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Episode 14 – Mr Backbeard is looking….. Back look 1?

I went to the board with the rank 10 requests.

About taking requests, it seems the first who brings the request to the receptionist desk will get it.

Also, there are some requests that you can take without an upper limit. For example the collection of pepper, medicinal herbs, etc.

The requests I can see are: abandoned house demolition, carrying road fixing materials, babysitting, copying books, and house cleaning.

There are many posted requests that can be done within the village. The list is sorted by completion fee from top to bottom, and even two of the same type of request, such as babysitting, can have an about 50% difference of reward.

Is it that? Maybe it depends on the child’s energy?2

Meanwhile, collecting medicinal herbs in the northern forest is much more efficient. Although there will be different kinds of vegetation, compared to the ones from the southern forest the rewards are around 2 times better.

Since I was curious about that, I tried asking the receptionist-san.

The registration process doesn’t happen that often, so I asked the receptionist-san from before. 3

「So it is about the collection in the northern forest? The southern forest is under the protection of the gods of plants, so because of this, there should be no huge carnivores or demons. As for the northern forest, because the forest is not under divine protection, and since it’s also filled with magical energy, there are huge carnivores and demons. Since they won’t go out from their territories, the threat-level will not be that high but, we still cannot recommend this to beginners. For more information, there should be something that you can learn regarding the forests in the library on the second floor. If you’d like to, please confirm there.」

To be honest, I don’t want to put my life on the line without any information. Even though the parallel world cliche is that you’re strong, as for someone who’s an overweight old man, that’s impossible.

Information is a weapon. It is really a wonder where they get their brute courage in the past. 45

Because of that, I went to the second floor and into the library.

The parchments are bundled up and are placed in order. And inside the library, there’s a small girl who’s organizing the documents little by little.6

Anoo, I’m sorry to interrupt your work. I would like to borrow the documents that contain information about the northern forest. Are there any documents like that?」

The girl finally noticed me after talking, and she started to look towards me while getting flustered.

Hai, Documents about the northern forest desu ne? I have a rough copy of the map, habitat and territories, and the location of vegetation. Are these okay for you?」

Oohh. A perfect answer. It’s like that, with braids and wearing glasses she would feel like a class president character.

She’s cute but, I am not a lolicon7. It would be fine if she at least reached Lizatia’s age, but that would be 15 years-old right? Am I a lolicon…..? I might get shouted by Mr. Backbeard8.9

Well, I wouldn’t look like a lolicon if my partner is taller than me, and she’s already an adult10. Well, there’s no worth even if I think about it.

「Here are the documents. After reading, please return them to the counter.」

Pekotto bowed down her head, then went to patapata resuming her work. She looks like an energetic Zashiki Warabe. 1112

「Let’s see, the northern forest.」

For now, I will use the distance from edge of the southern forest to this village, which is 5km, as a reference.

Towards the northern forest, the distance is the same, which is around 5km.  Although it has an elliptical shape that spreads to the east and west, it has a major diameter of about 35 km. 13

Although the scaling of the map is lazily made, this forest is really big isn’t?

To make it easy to understand for the people from Hyogo prefecture, using the Hanshin Express, the distance from Sannomiya to Osaka is about 35km, more or less.

「You can insert three municipalities in this size. I think I will not be able to go back home if I get lost.14

One of the inhabiting large carnivores is the bear. In addition, it seems to be a 3m large bear. Since their territory is somewhere in the middle of the forest, the chance of meeting should be low. 1516

There are wolves as well. About the wolves, their territory is so big, that even if you’re at the outer edge of the forest you still can meet them.17

Also, poisonous creatures in the forest are like the Aodaishou Modoki from the past18. As expected of the Beginner’s Forest. Good thing for it to be set to low-level. Though this isn’t an RPG.

As for the monsters and demons, it is as follows:

  • Horned Rabbits? Monokonrabbit. They seem to be herbivores, and when a large animal approach them they use their horns as a defensive weapon.19
  • Everyone’s favorite, Goblin-san. It seems goblin is already translated as a goblin. Also, they seem to be evolved to some extent and are grouped while carrying weapons.20
  • Green colored monkey? It seems to be called literally Green Monkey. They seem to be living off by fruits and insects, and sometimes when a large creature enters their territory they will first try to intimidate, and then attack.

Although a few cases have been confirmed afterward, it is not stated in the document because there is no clear report of it happening.

Rabbits and monkeys are fine but, goblin-san ka. In case of RPG they are just some mobs, but if they hold a weapon they can be a threat.

For example, if there’s an old man swinging a knife around that is already a case for the police. You can only call them. And if that appears in the forest, it’s like a horror.

Regarding the vegetation, there seems to be some profitable ones, but no detailed description. However, medicinal herbs that are listed in those requests can be seen somewhere around the northern forest.

Just like the small girl told me, I returned the documents back to the counter afterwards.

「For now, let’s ask them to show me real medicinal herbs.」

Going down to the first floor, I asked the girl at the reception desk again.

Sumimasen21, do you have a sample of Vuass22 Grass?」

Hai. Please wait for a moment. Here it is. If you want to collect some from the forest, grab the grass 20cm from the ground and pull it.」

I murmured while holding the Vuass grass in my hand.


Fumu. The grass seems to contain some anesthetic chemicals.23

The grass itself absorbs some magical power from its surroundings than makes a components holding magical power for healing and stores them inside. The way the grass heals is that it helps the body’s natural healing power to close wounds and stuff.

I thought that the wounds will be healed instantly if you eat the healing grass in RPG, but this is the way it actually works.

「By the way, how is this grass used?」

「The pharmacists guild extracts the medicinal components from it and turns them into medicine for wounds.」

Aah, just as expected. The efficiency should increase if you concentrate the medicinal ingredients.

Well, since I have confirmed it with the help of 『Identify』, I should make no mistake while plucking them.

Just in case, let’s confirm what part is needed as the proof of subjugation for the demons that I’ve looked into earlier. I don’t know if I’ll encounter them, but it’ll be a hassle if I have bring the whole thing just for confirmation.

It seems you can only accept subjugation requests when you reach rank 9. From the previous 3 species, the material requested is the monokonrabbit’s horn.

The proof of subjugation for goblins and green monkeys is their nose, and for monokonrabbits both of their ears.

These too have no limit of subjugation.

「I would like to accept the request of 5 Vuass grass for 800 Wars, is there any paperwork I should do beforehand?」

「Since there’s no limit for the gathering of Vuass grass, there’s no need for any paperwork. If you have brought something, please bring them to that appraisal counter.」

For now, since I have finished my objective here, I am going to get ready.

I returned to Asuto’s house, then I asked if there are 2 natas, 1 strap, and 2 straw bags that I can borrow from Tisha.

One nata has been put in a sheath then attached to my belt. The other one is bound to the cane with a strap and turned into a simple glaive.

Even in the middle ages, a farmer-soldiers have used natas as glaives so this shouldn’t look weird that much.

When I was a student I learned some Kendo so I know this, that in case of a fight, having a weapon with longer reach can be a huge advantage.

To be honest, in case of an opponent as strong as me, it’ll be scarier to fight against someone who has a steel pipe rather than someone who has a small knife.

Because there’s no sharp tip I can’t use this to pierce, but by using this mass of iron even if I’m unable to penetrate it should do some damage.24

Yoshi, it’s about time to go.」

Since I’m done with my preparation, I told Tishia that I will go to the northern forest.

After I said that, she handed over something that’s been covered with leaves.

「It’s lunch. Though I apologize since it’s not something grand.」

I was very grateful because I forgot about lunch.

After that, I went to refill my water bottle.

Saa, it’s time for my first adventure.

TL: Tetori

Editor: Filip, (late because my internet connection took a small break last night, sorry)

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「Since there’s no limit for the gathering of Vuass grass, there’s no need for any paperwork. If you have brought something, please bring them to that appraisal counter.」

just take all the Vuass grass from the forest and dump it on the counter


That is something a certain average girl and a black cat girl with a talking sword might do, but our metabolic MC is probably too slow?

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Um…can I ask the title of the WN with the black cat girl with a talking sword?…it sounds right up my alley…


‘I was a sword when I reincarnated’ if I’m not mistaken


Think about the ecology damage such a feat will cause will you?!


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I really have to ask…why aren’t you translating things like “natas”, “Sumimasen”, “itadakimasu”, “sate”, and other such things that are left this way?

All doing this is going to accomplish is confuse many people in the long run. =x


Thanks for the chapter! As for the sentence – “Information is a weapon. It is really a wonder where they get their brute courage in the past” Means that having and using information can be just as damaging or more so than just having a weapon. Like knowing the terrain and route enemy forces are taking to plan an ambush maximizing enemy casualties, minimizing ally casualties, or using formations to increase efficiency. As opposed to having unit spread out looking for enemy and engaging by an all out charge once finding them causing lots of friendly fire deaths or getting… Read more »

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I believe the actual term is Zashiki Warashi rather than Zashiki Warabe, but otherwise, good going on the translation.

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reading this gave me cancer with all the weab shit that wasn’t translated

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