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Here’s another episode of Isekai Mitai~

(How was the first peek of the heroine by the way?)

Episode 8 – Before I Can Settle my Feelings With my Young Wife, I Received a Bigger Bomb

In my lifetime of 35 years, I was able to make a second wife.

And it is not a case of trying to escape reality.

「Etto, for now, let’s handle this one, do you know how to handle this?1

This wild boar is 1.5 bigger than the one I saw in the past, it seems to be hard to bloodlet2

「Hai3. If possible just before….」

「Just Before?」

「May I ask Danna-sama’s4 name?」

「Oou…… I am sorry. I forgot to introduce myself.」

Even though I am not used to communicating with other people, to think that I even forgot to introduce myself. 5678

It may be because of the adrenaline that’s been rushing through with the excitement while I was hunting the big game9.

「My name is Maekawa Akihiro desu. 10

After then she answered with a slightly stiff face.

「MAEKAWA, AKIHIRO11-sama desu ne. Having a surname, does that mean you’re a noble?」

Are?12 Oh, I see, in the past, you only need surname if you’re a noble. Other than that you’re just an everyday Joe, is what I remember.

「My surname is Maekawa and Akihiro is the first name. The reason I have a surname is only due to the place where I have been living. Please don’t mind it and call me Akihiro」

With a relief on her face, she answered.

「Akihiro-sama…… Akihiro-sama desu ne. Because you are wearing good clothing I thought you are a noble.」

This is an order made suit. If the waistline goes over 90 I won’t be able to buy any general suits 13. It’s a sad story.

「Etto, how about your name?」

While holding some of her hair, she answered.

「I am Lizatia14of the Tolka Village, I live through hunting. Though I am still an apprentice.」

A pair of slightly greenish blue eyes and the hair which is almost dyed completely with ash gold.

Her face type is like an inverted egg. 15

The shape of her eyes are droopy, but are big, overall it will leave a cute impression.

「I see, a hunter apprentice. But isn’t this one16 a hurdle for an apprentice?」

I pointed to the huge body in front of me.

「Originally it was my father’s trap. Since yesterday his back has been hurting so in his place I’m the one who’s been patrolling around. I haven’t expected for this big game to be trapped.」

She explained the circumstances while looking down17.

Seems like in this world you become an adult as soon as you become 15 years old.

Before this, she became 15 years old and was allowed to move independently.

Until now, she has been hunting only small birds and small mammals.

For the level of wild boars, I learned that she only has experience of hunting it with her father.

「That’s why, when I was about to hunt by myself, I became unable to move due to being nervous. I am very thankful for your help.」

She expressed her gratitude with her best smile:

「I see. I thought I was interfering, so I would be relieved if you will say so.」

After saying so, she, while waving her hands with a troubled face,

「There is no such a thing. To be honest, at that time I was preparing for my death. I don’t know how to express my gratitude that’s fulfilling for me.」

Seriously Cute. Her height is about 170cm which is taller than me, but from her whole body, the aura of cuteness is continuously being emitted.18

「Well then, before the blood starts to clot, let’s do the bloodletting. For now, let’s remove all the deployed traps and hang the wild boar.」19

If another big one gets caught I won’t be able to handle it.

「Hai.20 I understand, let me get you a rope.」

She seems to have thrown a miscellaneous tools bag nearby.

She brought a rope that’s about 10m, I bound the hind legs of the wild boar and hung it on the tree.

Since the average weight of wild boar in Japan is about 70-80kg, you can say that this wild boar is a 110kg super big game.

To be honest, pulling it up alone seems to be impossible.

I was able to press a 100kg in the bench press, but a corpse that’s this heavy is impossible.

That being said, she hung it without expression on her face, then cut the throat.

I was worried about carnivorous animals that might come by due to the smell of the blood, but about that matter, it seems the huntsmen are regularly thinning them so there’s no reason to be worried.

That being said, I am a little bit curious about this muscular strength. Even if you say this is a parallel world, where can these thin arms get those strength?

While feeling dejected, I tried to ask『Identify』-sensei.

While she is looking away to confirm the other traps’ locations,

「I will use『Identify』」

I murmured quietly to avoid being noticed.


Name: Lizatia


『Strength』: 1.22

『Small-Sized Mammal Hunting』: 1.34

『Medium-Sized Mammal Hunting』: 1.26

『Bird Hunting』: 2.23

『Archery(Toruka-Village-Style Small Bow Technique)』2.46

「『IB』-sensei、What do you mean by『Strength』?」

<Resolving. The skill『Strength』covers your whole body with Magical Power and supports the muscles with its tasks.>

<Generally, when the skill hits 1.00 value. It will make the body to have 2x the strength of what’s normal.22>

<In regards to applicable skills, it will only activate accordingly to the user’s timing, so there’s no hindrance to the user’s everyday life.>

I understood the meaning, but there’s a bigger bomb that’s been hiding.

「『IB』-sensei, what is Magical Power?」

<Resolving. Because the question is ambiguous the answer will be general and not specific. Magical Power is a power that’s in a ready to be used state by any demons or objects that you can see in this world. Magical Power is also the one that processes and operates this world.>

Eh? Is this world a sword and magic world?

TL: Tetri

Editor: Filip

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Thanks for the treat.

Masahi Ayako

Thanks for the chapter~ it will be fun if this novel mc can use magic like majority of isekai mc~

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