Chapter 79: That time when I had various things made for coffee

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

While waiting for the millstone to be done, I decided to try making the soy milk to see if it can be done.

I washed the beans and soaked them in water yesterday so they have already been prepared. I ground the beans with a small amount of water using a millstone made out of magic. After that, I collected the ground soybeans into a pot then heated it while making sure it wouldn’t burn. Once it was ready, I used a cloth to strain it then the soy milk and okara were done.1

I left two cups worth of soy milk then heated the rest in a pan. Before it turned into tofu skin, I added in the nigari then stirred it…… and stirred it…… and stirred it some more but it didn’t become tofu.2

Isn’t this too difficult for an amateur to do? Did I not put enough nigari or was the nigari itself the problem? I’m not actually sure myself. If I remember correctly, it’s just made by boiling down saltwater so I just took some from the salt makers but was that a mistake?

Well then, I should try out this failed tofu to see what it tastes like.

「Ugh. Seriously?」

It ended up being bitter soy milk. It didn’t solidify so I think I didn’t add enough nigiri. I’ll try adding a bit more next time.

Well, there’s still the other soy milk that I saved so I tried putting it in my coffee.

「Un, it has a smooth taste」

I had been informed by Sharlet-san yesterday that the millstones were almost done so I was stocking up on beans and doing other tasks that were close to my house as I waited.

I checked on the honeybees’ condition, watered Fleur-san, and played with the wolves. Un, I’m looking more and more like a hopeless demonkin so let’s just head there to check on the status myself.

「Good work. How’s it going?」

「Oh, you came at a good time. I’m just finishing things up. Help me carry it」


Even though I just arrived, I was already going back home with a millstone.

「Well then, why don’t you show me how you’re going to use it. I’ll need to maintain it from time to time after all」

Because of that, I started grinding some coffee beans. I also ground some of the soybeans I have soaked in water and turned them into soy milk and soy pulp.

「That’s what I’ll use it for. This is for a new tea that we’ll be selling. I’ll brew some right now to let you have a taste」

As I said that, I checked the beans to make sure that they were ground properly then started making the coffee and soy milk.

After those were done, I served him the coffee as is first.

「This is the drink Pietro-san had the other day. Please add some sugar if you like」


Just like what Pietro-san did, he started smelling it first and held it in his mouth before swallowing.


Once he had taken I sip, I brought out the soy milk.

「Here, please add a suitable amount of this to your drink. To be honest, using cow’s milk would be better but I just went with a good substitute that we currently have on the island. It’s similar though, so it works」


As he said that, he added soy milk to his coffee then tasted it again.

「Hmmー, I think I can drink this without adding sugar and this white liquid. I don’t really like sweets after all」

Sharlet-san prefers it black huh? It was a good thing I let him try it as is first.

「I see. Well, it’s not a problem since you can just not add those things the next time you decided to have it」

「That’s true」

After saying that, he finished the rest of his coffee.

「It has a surprisingly refreshing taste. It might be good to drink it when you just woke up or while working」

It has caffeine after all so it might be good against drowsiness but tea drinkers might think it has too much.

I don’t know what kind of tea leaves they use in this world so I’m not sure if it really has any caffeine. We drink barley tea on this island though, so coffee might be compatible with us. I’ll let the islanders try it again to see how they’ll like it now.

With that in mind, I put in a lot of sugar and a lot of soy milk, stirred it properly before drinking.

「Ahー. This sweet coffee sure is delicious~」

Sharlet-san was giving me a strange look but I just drank the tasty soy latte without minding it.


 – Idle Talk –
Sweets made with soy milk and soy pulp.

Right now, I’m looking for ripe bananas.

I didn’t manage to secure some when I first met Palma-san but I do remember eating them before.

「Palma-san, do you know where I can find fruit like this but yellow?」

I said that while facing one of the palm trees in the area.

「There’s one just a bit further」

「Thank you」

With that, I harvested the bananas.

Now then, let’s begin. First, I mashed the banana, added an egg and some oil, then mixed it well. Next, I added some salt, sugar, and soy milk then mixed it all together.

After that, I added the sifted flour then mixed it again until the consistency was right. Once it was ready, I cooked it on a frying pan until both sides were golden brown.

With that, the banana pancake is complete!

「Un, it’s pretty good」

I was wondering if I should get some honey to add to pancakes while I mumbled that but stopped myself since it would probably mess with the sweetness and aroma of the banana.

「Hey kids, it’s been a while but here are some sweets」


It was pretty popular with them.

Well then, next is to use the okara. I could make soy sauce or konjac noodles with it and just eat it that way but since I already made sweets, might as well make some more.

I thought I could just mix some sugar, eggs, and milk but I realized I didn’t have any butter. Because of that, I just used coconut oil instead, then mixed it with the okara and just enough sugar and eggs to avoid it ending up being way too soft to retain its shape. I also added some sifted flour and soy milk, then mixed it all together. After that, I put the mixture in an iron pan then tossed it in the oven to bake it.

Hmmー, tastes like a muffin. If I use less sugar next time, I’m sure it’ll go well with coffee. Then, it’ll be the perfect snack to sell in our store.

This way, I won’t have to dispose of the okara like what some restaurants do. I’ll try to change the ratio of flour and okara later.

「Hey kids. Look, I’ve made some more」

「Is it alright to eat more?」「It’s going to be dinner time soon」「Yay~」

「It’s fine if it’s only a bit」

I gave the children sweets again as I said that.

I’m such an evil Demon Lord for giving children sweets just before dinner.

Once we finished eating dinner, I took the leftover okara and mixed it with some flour, sugar, and salt. I kneaded dough properly, stretched it out, cut it into bite-sized pieces then baked them in the oven.

I was thinking of making cookies but it ended up looking different.

However, I think we could also sell this at the store if I just adjust the amount of sugar used. 34

Okara and soy milk are pretty versatile, aren’t they!

Once we get some of that cocoa, we’ll be able to make cocoa powder. Then if we have that, we’ll also be able to make chocolate-related sweets. I guess I’ll need to adjust my plans so that we can get the cacao as soon as possible.

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Man be world’s best waifu rather than demon lord, change my mind


Thanks for the chapter


“I’m such an evil Demon Lord for giving children sweets just before dinner.” Lol. Oh, Caam.

I like that we get to see some his experiments fail. All too often MCs get miraculously in one shot.


Giving children sweets before dinner. So evil.

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