeding in the southern forest where we went before so they are not important. In the case of goats, we are going for their milk and for their meat.」

That means it’s a three-field system of agriculture. I thought that we’re in the medieval age, and now the possibility of it being true is increasing even more.

Also, the tunic that Lizatia is wearing seems to come from ancient Rome times, and by looking at its materials, it seems to be made from cotton.

「Do you cultivate cotton and such?」

「The neighboring villages are larger in scale, so they’re growing there.」

They are cultivating them indeed. In Europe, if I’m not mistaken, the trend to cultivate cotton was around late Middle Ages.

Hmm, I don’t understand the degree of civilization here.5

That thing aside, if there’s a way to obtain cottonseed oil I want to obtain as much as I can. 6

After crossing the roads in between the farmlands, I can see roughly 40 houses. It looks like a village composed of around 150-200 people. The village is quite large.

「Everything around the house is agricultural land. For tonight, please stay at my home.」

I see it’s going to be like that. There seems to be an inn-like building but since I don’t have money there’s no helping it.

Inns and blacksmiths, churches, sundries and similar buildings are centered in the village.

The big house7 that I can see which is also outstanding and splendid should belong to the village chief.

「I am sorry about this. I really don’t have any money that I can use here so I will be in your care.」

Iie8, please don’t worry about it. You’re my benefactor, you’ve also contributed for today’s dinner. My father should be pleased as well.」

She muttered with a smile.

Going further from the center of the village, around the edge of the village there is a house. Next to it, there’s a barn-like building.

Tadaima9. Are you here father?」

It’s obvious that I can’t go inside the house without an introduction, so I stood at the door and waited.

Okaeri10 Liz, how were the traps?」

An elderly man with a blond hair that starts to gray comes towards the door.

His eyes are like the eyes of foxes, and his muscles are tight11. For his height, he should have passed 180cm.

I heard that he hurt his back, he does indeed limp a little but he looks nearly normal.

Un. It was hard. So……. There’s someone that I’d like you to meet.」

With a red face, Lizatia continued to talk while standing.

Etto, He’s my life saver…… Also, the one who promised marriage with me, Akihiro-san desu

Her father’s and my line of sight crossed each other while being speechless

There should be an even better way for introduction, why is everything even a straight ball so far? 12

「Ahh~…… Hai…… Nice to meet you. 」

To be honest, I don’t know what to say any more at this point, so, for now, I’ll just greet him.

「I see…… Nice to meet you. My name is Asuto13. I want to hear more about it. Come inside.」14

Her father invites me in with a slightly awkward looking face.

After passing the corridor, I see a living room, a counter, and a dirt floor in between. There are also some windows that can be seen.

On the opposite side of the corridor should be where the rooms are in.

That thing aside, after reaching the living room at the side of the table I saw a woman that looks like Lizatia but calmer and older preparing green tea.

「Nice to meet you, My name is Tisha 15 Sorry that there’s nothing prepared, at least have some tea.」16

The tea was made with herbs. Though I don’t know what herbs are used.

To be honest, due to the surprising remarks I can’t feel the taste of the tea.

Sate, currently I don’t know the circumstances. For now, could you explain the circumstances, Liz?」

Lizatia started to explain starting from the traps, then to the fight against the wild boar, and finally about my self-destruct.17

「First of all, thank you for saving our daughter’s life.」

Asuto started talking.

「After deploying the traps, hurting myself while going home is my fault. Though even if you say that you saved her life, isn’t marriage too fast?」

He asked Lizatia.

Then he turned his face to me and says additional words.

Iya, I don’t mean that I don’t like you. By looking at your appearance, you should be something like a noble.」

He continued then after heaving a deep sigh.

「You should know it that hunting is a repulsing job.」

「Repulsing job?」

I heard a word that I’ve never heard before 18

Fumu. Looks like you’re not from the Waranika Kingdom, are you? The kingdom has stipulated us five straw sacks of grains as a tax. This will be the quota. But the hunter, since it’s a different kind of job, will not be able to produce that five straw sacks of grains. So we sell or trade meat and skin to get grain and pay those for the tax.」

He continues as his complexion goes dark.

「As long as there’s hunting limit, the chance of us successfully getting everything for the tax is quite difficult. Even if we count the things that we get by tanning the skin, etc., time wise it’s still difficult to make it. Thus, to carry some of our burdens for the village, we took on a necessary evil job of gathering meat for food. Furthermore, there are many people who feel wary because we are dealing with animal lives. Most importantly, hunters die often so we have a bad reputation of being out of the God’s blessing because of the high mortality rate19.」

Taking everything I heard into consideration, rather than the hunters being problem, it looks that the tax system is the stupid one.

It has too little flexibility, and because of this, certain occupations are getting overpressured.

「Is it difficult to change over to another occupation?」

「We are hunters since my ancestors. I am pretty sure I told you this is a necessary evil. If people stop eating meat, they die.」

Then suddenly, he raised his head and covers his eyes with his palm.

「The current tax system is the same since the past days. The tax rate was proportional to the average income back then. The tax rate also increased at that time.」

The perpetual tax rate of 50% is probably too hard. If I’m not mistaken, in the medieval age, the yield of harvesting wheat should have been about 4 to 5 times.20

If you take half of the 4 times yield, after excluding next year’s harvest, they will only be left with enough for themselves. With this, it’s almost impossible to have insurance for emergencies.21

Fuumu……. Hai. I finally understand what you mean about the repulsive work.」


I think it’s futile to think about things that I don’t know, so I started to explain my circumstances.

To be honest, I don’t think there will be any understandings if I explain that I was the SE23 leader in an IT company.

Maybe being a manager of a business. And then, one day I got covered in a bright light? Then, suddenly I am here.

Then about how I met Lizatia while waiting around the traps i found. Since it became dangerous I intervened.


「So in other words, I can’t do anything at the moment. 25 Putting the talk about the marriage aside, for now, if it is possible, would you allow me to stay for the night?」26

Since I can not make any excuses at this moment, I tried going for a direct question.

「So you were a merchant. These clothes look like…. Wool? A good one on top of that. The weaving too, I have never seen a weave this clean before.」

Soune. I have never seen this technique of weaving before. I also have never seen this kind of cloth too.」

Tisha talked while heaving a sigh.

「Mom, she is a weaver-desu.」

Aaah I see, so she’s a professional one.

「You’re probably a merchant from a great store, aren’t you? Although it’s a small house, please stay as much as you want.」

Our dinner was a rye porridge with a vegetable and wild boar meat soup. I was surprised that there was a pepper used.

There’s another person in the family, but since he’s currently out for a hunting request from another village it turned out I am going to borrow his room.

I borrowed some hot water and wiped my body using a towel soaked with it.

I started to think about the future while lying down on the comfortable bed.

「For the start, I should guarantee my living expenses. Although I don’t know what a 35 years-old-guy can do. Sigh, I really miss Hello Work 2728

I closed my eyes while lamenting.

「Well for now, good night.」

TL: tetriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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