Chapter 80: That time when we started the coffee shop

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Everything is white…… He brought me here again huh……?

I slowly stood up while feeling the floating sensation that I already had gotten used to when I saw god.

「It has been a while. Iyaー, that Turkish coffee you made was pretty good, wasn’t it? You may ingest some of the beans though. Even though it’s just boiled, it’s not as strong as I imagined it to be」

「Is that so? What did I get called for this time?」

「Nothing in particular really. If I had to say, it’s was just that I became interested in that coffee you made so I wanted to drink it but I was feeling lonely……」

「I see」

「Have a seat over here」

After saying that, he pulled a chair for me like a butler then poured me some coffee.

Even though he’s a god, it’s strange that a butler image really fits him.

「Thank you for waiting, goshujin-sama」1

With that relaxing atmosphere, he poured me some coffee.

「Since you’re still more or less a god, don’t you have more important things to do?」

「This one whom you call “more or less a god” needs breaks from time to time after all. I can learn a lot just by watching all sorts of things you know? Like the unique evolution of Japanese maids for example」

I’ll just ignore him.

「Ahー, that’s not what I’m into. It’s just that, no matter how you put it, they are totally different from actual maids」

「I feel the same way」

After saying that, he sat opposite of me then we both drank our coffee.

「I don’t think maids should be that self-assertive. They should be in a store that’s full of Victorian furniture and when someone enters, no matter the gender, they say “Welcome back”. Then, when that person is seated, they should ask, “Will you be having black tea today, or will it be coffee instead?” then ask you to choose which sweets you prefer from the menu that changes every day」[TL: Thought this was god, it was actually caam]

「Thanks for that passionate speech. I think so too. However, the god of earth said that the skirt should be short. Here’s an image from that time」

As he said that, a projector-like screen appeared in that empty room. It showed a lame-looking, white-bearded old man that was surrounded by mini skirt maids while eating omurice.

「The earth’s god sure is hopeless, or rather, is it really alright for him to descend to earth like that?」

As I said that, I took another sip of my coffee.

Well, there was even a god who came to a cheap apartment in Tokyo to have his holiday after all.

「It’s fine once in a while, right?」


After saying that, he snapped his fingers and cookies appeared in front of us.

I took a bite out of one.

「Are these butter cookies?」

「Yep. Since the bitter taste is strong, I prepared these mild-tasting sweets to go along with the drink. To be honest, caramel, tiramisu, or ice cream would work as well but it’s not something you can make after all」

「That’s true」

「So, how is the shop going?」

「Is this the true reason you called me here?」


「It’s probably going to be alright」

「Simple snacks like scones would go great with sweetened coffee that has lots of milk or soy milk, right?」

「Did you get hooked into coffee?」

「Yes, it’s surprisingly profound, isn’t it? I was thinking of trying out dutch coffee next time」

「Ahー, cold-brew coffee huh? If you don’t do it in moderation, this empty space will end up feeling like a coffee shop you know?」

「That would be nice. Should I invite the other planet’s gods when that happens?」

「Don’t ask me. I don’t know how close you are with the others after all」

As I said that, I stuffed my mouth with cookies, and finished up the rest of my coffee.

This white porcelain cup looks natural to me but they use those small barrel-looking things to drink over there, don’t they? I know that you knead, glaze, and bake clay to make it but I have no idea how to knead it or what to use as a glaze. I also don’t really know much about bone china to be able to make it.

「Well then, thanks for the treat. That was all, right?」


When he said that with a huge smile on his face, I immediately thought that he would serve as a good bait for women if he actually worked as a butler.

While I was thinking of that, I woke up.

「I wish they’d stop calling me in my dreams whenever something happens. Ahー, I feel tired. I would almost certainly feel like this whenever god calls me in my dreams」

As I was uttering complaints, I washed my face, stroked Wulf’s head, then headed outside to eat breakfast with everyone.

I’m going to be selecting the couple that will be managing the store today. It would be great if one of them knows how to make sweets. I wonder if it’s going to be possible for just two people to manage the shop? Well, I guess they’ll manage somehow since most of the stores I’ve seen in Aegirine and Corundum are run by couples.

After we finished eating breakfast, I called the couples over then asked the ones who wanted to go to town to stay behind. From those who stayed behind, 4 pairs could make sweets so I began to explain in more detail.

「In the direction where the sun sets, or in other words, the other side of the island over that mountain, is where that small red fruit you probably know of comes from. I’m thinking of using those as this island’s primary source of income. Because of that, I’ll have you manage a store that sells sweets and tea in Corundum to sell it. Right now, I’m going to show you what you’ll have to do there. Those who can imitate it well will be the ones who’ll go to town and manage the store. You don’t have to think too hard about it. It’s good enough if you let the rumors spread until it becomes famous enough then you spread the word of where they can buy it. Well then, let’s begin」

I ground the coffee beans using the millstone, then gathered it all in a wooden container. After that, I took the container that was built specifically for making Turkish coffee, put a spoonful of the ground coffee beans and sugar into it, added water, then heated it.

Once it simmered and started forming, I discarded the foam and immediately poured the coffee into a cup then put that cup into a tray along with a container that has sugar in it.

「Thank you for waiting」

As I said that, I carefully placed the tray’s contents on the table.

「That’s how it will go. If you make a certain amount of sweets before opening the store, you won’t be as busy during the day. You can also grind little extra coffee beans to save time whenever you’re free. I think you know how the millstone works but I just demonstrated it to you so you’ll know how to put the coffee inside」

After saying that, we drank the coffee I made then I let the couples try making it.

「Caam-san, why don’t you use hot water to boil it?」

By the way, I already banned the use of “Maou-san”. They might think it’s troublesome but it’s better to reduce the risks.

「There’s no problem with using hot water but it will lessen the time it’s heated so it might taste a bit thin though some people prefer it that way. Because of that, let’s just use regular water to boil it」

Drip coffee was just hot water being poured from above after all. That’s why I think there should be no problems but let’s stick with what works.

「I don’t put sugar in my tea though, can’t we just not put sugar when we make it?」

「The sugar is there to bring out the flavor. It’s the same as adding a bit of sugar to change the flavor when cooking. Because of that, unless it’s requested, you should add sugar when you brew it. Well then, how about you don’t add sugar to yours so that you can compare the taste」

After everyone was done brewing their coffee, it was time to taste their creations. If I remember correctly, I heard that the foam that comes out when brewing drip coffee has an odd taste so the flavor may change depending on how the foam is taken.

「Be honest, whose brew did you think tasted the best?」

After I asked that, five out of the eight people in the room pointed towards one man. It seems like the ones who’ll be going to town have been decided.

It looked like the pair were only in the first half of their twenties. In this world, they get recognized as adults and are allowed to get married by the time they’re fifteen so I’m not really sure if it’s too soon for a couple in their early twenties to be managing a store or not but for now, it has been decided.

「Well then, the majority has decided so you guys will be the ones to go to Corundum」

After I said that, the two of them celebrated. Did they really want to go to town that badly?

It certainly seems appealing compared to the monotonous lifestyle on the island but there’s still a chance that this plan flops and comes down to nothing you know? Well, if they’re happy then I guess it’s all good.

「Well then, I’ll have the two of you learn how to make sweets and serve customers」

「We’ll do our best」「Yes」

The two of them eagerly replied.

I taught them how to make the sweets and made them practice how to make the coffee for a while after that. We even had villagers stand-in for customers so they could practice interacting with them as well.

「I think you’re ready. All that’s left is to make small adjustments and discuss it with yourselves on site」


「Well then, we’re going to leave in several days so please start making your preparations」

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Thank you for the chapter.

So is god calling him in his dreams something that still happens regularly, or is it just something that happens on occasion? His mental complaints make it seem as though it is a regular occurrence.


As far as I know the dream meetings happened only a couple times, so it’s likely Caam is just annoyed at how sudden they take place (without warning), and how he’s tired in the next morning. Not sure about it though.


Thanks as always

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