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Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew

Pewsekai Pewtai

Episode 22 – Long Time Ago, You Did Play Finger Gun While Saying Pew Pew, Didn’t You?

I woke up after sensing the movement of a person.
After turning to the side, I saw the face of Liz since she was looking at me.

「Fufu. Hiro’s sleeping face is so cute ne. Usually, you have your eyebrows furrowed and you look really normal but when you’re sleeping you look so innocent.」

I am really ashamed.
The sun is not up yet.

「You’re an early bird.」

I hugged her, touching our lips.

「I have to prepare for this morning. Jaa~ Let’s meet each other at the breakfast.」

Liz escaped from my arms, then she went to the kitchen.
As far as I can see looking through the windows, it seems it’s going to rain.
It’ll be difficult to gather in such weather. Since it’s like this, I will try to learn some magic, so let’s ask them to introduce me somewhere.

I grabbed the bag containing the fruits that I gathered yesterday, then I went to the kitchen.


After saying that, Tishia turned while smiling.

Ara, Ohayou. You’re early today.」

「I was woken up by Liz. Is there anything that I can help you with?」

「Hmm. It might be a hassle, but can you help me by drawing water?」

Borrowing the cloak, I held the water jug and proceeded to the shared well.
Around the well, there were elderly women who were preparing for the morning, drawing water while they were happily talking to each other.


「Oh, G’morning. Are, you….. You’re the kid in Asuto’s house, right?」

A motherly woman called out to me.

Hai. I’ve been there since the other day.」

「My father is working at the guild, so I heard that there’s someone who keeps on bringing lots of Vuass grass, is that you?」

Soudesune. I found a good gathering place by coincidence. I will be happy if I am helping someone somewhere.」

「Ahahahaha. The guys at the pharmacists’ guild were able to work a lot because of that. It’s helpful because there are no users of Healing God’s spells that come in this village.」

「Sometimes a vigilante group comes to get help for their scars and we’re able to help them. So thank you.」

Soo soo, if we’re talking about Asuto’s house, isn’t there a lady called Lizatia living there? How’s everything in regards to that?」

A lady that’s around 20 years old called out to me. When I looked at her left hand I saw a ring on her ring finger. It seems the culture about that is the same here.

「I got engaged yesterday.」

Ara, you don’t look like it but aren’t you a fast lady killer. The date you arrived at Asuto’s house is just the other day right?」

Hai, but I haven’t touched her. Just engagement.」

Ara ara. Gochisousama. Gochisousama1

While talking here and there, people are getting water from the well in orderly fashion.
It’s now my turn and thankfully, the well has a roof and a pulley system. Maybe the development of pulley is still ongoing.
I turn the handle while it’s making a creaking sound, and pulled out the bucket.
I fill the water jug by using the bucket twice, and then returned the bucket to the well. Since the jug is around 10 Liters, it comes to my waist. While making “Fuu~ Fuu~” noises I return home.

「I came back.」

Ara, Arigatou. Wasn’t it a lot of work?」

「Don’t worry, since I am indebted to you.」

As soon as I lifted the jar, I noticed that my muscle pains started to attack. A delay of 1 day, seems I’m still young.
The inside of the house was filled with the fragrance of warm breakfast.

The breakfast was rye porridge with bacon and spinach. The garlic is really evident.

「Today’s weather is bad, so the hunting will be on hold. We will go for the equipment maintenance instead. We caught a big game too.」

Asuto said so.

「Then, what will Hiro do?」

When Liz said that her father and mother made a surprised face.

「I was thinking of learning magic. Is there any place where I can receive teachings?」

「The second floor of the general store handles magic tools. If I am not mistaken the shop owner is a magician.」

Tishia answered me.

「But, Hiro…..?」

As expected she’s grinning.
I can tell that my face is turning red just like Liz.

「You got engaged, even something like that should be all right.」

With Asuto’s follow up the main point of the conversation became blurry.

「I won’t be any help to your study even if I come. So I will just help father.」

Liz stood up and headed to the barn.

「I don’t know how long it will take. So for lunch, I will eat outside. Thank you for everything.」

I stood up from my seat, grabbed the cloak that I borrowed, and headed to the general store.
The drizzle started to get strong. Since the cloak was not treated with water-repellant, my body was getting cold.
Being overweight can cause weakness to cold. But well, it doesn’t mean strong to heat either.

「Welcome. You also have visited yesterday, how can we help you?」

The gray-headed owner speaks to me.

「I would like to study magic. There should be a magician here, right?」

Hai. If that’s the case please go up with the stairs at the back.」

I passed through the back of the general store and climbed the steep stairs.
Reaching the top, I saw a counter and a man seemingly in his 40s.

Youkoso2. How can I help you?」

「I would like to study magic, I heard that I can receive teaching here so I came.」

Naruhodo. You’re an aspiring student. My name is Purdis3 . Omae wa? 45


He looked thoroughly at me with his eyes observing me, then he opened his mouth.

「I can see you have『Magic Control』6activated. Magic power is circulating around you. Where did you learn?」

「I haven’t received any teaching. Due to some circumstances it looks like it’s been activated unconsciously.」

Ahh, mendokusai. Can you stop that way of talking? Just talk frankly. Though getting it activated unconsciously is rare, I heard that such thing can happen if you have lived in a place where magic power is abundant, so is that what happened?」

「No, that’s not the case. Ahh.. It was at the whims of a God.」

「So the God who governs magic. Though I don’t know what’s up but it’s amusing. You don’t need the basic training for 『Magic Control』anymore.」

「Basic Training?」

「You go to a place that’s abundant with magic and memorize the feeling of magic power. After that you train your imaging by visualizing turning magic power into a magic skill. Since you can already activate it, the only thing you need is to familiarize with it and to master it by training.」

He raised the counter plate and we went towards the back of the room.
We went through two rooms and then saw one room with a desk and a blackboard. In the back, I can see a target board.

「There is a distinction between Magic7 and Magic Skill8. Do you know the difference?」

「No, I don’t」

「Magic is the law as is.9 While varying magic skills exist, recognition and invocation is stipulated by the law. Sometimes the God who governs magic changes the regulation about magic. Maa, the change only happens about once every decade. But magic skill is supposed to create a phenomenon by matching your image with the prescribed technique by the law 10

Is it like the relationship between program specifications and syntax?

「Do you have attribute control for something?」

「For wind.」

「So it’s wind. Though I’m not that good at it…… I will show you an example. Look carefully.」

Purdis went towards the target board, and he extended his right arm.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure. Spherical shape with a diameter of 5cm. Source: 20 cm above the right hand. Blast straight forward, speed is 80km/h. Activate.」11

After Purdis said some chant-like words, something came out of his right hand and started to swirl, then blasted towards the target board.
As soon as it hit the board, the wind scattered after making a thunderous sound.

「How was it? You should be fine if you manage to make one of these.」

Sugoi, this is the first time I saw.」

「Then, I will do a quick explanation of magic skill.」

We went to the blackboard.

  • Define the attribute to use
  • Imagine the operation of the attribute
  • Imagine the shape of the object which is to be realized
  • Imagine where it will be formed
  • Imagine the behavior of the object that will be formed
  • If there is no breakdown in the above image, processing will be activated at the execute instruction.

「The reason why we speak it out is to form the image easily. If you’re someone who can image perfectly inside your brain then chanting is not necessary.」
「Do you want to try it out?」12


I stood at the front of the target board and made a finger gun pose.

「Attribute: Wind. Establish Pressure.」

The image is a sphere of wind around 30cm compressed to 5mm, floating in the air.

「The shape is: 7mm lenght, 5mm radius, with a 2mm flat cone head.」

I imagined a rifle bullet.

「Realization point fixed around 10 cm in front of the index finger. Blast straight forward. The speed is 250km/h」

I aimed at the center of the board so that my finger will not shake.


There was no recoil. As soon as I said execute there was a thunderous sound, and the center of the board is hollowed out around 5cm in a cone shape. The back of the board showed signs of penetration.

Oi, oi oi. It’s your first time right? And is that wind? What did you do for it to become like this? Wind should be used by blasting the enemy with air pressure. But look at this, it penetrated.」

As for me, my head was hurting a lot and I felt sluggish. Also, I felt sick.

「Ahh. You compressed the wind while you were establishing the pressure. Though a lot of your energy will be taken just by doing this. In this regard, you just have to get used to it. Though, you sure have shown something from the first try. Did you learn this from the Magic God?13

While laughing, he guided me to the sofa and prepared some tea.

「Go rest a bit. That’s expected from a beginner.」

I will take that offer gladly and rest.

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ED: Filipew… ops😊

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