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Episode 28 –  Interest

The schedule for tomorrow has been decided.
Well for now, let’s add this to the TO DO list.

  • I will go to the guild tomorrow morning.
  • Defeat Huge Slime

Just as planned, let’s go to the blacksmith.
Is the blacksmith that building with a huge chimney?
There are a sword and a pot as an emblem on the signboard. Maybe they also make some daily necessities?
Well, if it is in a village, making daily goods will be a good source of income.

「Hello there.」1
There was no one at the shop counter.


I raised my voice.
But there was still no response.


When I used my loudest voice, I felt a movement from the back of the store.

「Hey. Welcome. Customer?」

「Yes. I would like to look at the weapons for sale, as well as ordering a custom made item.」

He was a man with reddish-brown hair and a face covered with beard. He also had some sort of strong will and a strong physique.

「This weapon is….. a Glaive?」

「No, this one is just a tentative. I am looking for a spear.」

「Fumu. You’re going to use it yourself right? Based on your look you’re an adventurer. With your height…… Around this size?」

He brought a 150cm spear.

「Although it is a short spear, the spear itself is made with a 40 cm long with thickness in mind. The handle is filled all the way inside. Even if you use it as many times as you want, this won’t bend easily.」

When I was handed the spear, it was heavier than I expected.

「Can I try swinging it?」

「Sure. Do it in the backyard.」

I went to the backyard, held the spear and got myself into a stance.
The stone side is also covered with iron, this makes the weight even greater. Thought if I hold it at the middle the weight feels lighter.

I swung midline. The sharpness of the swing is lower than the glaive-like weapon. 2

「Uwa. Even if this is my first time holding one. It really is heavy.」

This thing, it’s really unbelievable there are people who can swing these pretty easily.
There are these isekai mangas or novels that have high school students who easily swing swords and spears. What kind of high schoolers are they?3
I tried swinging making the letter of rice, but every time I try to stop the momentum it still takes me quite the effort so it’s hard to stop.
Even if I hit someone, the edge is too low to make any significant damage.
To be honest, I was underestimating spears. And not to mention this is just a short spear.
Certainly, the glaive is only 30 cm iron 4. Taking that in consideration, this spear has two times the quantity of iron used. Of course it will be heavy.

「It’s made with a good wood that makes it really sturdy. The leather on the handle is a pretty good one so it won’t slip and will be easier for you to get familiarized with it.」

Hmm, I want this.

「How much is this?」

「It will be 70,000. I will give you the sheathe for free as a service.」

As expected it’s expensive. If the price is on Earth I could buy a top tech PC.
If it is like a 3-year amortization maybe it is possible?

「I’m sorry, but I don’t have the money right now. Can I bring it after tomorrow?」

「Sure I don’t mind, I will reserve this for you.」

Yup, since this job doesn’t have a stable income so I will reserve this for now.

「So, what is it that you want me to make?」

He asked me so while receiving the spear.

「Ahh. Can I have some parchment? Also, something to write with.」

「Sure, also use the room, though it’s not clean.」

I entered the room, which is filled with books and design drawings but it doesn’t have the feeling of being dirty.
Although he has a proper look maybe he doesn’t really live that way.
I borrowed the desk, and brought out my smartphone for the encyclopedia, then I drew the rough description of the triangle, the cross section, the scale, and the length.
I also included the intended use and the materials that will be needed.

「It’s something like this.」


Said so while looking at the design drawing.

「So this design uses the application of bellows, with it the water will be pulled up…… Though it’s something this simple, it’s not something I could think of.」

Looks like he understood the basic concepts behind it.

「Hey, this one is great. To be honest I’d like to bring this thing up with the village chief.」

The situation became suddenly big.

「The person who’s in charge of this area is actually the child of a duke. If the story reaches the duke, it’s not impossible the story will reach the king himself.」

「Is there something like a patent?」

「Well, you will be able to receive a exclusive marketing right of this as a reward from the king. Even with myself I can do sales and production but you can’t do something like that alone right? I think with someone’s help it will be better. Even myself, I am getting help from the smith guild.」

The question is, whether I can trust this guy or not.

「My mother, 5 she’s struggling getting water everyday. Not to mention my job as a blacksmith. You don’t know how much water we use. We painfully know it. If possible, we’d like to use this as soon as possible. That’s my honest feeling.」

Well, let’s try trusting him.

「Since the structure is simple, maybe I can make this by casting. Give me some time and I will be able to give you a prototype.」

「I am currently living with Asuto’s family. Can you deliver it there?」

「Oh… Ahh….」

「I’m Akihiro, 10th grade adventurer.」

「So it’s Akihiro. My name is Ness.6 This thing will help my mother a lot. From today on you can consider myself as one of your family.」

He was more passionate than expected.

「Well then, I will start making this already. I think I won’t even have a time to nap because of this!」

Ness continuously shouted as he went deeper and deeper to the back of the store.

Well, even if I don’t have it patented yet as long as I get the prototype it’ll be fine.
I decided to return to Ast’s home while thinking about the governance system in the surrounding area.

ED: Filip

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So now he’s making a water pump, is this for convenience, or as a source of income?


So far, I don’t know, since I did not read the raw novel ahead.


Thank you very much for the chapter!


Thanks for the chapter!


Thank you!


Thanks for the treat.


between food and water pump, all the isekai tropes are getting here, damn lazy authors 🙂
is it “Asuto” or “Ast”? in “I live with Asuto’s family”


“Asuto” should be the choice in this translation. If I remember well, the manga’s translation should be using “Ast” though.

Andrew Ligas

Just binged this series; Including rereading the different translators. I love how it’s going, and I enjoy the translations (there is an improvement in grammar and readability ). As for the Ast / Asuto question, I prefer Asuto since I am so used to it after reading so many LNs. Finally, I hope it comes back from hiatus soon and translator’s health improves.


Thank you very much for the chapters.

Here’s maybe a tiny little bit of complaint, and by that I mean if possible or translatable could you please use less Japanese words or expressions Tetri? Or maybe something like kawaii/cute or the translation in brackets for the non Japanese connoisseurs?? Since my level of Japanese is basically one-san, kawaii and goshujin-sama 😂

Hope you get well soon and it’s n-not because I l-lo-love you(your translations) or something


Just one question, is the manga ahead of the LN? Saw CH 21 and that definitely wasn’t in the Manga, but here it says that he will defeat the giant slime tomorrow but in the manga they have already fought the slime. Unless this is another giant slime. And if you are wondering, I have not read the translation yet. As someone else commented, the heavy use of Japanese phrases really throws me off(just like with them). But if this is ahead of the manga I will bear with it


Thanks for the Chapter!!! Looking forward to the next update. 🙂

Matthew Hull

Gah!!! I just bring read the series manga included and I want more so much right now. Thanks for translating what you did; it was an enjoyable read.

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