MaouMuji Chapter 100

Finally reached 100 chapters. Took me long enough… Chapter 100: The royal capital revelries part 3 TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko It’s the day after the strategy meeting, around 3 in the morning. The bustling night was already over but the liveliness of the mornings wasn’t here yet. It was almost time for us to start

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MaouMuji Chapter 99

Happy New Year! ????????? Chapter 99: The royal capital revelries part 2 TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko As we were sitting on the moving carriage, we saw an incredibly large castle wall. I think it’s clearly several times taller and thicker than the one in Aegirine. If this is how it looks from a distance, I

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MaouMuji Chapter 98

Happy Holidays! Chapter 98: The Royal Capital Revelries – Part 1 TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko I’m currently on a carriage while having dead, fish-like eyes as I have both my hands and feet bound with bulky wooden shackles attached to an iron ball. Of course, it wasn’t actually locked and can immediately be removed. The

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MaouMuji Chapter 97

Chapter 97: That time when we celebrated the harvest festival in my hometown TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko The weather was no longer as hot as the time we brought in the cows. As promised, Enomoto-san was taking great care of them. Oda-san, together with the carpenters, made equipment that was put on the cows and

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MaouMuji Chapter 96

Chapter 96: That time when we bought cows TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko It’s been seven days since the fool’s subordinate got attacked by a bear. We arrived at Corundum in the morning so everyone went to their favorite place to have breakfast while leaving the unloading to the subordinates. As for me, I immediately went

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MaouMuji Chapter 95

Chapter 95: That time when guests came to the island TL: kizen who is not dead PR: Filip/Gecko It’s been ten days since I handed over the beans to Nils-san. I was drying more when Fleur-san said something. 「This child is still alive you know?」 The germ didn’t die even though it’s been dried huh……?

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MaouMuji Chapter 94

Chapter 94: That time when things seemed to be going to plan TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko 「I’ve been indebted to you so please accept this as a small token of my appreciation. Please keep it somewhere dark and out of sunlight」 With that said, I left a box of chocolate that I received from Caam-san,

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