So I’m currently trying to learn how to draw so I can start drawing anime waifus.

But man, it’s harder than I thought!

HENIWEIS Here’s another episode of Isekai Mitai!

Episode 12 – German Sausage is the Best in the World!!! Though it isn’t from Germany

While the roosters cry their best, I woke up at the same time as the sun rises. When I looked at the clock to confirm the time, it’s around 5:30 AM.

I feel that I’m becoming healthier as each day passes.

Aah, Sou Sou 1. I experienced my very first private toilet after coming into this different world. Though it was a squatting2 festival.

To be honest, as a guy with an overweight body type, Japanese style toilets that makes you squat to use it are really hard for me. Because my big stomach will make it harder for me to squat and makes me loose my balance.

It should be obvious that there isn’t a potty, there’s only a rock polished with a circular hole in the middle and that’s where you drop your business, the business will then get carried by the river nearby.

For the sitting part, there’s a wooden board placed which is shaped like U.

There’s no toilet paper but, there’s a water for cleaning and a piece of cloth for wiping. Washing these clothes is done by its user.

As for the water, there’s a need for you to get it from the water well.

After using the toilet, there’s a need to drop some straw3 to the hole. It is to prevent fermentation and to prevent the smell from coming out.

I really want to thank those who developed this.

Also, regarding the washing of the clothes, we use washnut.

It’s easy to determine the pepper, but I can’t determine the vegetables.4

According to Tisha-san, everything that was used for yesterday’s meal was gathered from the south forest.

In addition, it seems that all the vegetation is protected by the God that oversees plants.

It seems that God can affect the reality itself. Parallel world so scary~

Also, I thought it would feel like a gardening game. 5

That is what I heard while eating breakfast.

Our breakfast was a rye bread, and I felt like I was eating Roggenbroat6.

Because the bread was somewhat sour, I spread lard on it then ate it.

There was also WeissWurst and salted cabbage.

The smoked sausage seems to be bought from somewhere. Also, the salted cabbage is not a Sauerkraut because there are no other spices on it.

If we search for, there seems to be caraway and dill that you can find in the southern forest. Let’s look for it next time.

Although I didn’t see one growing, I should be able to find out more information about them using my smartphone’s encyclopedia.

What can I say, the breakfast’s menu was like from Germany. 7

Also, while asking people how to find a job, arimashita 8. Adventurer Guild. What can you say? It’s really a parallel world.9

Though the Adventure Guild is not solely for monster hunting, just like Hello Work, it’s everything goes kind of business.

That really makes it sound like we’re in the medieval age, every occupation has its own guild, it seems to fill any gaps that exist 10.

For example, in case of medicine, there are pharmacists guilds. They also manage the pharmaceuticals and its sales. 11

However, regarding the collection of the materials, the outsourcing and such of the materials are done mainly by adventure guilds.12

In case of escorting a large group of merchants and important persons13, people from mercenary guilds are called. In case of escorting small merchants and individuals, however, people are hired from the adventurer guilds.

Also, there seem to be monsters hunted for materials, and there are various things made by monster parts, so there are monster hunting jobs as well. 14

Sate, since there’s time before the guilds open up, I guess I will make some TODO lists.」

I don’t know if it’s because of habit that’s taken from working, I can’t seem to feel secure if there’s no TODO list.

「First of all is to get away from being a freeloader, I need to secure money that’s enough for inns.」

[ ] Confirm Monetary Values

[ ] Confirm Inn Prices

[ ] Confirm the Difficulty of Job Requests and Renumeneration Amount

「In order to use『Acquisition』to its fullest, I want to actively take on subjugation requests. If I won’t grow stronger, I won’t be able to protect Lizatia.」

[ ] Prioritize Subjugation Requests

[ ] Enhance『Acquisition』’s efficiency of acquiring skills.

「Since I have『Identify』-sensei, I should have an advantage in terms of harvesting requests. Let’s take many harvest requests as well.」

[ ] Confirm Harvest Requests’ Information

[ ] Confirm Harvest Requests’ target’s  information

[ ] Measure the Efficiency of『Identify』Skill

For now, I will make these 8 points as my objectives for today.

While saving my TODO list in my TODO APP in my smartphone, I sense someone in front of the entrance.

Looks like Asuto-san is going to hunt, let’s see him off.

「Asuto-san, are you about to go out?」

「Aah. I’m going to deploy some traps and hunt some small games. Since Lizatia’s with me, there’s no need to worry.」

「Will your back be okay?」

「My back was at the stage where it almost healed yesterday. So even if I move today there’s no problem.」

Asuto started to leave while smiling, after picking up the luggage, he waved his hands to me.

「Akihiro-san, Ittekimasu. Please don’t do anything unreasonable.」15

Lizatia looks at me with a worried face.16

「Well I will just look around so there’s no need to worry.」

Me too, while smiling, I see them off while waving my hands.

While seeing the two leaving, I checked the clock to see it’s around 7:30 AM.

Since it’s about to be the time for the opening of guilds, I start to prepare my things.

Regarding my clothes, I am being lent Lizatia’s brother’s clothing after a few adjustments.17

It’s dejecting to see the only parts that have been adjusted were the part around the stomach and the pants hem.

About my suits, it’s like a miracle that there’s no blood splashed on it while we were fighting the wild boar.

Thought in case of my white shirt, there was a blood on the cuffs so I had to wash them hard.

Sate, let’s work hard today too!

TL: Tetr

Editor: Filip

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And now there’s no i. Tetri identity crisis?

Thanks for the chapter~ so organized. I honestly prefer these middle-aged protagonists more than teen ones usually, as long as the MC actually acts with maturity.


I think the number of “i” represent the energy left after translating. Since understanding some words and expressions from these episodes can truly fry your brain.
Mature protagonists are my favorite too, and Akihiro seems a good learner too.


Thank you!!


Thank you very much for the chapter!


Thanks for the treat.

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