News Post #3

Hello. I’ve been making a lot of these news posts recently… __φ(..) Anyway, ANNOUNCEMENT! I wasn’t expecting this but I’ve been accepted by adsense! Horay!

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MaouMuji SS 2

Here’s a bonus short side story This occurred between chapters 74~75 If you haven’t read it yet, please read those chapters to understand the story

MaouMuji Chapter 77

Chapter 77: That time when we picked up the craftsmen TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko We’ve arrived at Corundum, two days before the deadline of the

MaouMuji SS 1

This happened in between chapters 72 and 73.   Maou Muji SS 1: Family meeting TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko   My name is Nagi, a

MaouMuji Chapter 76 Part 2

Chapter 76: That time when I was consoled by the hero TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko I was bored since I couldn’t help out so I

Peerless Slime Summon 07

TL: stanza ED: Filip/Gecko Chapter 7: The situation getting complicated.   When the first higher apparition was defeated, the fight ended too easily because the

MaouMuji Chapter 76 Part 1

Only a short chapter today since I didn’t have much time to translate. Chapter 76: That time when I was comforted by the hero TL:kizen

Peerless Slime Summon 06

TL: stanza ED: Filip/Gecko Chapter 6: ‘Loophole’ may be the strongest cheat.   Slimes of these colors never appeared before this… Why did they suddenly

MaouMuji Chapter 75 Part 2

Chapter 75: That time when the hero came to the island Second Half TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko That was dangerous. They didn’t notice me even

Peerless Slime Summon 05

TL: stanza ED: Filip/Gecko                             Chapter 5: The beginning of the great

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