MaouMuji Chapter 81

Chapter 81: That time when I went home TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko The third day of the coffee shop’s opening was finished and we didn’t experience any particular problems. The shop wasn’t crowded with people but it wasn’t so devoid of people that we had time to laze around. Just like that, the fourth day …

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MaouMuji Chapter 78

Chapter 78: That time when we had a negotiation and the hero’s report TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko I welcomed my long-awaited craftsmen to the island. There were no particular problems with the carpenters, mason, and woodworker but the blacksmith needed a dedicated facility for him to be able to work. 「The fuel isn’t a problem …

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MaouMuji SS 2

Here’s a bonus short side story This occurred between chapters 74~75 If you haven’t read it yet, please read those chapters to understand the story better. Side Story 2: The second shovel TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko Right now, I’m at Corundum to pick up the workers from the advertisement I posted. However, there’s another very …

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MaouMuji Chapter 77

Chapter 77: That time when we picked up the craftsmen TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko We’ve arrived at Corundum, two days before the deadline of the enlistment I posted at the guild. 「Well then, I have something to do at the guild so this is where we part」 「I understand. Thank you for everything, Caam-san」 「Don’t …

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MaouMuji SS 1

This happened in between chapters 72 and 73.   Maou Muji SS 1: Family meeting TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko   My name is Nagi, a reincarnator. In my previous life, I wasn’t particularly popular with women. I was the type that liked the one that I loved.   Although I had some experience, I didn’t …

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