Here’s a bonus short side story

This occurred between chapters 74~75 1

If you haven’t read it yet, please read those chapters to understand the story better.

Side Story 2: The second shovel

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Right now, I’m at Corundum to pick up the workers from the advertisement I posted.

However, there’s another very important business I have to do.

It’s about my shovel.

The other day when I had a run-in with the hero’s party, the handle was damaged so I tearfully decided to buy a replacement.

There are a lot of somewhat similar tools but nothing fits quite as well in my hand.

Currently, I’m at a shop to search for such a shovel. Unlike my previous world where most things are made by machines, all shovels are handmade by craftsmen so the length, weight, and center of gravity vary for each one.

Ever since I arrived at this store, the old shopkeeper kept sending glances at me but I continued browsing without paying mind to him.

This one’s handle is a little too thick.

This one handle isn’t long enough.

This one’s center of gravity is a bit too close to the handle.

I don’t really like the shape of this one.

It seemed like I was saying my complaints out loud.

「Hey demonkin boy, you don’t have to buy it if all you’ll do is complain」

「Sorry about that. Please let me look for a little longer」

As I said that, I resumed my search.

I couldn’t find one that I liked though.

「Sorry but there was nothing that caught my eye. I’ll be taking my leave」

「I don’t think there’s going to be any shovel that’s special compared to the others though」

「No no no, there are quite a lot of special shovels out there you know?」

As I said that, the old shopkeeper looked at me like I was someone crazy.

「Well, whatever floats your boat then」

That’s what he said as he drove me away.

He was quite rude, wasn’t he?

After going around 5 different shops, I finally found one that I was comfortable with.

I immediately bought it without hesitation.

「Oh, Caam-san. Are you buying a new one?」

「That’s right. It was damaged during a fight with one of the hero’s party members the other day. It has just been sitting in my house as a decoration up until now though」

「You’re really attached to it, aren’t you?」

「It’s been with me for about ten years after all」

「Did you name it?」

「Yep. You get easily attached to it once it has a name, don’t you?」

As I said that, I imagined a whetstone spinning at high speeds to sharpen the blade part of the shovel. I sharpened it at an angle so that it’ll be as sharp as an axe.

「Yep! It’s perfect」

Once I sharpened both sides, I tried swinging it. Good. It doesn’t seem like the center of gravity changed even after sharpening.

「Are you planning to name it again?」

「That’s right. I wonder what I should name it? Anna? Perla? Or maybe even Lunaria」

「Why are all those women’s names?」

「Since it wouldn’t sound great if a man is using something that has a man’s name. Aren’t ships named after women as well? It’s the same sentiment」

「I see……」

「That’s right. Hmmー, I’ve narrowed it down to three but I’m still undecided」

「What was the previous one’s name again?」

「It’s Mora」

「Is it named after something?」

「……yeah. It’s the name of a monster who beats you up with a hammer that she wields」

「Is that a mythical creature?」

「She appears in a reading material for adults I guess」2

Aniki’s weapon was also over the top though. He used his bike after all.3

Well, he mainly used blades though.

「You already have a wife and child, don’t you? Have they said anything to you about that?」

「They don’t know about this so they haven’t said anything」

「I see………」

The energetic sailor looked like he had given up on something as he left. Did I do something wrong?

「Alright, from now on, you’re called Perla. It’s fine for you to throw it around like a true name just like in a certain special forces. There, there. I’ll rub some oil where I sharpened you so that you won’t rust」4

Idle Talk

「Caam-san’s crazy! He was naming his weapon you know!? And he was grinning as he did that! He was talking to it while rubbing oil on it you know!?」

「He was able to become a Demon Lord so the way he thinks is probably a bit different. Let’s just leave him alone」

「Is that right? Doesn’t that scare you though?」

「He was already scary to begin with」

「Ah, that’s right. He’s a Demon Lord after all」

It seems a strange rift has developed between Caam and the sailors.

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thx for the new chapter~


It reminded me of Fullmetal Jacket and private Pile who named and was greasing his M16 so it won’t rust or something. Damn, again those Vietnam flashbacks! 😀


Thanks as always




Thanks for the chapter

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