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Episode 7 – I Thought the Adrenaline was Gushing out, But I Tasted a Glimpse of Something Worse

Second day in another world.

I wondered if I could get up properly, but I woke up at 7 o’clock without the ring of the alarm.

I had to burn firewood to a bonfire, so I was worried about oversleeping, but habit is really horrorsome 1 2

No, I heard that the more you get older the earlier you wake up, I’m worried that’s the direction I’m going. 3

Maa, I did not lack sleep, and I fell asleep at around 20 o’clock 4 so it was a natural result.

For the time being, I went to wash my face to wake myself up even more.

By the way, I did not notice it, but there was the hotel’s toothbrush at the corner of the luggage, thank God.

「For the breakfast, I’ll have yam.」

I cut about 20cm of the yam which I dug up hard yesterday, and roll it on the stone which I put on the fire.

The hairs burn out and disappear, the skin loses moisture, and it has been scorched faintly.

Afterward, I surround it with hot stones, heating up the core with residual heat.

「Oohh. It’s sweet and refreshing. It’s nice, chewy, and comfortable.」

When the delicious breakfast was finished, I came back to reality.

Aahh, I wonder what’s going on at the company. Was I being treated as a missing person? I wonder if it is possible to return5 after going back to Japan.

「Maa, it can’t be helped that I think about it, even though it might not come true. My priority should be to survive for now.」

Trying to raise my falling down mood, I turned my attention to the mayhem that’s happening since yesterday night.

「It was on a rampage all night and it’s still energetic……」

A rough breath sounds as if it came from the bottoms of the hell.

The leg that has been caught in the trap has been shredded, and the surroundings have become a disaster.

「Maa, it was a trap I set the day before yesterday, so I’ll check it today. Until then, I’ll be killing some time.」6

There are yams for food as well, and I have confirmed yesterday that there are growing vegetables that can be eaten around the pond.

Thinking that I will not be okay with just a cutter, I will devote myself to weapon-making today.

「I can’t make weapons without materials, let’s make a stone weapon which is safer to make.」

There is no way for a obsidian to be lying around, so I made stone tools using ordinary stones.

I picked up a large stone of reasonable shape on the riverbed, and tied it to the wooden handle, and made it as a stone ax.

「This looks like it’s around 10kg, this may be possible to use this as an alternative for a hammer?」

After that, I looked for a pointed stone, then hit it with a stone to sharpen the edge, I tied it to a tree and made it to a stone spear.

「Indeed, in the past even with this mammoths were hunted so this should be fine. One day, I’mma make manga meat 7

While doing it the clock turned to lunchtime, so while I was starting to make the lunch…

I heard a scream from the direction where the wild boar had been caught.

「Is it the appearance of intellectual life creature8. Let’s see the situation there.」

Just in case, I head to the site with the stone ax and the stone spear.

Sure enough, I can see a figure around the wild boar.

「Are?9 Isn’t that a woman, are. 」

Ash gold hair and blue eyes. Tunic-like coat and trousers. Bustier-like leather armor with a waist belt.

At the back of the belt, a hatchet-like object is placed in the sheath, and several knives are placed in the pocket of the left chest.

She threw small bow and quiver on the ground and faced the wild boar with one hand ax.

「That’s a girl, indeed. Why did she throw the bow… Aahh. With a small bow like that won’t penetrate the boar’s skin.」

At distance, she looks like a 15/16-year old girl.

She actively attacks, aiming at the head and neck, but she seems to be pushed back by its tusks.

「Oioi, even if you wear that leather armor, that fang will still penetrate you.」

Maybe because of tension and fear, her face turns pale, and her movements started to turn stiff.

「It’s obvious but I can’t bear to just watch a girl getting hurt in front of me.」

Even if I am metabolic, even if I don’t have confidence in my physical strength, but seeing a girl smaller than me who’s fighting, just watching her is impossible for me.

「It would be nice if the effect of 『Stealth』could be demonstrated even a little….
God, please.」

Because of the tension, while I have a hand drenched with sweat, I approached the site while hiding along the grass.

When I was about 5m away from the site, the girl’s ax was caught in the tusks and was taken away.


With the expression of despair and confusion on her face, the girl stopped.

The wild boar pulls on his forefoot, position itself to bring down its tusks, it started to lower its face.

「Your attention to your feet is not enough!」

Running the 5m, using my stone ax I bashed with my full strength to the joint part of the wild boar.

With the sensation of the crumbling stone, the crumbling sensation of the wild boar is transmitted to my hand.

The girl kept on watching with a stunned expression on her face.

「For now make a distance! Don’t fret even if you fall down!」

Screaming at the girl, I pulled my stone spear forcefully

The wild boar’s one forefoot crushes and its head rubs while it’s looking for my opening, it’s about to thrust its tusks up if there is one.

「Don’t underestimate metabolic person’s weight!」

From the looking up-like position of the wild boar, I aimed for the right eye, I pierced my spear with an uppercut-like motion from the underside of the wild boar.

Piercing the soft eyeball, I felt the penetration stopped at the hard skull.

I withdrew the spear and took a step back.

Next, I rotate my spear in a bullet-like motion to gouge its remaining left eye. I feel the tip crumbling and the handle was blocked by the skull.

The wild boar roared its final strength and turned weak.

「I did it……」

I, an overweight guy, took down the Boar with a stone spear, though the endorphin and adrenalin delayed the fear that would come soon after.

< Skill 『Acquisition 』 Notice. The conditions for the skill 『Acquisition 』 has been met. Target skill 『Valor』increased by 0.20. The corresponding skill was transferred. >

『Acquisition』-san reported using a calm voice.

That thing aside, I want to get drunk with the feeling of accomplishment. Which was the thought, but I remembered the girl at the back and because of that, I calmed down.

「Etto…….are you okay?」

I threw the weapons that I’ve been holding, I raised my hands in front of the girl.


On my side, there are only broken weapons, while the opposite side still has weapons that can subdue me.

And then, from the dazed faced, her face turned to a red face.10


「Do you understand my words?」

It was unwise to think that Nihongo could be understood.

This situation can be seen as a barbarian who speaks nonsense words has started attacking with his old generation weapons.

「Yes. I understand.」

「Ah? You speak Nihongo?」




<From『IB』-san. To be able to communicate, your ability to recognize and pronounce the words has been modified to complement the opponent.>

『IB』-sensei is so cool. Very cool.

「That aside, I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried what was going about to happen there」

「Hai12. Thank you very much. You’ve helped me greatly, danna-sama 13

Nnn? I heard words that I can’t unhear. 14


「Yes. The warrior who throws all arms and raises his hands unprotected. It is an act that is transmitted to my village if it is done between men, it means of salute, and it is a meaning of wooing if done between men and women, a marriage proposal. I, there is also the favor of you saving my life. I will accept it.」


Wait a minute. I, a 20 years older overweight guy, just saved a girl and proposed. Seriously, that can’t be true.

「By all means, please come to the village. We welcome you.」

Retreat, is it impossible?

Are, isn’t strange?

TL: Tetri

Editor: Filip(hoping for more comments to improve)

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