Hello hello! My full name is Tetriminoss, you can just call me Tetri to be short (no one likes to type Tetriminoss whole even myself).  I will be your translator for this new novel for this website. The title is “It Seems I Came to Another World, Now What Should I Do

I’ll translate it as close as it can be to the raws so the raw feeling of the novel will retain. That might cause some grammar issue and stuff so please understand. Also, there will be unusual spacing in the sentences and the paragraphs, I will retain the spacing of the raws so please understand that too.

As for the rate of updates, it might be every other day or everyday if I am feeling awesome. If we’re talking about normal me, It’ll be around every 4-5 days or so. There’s no definitive schedule as of yet.

Now, let’s get into the first episode of the novel (yes the author calls chapters as episodes and volumes as chapters)

This is the edited version, Edited by Kat.

Episode 1: When I tried to go to the Company, I was sent flying into the Another World.

At 6:30, both my alarm clock and my smartphone has impatiently begun ringing.

I set them both just in case I didn’t feel like waking up, but, man, my head is ringing. They were both set earlier by half an hour because there is a meeting this morning. While half asleep, I feel around my bedside with my hands. I press the switch of the alarm clock that my hand finds, which stops the bell. To force myself to wake up, I bought one with a loud ring for the time being, but this, it’s going to upset the neighbors.

I stop the alarm on my smartphone that my hands also find. Then, I open up the screen and check my mail.

There’s no alert that any obstructions1 have come. Thank goodness.

As soon as I let out a breath in relief, once again, the alarm clock starts ringing. Ahh. I pressed the wrong switch because I was half asleep. 2

I flipped over the alarm clock and turned it off using another switch. 3

「Sle… Sleepy.」

While shaking my metabolic stomach, I reluctantly get out of my futon. I already miss its warmth.

My wife used to wake me up until 2 years ago, but after the divorce, I have to deal with everything on my own.

Empty feelings are welling up.

「I’ll only take a shower, and for breakfast, maybe I’ll eat at work…」

While being caressed by the cold air, I shiver in the bathroom waiting for the hot water to come out.

Because it’s an old apartment, it will take around 5 minutes to warm up.

「Today’s meeting is the kickoff meeting of the year-end, company-wide, simultaneous renewal of the telephone system. I wonder if that guy has prepared all the paperwork.」

I remember my junior’s face.4

Aah, after my divorce, day after day the chance of speaking to myself is increasing.

After making sure that the hot water is starting to come out, I take off my pajamas, and lightly throw it on the futon after folding it.

I shove my underwear in the clothes basket and enter the bathroom. I bask in the hot water coming out from the shower.

My feet, that have been freezing since I got out of the futon, now have a numbing, warm, feeling spreading into them.

「The end of the year is already close, and yet the days are still unchanging」5

With a self-ridiculing smile, I roughly wipe my body.

My hair is really short, close to a sport’s cut, so there’s no need for grooming.

I put on my underwear and my shirt, then I sit down on my computer chair.

I check today’s news and the stock price of holding using my smartphone branded with an apple mark.

「Another day with no worthwhile change. There’s nothing big in the news, there was also no big changes yesterday as well. I feel like things will stay as is for a while. Having to sell a lot is a pain too.」

With my daily morning routine done with, the time to leave is coming up slowly.

「Well, let’s do my best today as well.」

I was still not aware that 『The days that I thought will never change』 will, in a short while, undergo a great change.

putting on my suit, picking up my commuter’s bag, and putting on my shoes, after opening my apartment’s door, all I see is a blinding, shining-white space.


The space which was supposed to be a small corridor leading to the first-floor stairs is not there, instead, there is only a white space spreading from the doorway.

「What is this? What just happened? Can someone explain this to me?」

I half-heartedly ask the question while not waiting for the reply in this space.

<Situation recognition, as well as a response, has been requested: Skill 『Intelligent Being』 has been granted>

I clearly hear a young, androgynous, voice, but it’s not sweet, it’s closer to the hardness of an electronic voice.


Asthma… conductor? Expert? I have no idea what that means, Asthma.7

I simply ask that question, just wanting to understand the current situation and have it explained to me.

But what came out was this, which needlessly made me more confused.

「I don’t really get it, I just want to know what’s going on right now. Who are you? And what kind of situation am I in?」

<Request for understanding the situation has been received: Skill 『Identify』 derived from Skill 『Intelligent Being』has been constructed. Skill『Identify』 has been granted>

Even though I asked a question, all I got in return was a meaningless answer; it seems information cannot be exchanged in this situation. I feel as if I’m talking to a badly made artificial intelligence, it just purely replies to my requests and I get the feeling that things are moving along quickly.

「I want all the info I can get about this situation, can you provide that?」

For the time being, after getting all the info that I can, I’ll think about what to do. If I can break through this, I can go to the company and get back to my daily life.

While thinking that, I had asked in an all-encompassing manner.

<Request to obtain all knowledge and experience has been executed: Skill 『Acquisition』 has been granted>

「I want to get out of this white space, is this possible?」

I ask in a way that’s exceedingly simple and cannot be misunderstood.

<I am Interface, the one who shall send you to a place far beyond here.>

Here? Beyond?8

Just going back to that apartment and being able to go to work is good enough for me.

<Well then, may you have a pleasant journey.>

As soon as the being that named itself as Interface finishes speaking, the white space becomes even brighter, to the extent that it’s hard to open my eyes.

「Ooiii, it would have been fine to put me back in the place I came from, Oi!」

It keeps on getting brighter, and at the same time, I think I am even starting to float. Not knowing what’s happening and not understanding it is making me shiver in fear. I realize that I had fainted and after that, I find myself lying down in an open space in the middle of a forest.

Main Character in the middle of isekai forest

TN: Tetriminoss
Editor: Kat

If there are parts that you guys don’t get or need some clarifications feel free to ask in the comment box.

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The Eternal Lurker Tanskandoggi
The Eternal Lurker Tanskandoggi

Hi Tetri!
Thanks for picking up this novel and I hope you can keep motivated enough to continue with your work.
I also noticed that you put out a rather fast pace for posting new chapters (ones every other day or more), so I hope you don’t get a burnout or health issues and keep yourself in shape.

Thanks for the chapter


thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter, and for picking up (and restarting) this series. I’d like to make another recommendation for the 『knowledgeable』 skill you mentioned. I know when I was translating this for myself…I felt that 『Intelligent Being』 suited it much more, since as the “Interface” said, it’s a skill that’s meant to be able to give him responses…and “Knowledgable” doesn’t necessarily cover that aspect. ^^ It’s also a fact that it’s giving him skills rather…mechanically, heh. Just a suggestion, though (the name I recommended also seems to match with the way the skill “talks” later, as well…so…yeah, just putting that… Read more »


thanks for picking up this novel. 😀


Tetriminoss thx for this chapter and many thanks for picking up this novel. My prayes are heard. Banzai

Vielen Dank (many thanks in German)


Thanks for picking up this nove!!!!!!!!! :* thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Unknown Soldier

I dont know if is only to me but at the end of the chapter it appears a simbol like a stop sign, is that somekind of image i cant see?

Ps. Thnx for the chap!


I think it’s just ad?


Thanks for the chapter!


Thank you very much for the chapter!


Thank you for picking this novel, and thanks for the treat.


Tetri knows that it has already been translated before but he just opted to start from the beginning.

I’m not really sure why since I didn’t ask but probably for consistency.


Tragic. This is why one should never let machines do the talking.
Who know what else he could have gotten if only he was calm enough to ask for it.

Masahi Ayako
Masahi Ayako

Wah~ thank you Tetri for picking this up~ but you know! Mm~ it feels fresh~?


What is this metabolic stuff?

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