This happened in between chapters 72 and 73.


Maou Muji SS 1: Family meeting

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko


My name is Nagi, a reincarnator. In my previous life, I wasn’t particularly popular with women. I was the type that liked the one that I loved.1


Although I had some experience, I didn’t have anyone I was dating during the time I died.


For the (fap)material, I don’t really care if it’s on paper, on screen, or in real life. I’m also fine with characters that have odd skin tones, anime characters drawn by some artist, or characters from an adult game.


As for breasts, I particularly like the mentality of liking both small and big ones.


They say that the bigger it is the better, but when it comes to breasts, it’s completely different.


If they are big, you’ll be able to sandwich it in between but it’s heavy and it’ll look kinda pitiful once the muscles holding it starts to weaken with age.


If they are small, you won’t be able to put it in between but it’s light, it won’t interfere during exercise, and you won’t have to worry about the future.


If it’s big, it attracts leering gazes from men and you can enjoy the sensation of its weight and softness.


If it’s small, you don’t attract unnecessary gazes and you can lovingly caress the small protuberances.


If they’re big, you’ll get stiff shoulders and would attract men’s gazes.


If they’re small, it’ll become a complex and you’ll eventually lose confidence.


I can’t really say which is better but if I had to say, I think one that’s not too big but not too small is good.




「Erー, I’d like to start this family meeting without the children」




Latte was clapping her hands while Suzuran was nodding her head.


「The agenda for the day is the children’s growth」


「The two of them are growing quickly and in good health, aren’t they~? Is there something you’re not happy about?」


「Miel is fine since he’s a boy but the problem is Lily」


「What’s wrong?」


「She causes all sorts of problems for me」


「Get on with it already~」


「It feels awkward when we get in the bath together……」


「Ehー? Why?」


「I can see all of the places where she’s growing after all」


Suzuran looked so surprised about what I said that she dropped her tea and put her hands over her chest.


「Ehー? Do men really care about it that much~?」


「I care because I’m her father! Just how old were you two when you last bathed with your father?」


「Stopped going in together once we started school. Going in alone after that. That was…around 5 years old I guess?」


「As for me… Hahaha… about the same I guess」[TL: I translated this line assuming this is Latte because of something that comes up later in the chapter]


「See? Still, I wonder if she’s growing up too fast? Her chest is actually getting bigger you know? That’s why it feels awkward for me」


「But Lily wants to go in with you right? That’s why she always pesters you until you agree」


「But still」


「What? Are you lusting after your daughter~?」


Latte grinned as she said that.


「It’s nothing like that」


「Suzuran-chan is small after all~. Are you sure you don’t have feelings like that?」


「What kind of nonsense are you talking about? It’s just a coincidence that the girl I liked had small breasts. The girl that I love is my type so breast size doesn’t matter」


As I said that, Suzuran became even more conscious of her chest and looked at me with an uneasy expression.


「Then, what about me? It was sudden when it happened right?」


「But even so, I’ve already said it before right? I’ll work hard so that I’ll come to love you. This is just an example but how would you feel if you got stuck in a jail cell with someone you didn’t like, just the two of you?」


「Eh~? I wouldn’t like it I guess~」


「As for me, I’ll try to find a part of that person that I can like. Well, I didn’t really hate or like Latte at that time, right? However, up until this point of living together, I’ve come to like your cheerfulness and how good you are at caring for others. I wish you’d stop rummaging through the laundry for my underwear like back then though」




「You’re still doing it behind my back, aren’t you?」


「I know about it. She does it when it’s her turn (to do the laundry)」


「Ahー. S-s-so you saw me………」


「Anyway, let’s go back to the original topic. What I wanted to ask if it’s problematic for me to bathe together with Lily」


「It’s up to you. Depends on what Lily thinks too」


「Yep yep~. She’ll eventually reach an age where she’ll hate her papa and your relationship will only go back once she becomes an adult. Until then, you should just enjoy your bonding time with your daughter while you still can」


Suzuran nodded again. Does that mean she also hated Ichii-san at one point?


「Fine. Since that’s settled, let’s move on to the next topic. It’s about when that time of the month comes for Lily」


As I said that, this time, it was Latte who was surprised and spat out the tea she was drinking.


「Waitー. What brought that up~? That’s something reserved for girl’s talk you know?」


「At the rate she’s growing, it’s bound to happen sooner rather than later. Are you prepared to share your knowledge with her when that time comes?」


「Un」「Of course」


「That’s good then. The earlier you prepare the better」


It might come early but there were also times when it came late in my previous life so that’s something to keep in mind.


「How did it go for the two of you?」


「Asked female teachers in school. Happened just a bit before first trip to town」


「Hmー, I was 5 years old when it happened to me I guess~」


「There comes a time when your body molds itself to become more lady-like. In Lily’s case, it might have come a bit early so that’s why her chest and butt have started to develop. Since that has already started, I thought it won’t be long for that time of the month to come to her」


「Hmmー, I see. We also have to keep that in mind, don’t we?」




Suzuran looked like she was thinking about something.


「Well, just prepare yourselves and let me know if she has consulted with you about it」


「Got itー」「Un」


「Then how about Miel?」


「He’s a man so there’s nothing in particular we need to worry about. If he gets aroused, he’ll instinctively deal with it」


「Then what happens if he doesn’t deal with it?」


「It’ll come out while he’s asleep」




「It just comes out on its own you know? A moderate amount comes out and is replaced by a fresh batch. It’ll happen when the older batch gets backed up and it’s not dealt with for a while」


Well, the body also absorbs it to some degree and gets recycled but I don’t think they’ll understand it even if I explain so I’ll just stay quiet. [TL: Maybe ‘recycle’ isn’t really the proper term but oh well]


「Anyway, if you find him washing his pants early in the morning saying he wet the bed or if he’s taking too long in the toilet, cut him some slack, will you?」


「Muー. Does that mean you did the same things~?」


Latte grinned as she said that.


「Well yeah…… Men are stupid creatures after all so there are times when they can go for multiple rounds like orcs」


「Even Caam?」


「I regularly deal with my urges so not really」




「You’re a succubus so I thought you would be familiar with such things」


「Eh? Un. Well, I didn’t really ask. I was only taught by Celesso-san after I was invited to Sweet Memory after all」


「Ahー, sorry」


Based on this reaction, this might be a sensitive topic relating to her family since she was living by herself when I met her.


「At any rate, since Miel is a half succubus, his instinct to play around with multiple girls might come out. I’ll talk to him as his father when that time comes so please let me know if you hear rumors about that happening. It would be best if it doesn’t happen though」


「Hmmー. I can’t really refute that since male succubus are the type to be eager to form a harem」


「Want to let them do as they like」


「Hmmー. Well, let’s just leave that for the next meeting when Miel matures even more」


「Sure~」「Got it」


「Now then, there’s something I want to ask Caam-kun~」


「Haa? What is it?」


「It’s about breasts」




「Which ones do you prefer? Big or small?」


「If the person I like is big, then I prefer them big. If they have small onesー」「Wait! Stop! Answer the question properly」


「I don’t have a preference」


「Ah ah, you don’t get it~. This husband is no good. You can put it in between with bigger ones right!? Bigger is better!」


「But it’ll sag when you get older right!? It’s a mistake to think that all men prefer it big! Listen up! Breasts can’t be categorized by just their size, there’s also the shape, suppleness, and softness. Everyone’s tastes are different!」


Ah, I shouted.


「Sorry, I got a bit too into it」


「Then just tell me your preference!」




I started thinking about it but realized that wasn’t necessary.


「Small to medium-sized. If I had to say, I’d prefer someone that is a bit on the thinner side, someone slender I guess. I definitely would be turned off if the size isn’t proportionate to the body line」


「Muuー. What about mine?」


「Hmー. The balance between your chest and waist is good but your butt is a bit small I guess」


「What about Suzuran-chan’s?」


Hearing that, Suzuran suddenly jumped up then stiffly turned towards me.


「Let’s see. She still has some softness despite the size, she has toned abs, and her hips are beautiful. Before she gave birth, her butt was on the smaller side but now it’s normal sized」


After I said that, Suzuran breathed a sigh of relief then drank up the rest of her tea.


「Then, would you like me more if I were a bit smaller?」


「You’re fine as you are」


「Well then, what about Celesso-san?」


「Ahー, that person is unique. She was distorted but oddly proportional. It didn’t feel strange at all. With that said, I had no plan to woo her though. Especially since the human who was living together with us in that apartment was courting her. I think while that was happening, the thing with Latte happened」[TL: I don’t know what he was talking about in the first part of this line…]


「Muー. You’re being kinda vague… Ah, I remember there was a small girl. What about here?」


「Torene-san? I absolutely won’t bother with someone who looks younger even if it’s someone older than me」3


「You aren’t attracted to younger children after all, are you?」


「That person was older than me though. It would be better if that long-lived race looked like Latte even if they were over 300 years old」


After saying that, I drank the rest of my tea.


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Thanks for the chapter
PS: IDK why, but this ch is listed as Ch 1 on NU


I sent a problem report on NU, I hope that will be enough.




that was a pretty frank discussion. Caam really does not pull any punches



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