Chapter 81: That time when I went home

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

The third day of the coffee shop’s opening was finished and we didn’t experience any particular problems. The shop wasn’t crowded with people but it wasn’t so devoid of people that we had time to laze around. Just like that, the fourth day of operation was about to begin.

「My back hurts……」

I got up after sleeping on the floor then returned the table and chairs I moved to their original positions.

As for the two humans, they rented a nearby apartment because they said they wanted to be more intimate with each other. They’ll just be commuting to work from now on.

After changing my clothes, I started preparing the sweets for the day. They were a little late but after a while, the two of them arrived.

「We’re late.」

「That’s alright. I’m just about to get started after all. That’s right, I think you’re already starting to get used to things so please take turns trying it out by yourself today」


We’ve managed to familiarize ourselves with a lot of faces these past three days. Those people are pretty much our regulars by this point. I’m just glad that there are people who come despite us selling an unknown drink. If the two of them can finish this day without any problems, I can safely leave this place to them.

With that in mind, I finished baking the sweets for the daily set then told the two that I will be taking a step back and work behind the scenes for today.

Then, just as the sun rose, the bell by the door rang as the lady from the clothes shop came in.


「I’m here again. Coffee please」

After saying that, she sat on her usual seat at the counter then began chatting with the staff.

「You know, yesterday, while I was drinking the coffee I bought here in my shop, a customer said it smelled good so I told them about this place」

「Thank you very much」

The man kept moving his hands to complete the coffee as he listened and replied to the customer.

「I see that the people working in the port and also adventurers occasionally come to this store. Even drunkards drop by from time to time huh?」

While saying that, she looked around and saw a drunk person drinking his coffee black to sober up, people wanting to drink it before going to work, and adventurers who heard rumors about this place. Those were the type of customers we had at that moment.

However, coffee doesn’t have the effect of sobering people up, does it? They’ll just end up being an oddly energetic drunkard because of the caffeine.

After that, they’ll experience a combo of mild dehydration and headache.


Around noon, Nils-san comes to have his drink after he had his lunch.

「Huh? Is Caam not manning the counter today?」

「Yes. I will be working behind the scenes today. I will only be serving the customers and helping out in making the sweets. If everything goes well today, I’ll be going back to the island」

「I see. Well, at any rate, it seems like it has been my routine to come here to have a drink after having my meal, hasn’t it?」

He added the usual amount of sugar and milk to his coffee then drank it after saying that.

「Rumors about this place had suddenly spread these past few days. It’s good that customers are coming in but please don’t push yourselves so hard that the two of you get sick」

「Thank you for your concern」

The man gave a light bow after saying that.

「If this trend continues, I think there will really be a lot of buyers. Please take care of us at that time」

「Pleased to be working with you」

With that said, Nils-san stood up from his seat then went back to work.

After that, the receptionist lady from the guild and the lady that showed me this store also came by and they had a conversation while enjoying the coffee set they ordered.

It feels like the store has turned into some kind of hangout.

「There doesn’t seem to be any problem so far. I’m a bit concerned about the rumors that Nils-san was talking about but let’s decide on the regular day off」

After the shop closed, I suggested that we decide on their day off.

「Day off you say?」

「It’s a day allocated for rest. You remember how I rested every ten days back in the island?」


「We’ll do a version of that for the shop. You’ll take a break once every five days or ten days. I’ll leave it to you to decide. Once the number of personnel increases, you guys can take turns resting so that the store will remain open. That’s going to be difficult at the moment though. Well then, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll be going to my hometown first before going back to the island. Please lock the doors tight and manage the expenses properly. When I have the time, I’ll come by the evening, around the shop’s closing time to check on the inventory so let me know if you have anything to report to me at that time」

「Got it」「Yes」

「Well then, I’m off」

After saying that, I went into the small room that was made inside our storage room then teleported to my hometown.

「I’m back~」

I opened the door as I said that.

「「Welcome back~」」

The children came to greet me. They looked about as tall as grade-schoolers or middle schoolers but they’re still at the right height to be head patted so I did just that.

「Welcome back~」

Latte jumped at me, pressed her face against mine, then started sniffing me.

「Ahー, smells good~. Butter and…… it’s a mixture of scents so I can’t really tell」

She’s probably smelling the coffee since I’ve heard that it’s a mixture of various scents that give it that aroma. While I was thinking about that, Suzuran also came out.

「It’s rare for you to come back home this late」

「That’s true. I was working in the port town just now and wanted to come home before returning to the island. I’m here but I don’t think I’ll be able to prepare dinner or stuff like that though」

「It’s fine. I made a bit more than usual after all」

「Suzuran is in charge of dinner today?」

「Yes. It’s already done so let’s eat together」

With that said, we had to set the table so I had to drag Latte who wouldn’t let go to the dining room.

We had a hearty meat dish for dinner. It was very delicious.

After that, I took a bath with the children then spent our time relaxing.

「I want to sleep together with father today」

「Me too. I want to sleep with papa too」

「Eh~? But mama wants to sleep with papa too~」

Latte said something like that and in response to her words, Suzuran grabbed my sleeve and lightly pulled on it.

「Well, I only have one body but since I’ll be going back the day after tomorrow, how about we separate you into groups? Suzuran and Lily then Latte and Miel」

「I want mother and Latte mama to get along with father. It’s better if Miel and I then mother and Latte mama go together. I mean, they told me they wanted to sleep together with father once in a while after all」

「Is that so?」

I looked at Latte as I said that.


「Alright, it’s good to be honest. Should I have you tell me what other things you’ve been saying to the children?」

「Er, I just said that Caam-kun is mine and Suzuran-chan’s husband so we want to be spoiled from time to time~」

I looked at the children to confirm what she said and they nodded. She must be saying that a lot.

「Ahー, un. If that’s all then I guess it’s alright」

For a second there, I thought that she told them all sorts of topics without holding back, like our nightly activities for example.

With that said, it had been decided that I’ll be sleeping with the children on the first day then with the wives on the next.

「It’s been a while since I slept together with father」

「Me too~」

While saying that, they each took a side of the bed then hugged my arms. I think this oddly close physical contact was taught by Latte but Lily’s horns still hurt as expected. It’s fine if you’re just rubbing your cheeks but please don’t grind your entire face against my arm. It’s really hard and sharp after all so it hurts.

I was the first one to get up the next morning. I boiled some water in a pot then added plenty of barley tea to it as I rubbed the arm that was hugged by Lily all night and inspected the injury. It was completely red.

We seriously need to discuss if we should put a cushion on her horns whenever we sleep together.

While I was thinking about that, I sat on a chair then sipped on my tea.

「It hurts……」

I couldn’t bear the pain so I cast recovery magic on the wound. Just as I started preparing breakfast, Latte woke up.


「Good morning」

She was still sleepy but that’s already a lot better compared to Suzuran and Lily. Miel and Lily were the next ones to get up after Latte. As for Suzuran, she’s already a lost cause so I had to wake her.

After that, we ate breakfast then saw Latte off. I fed the poultry together with Suzuran then asked her all sorts of things about their food. She had to go to the pond onee-san’s place so I also saw her off. The children told me they’re going out to play so I was left alone.

Because of that, I just pulled the weeds in the wheatfield in front of our house then dug a hole to throw them into. I also completed all sorts of small things that needed to be taken care of.

Since there was nothing left that I had to do, I decided to go around the village.

First was the brewery.

「Sup, Wurst」

「Oh, a sudden visit as always. When did you arrive?」

「Yesterday evening. Is the brewing going well?」

「It’s alright. The other day, some humans from distant lands came, which was new. That was the first time humans that weren’t the ones you brought came here. I didn’t really understand but the village chief did his best you know? If the number of breweries increases, the more liquor there will be. The taste will change as well. That’s what he said」

「You’re putting a lot of effort into popularizing the sake huh? I also started a business with the humans since I needed the money you know? At the moment, it’s doing alright I guess. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to get some money and create jobs for everyone on the island」

「Is that so? Seems like you’re acting as a village chief」

「I’d rather relax and let someone else do it though」

We stayed at one corner of the brewery, leaning against the wall while talking about random things as we watched the scene of charcoal being thrown into the stills.

「That reminds me about Lily-chan」

「Is there a problem with her?」

「No, at least not at the moment. I heard from Primula that she said she wants to be an adventurer you know?」

「I see. I think it would be great if she didn’t have to become one though. Seems like she takes after her grandfathers」

「Really? Weren’t you also on a battlefield at one point?」

「That was just something unavoidable. I would have preferred to relax somewhere that was completely devoid of any conflicts. They just mistook me for a magician even though I was just trying to make work easier. I think that might be the reason why I was made to be a Demon Lord」

「Is that so……?」

「Well, can’t do anything about things that are already in the past. I’m just doing my best with my current situation while cutting corners from time to time」

「That’s great since you’re working too hard. So, are we going for drinks today?」

「No. My wives want to get spoiled so maybe next time」


「That’s right, I might buy one barrel of slightly scented Beryl sake」

After I said that, Wurst didn’t reply and just went back to work with one hand raised.

I left the distillation hut then headed to the village’s forest when I met Speck who was holding a deer that he hunted while patrolling over his shoulder.


「Oh, welcome back. It’s been a while. You’re up to something again, aren’t you?」

「Well, yeah. That’s why it took a while」

「This thing’s kinda heavy so help me carry it to the old men’s place」

With that said, I helped him carry the deer to the werewolf and werecat old men who often butchered them.

「Phewー. Thanks」

「It’s fine」

「Oh, Demon Lord-sama’s back huh?」

「Have you gotten better at butchering pigs?」

The old men were still trying to get me to become a butcher until now. Just find someone else to teach okay?

「No way, there are lots of people better than me after all so I’ll just leave it to them. Well then, I’ll borrow Speck for a while」

After saying that, I ran away together with Speck.

「Since they’re also cutting trees in the forest to make charcoal, it’s nice and open now」

「Is that so? Well, it was pretty dense in the place I used to train after all」

「The shallow part of the forest is now a playing area for kids you know?」

「Is that why you were patrolling and hunting animals?」

「That’s right. Nobody wants the children to get hurt right? That’s why I’m patrolling inside the forest. The animals are managed by Arc-san since it would be bad if their numbers decrease too much」

「That’s good」

「It was decided by everyone in the village after all. Look, Caam has been busy since he became a Demon Lord right? That’s why, the chief said we should decrease your burden during the times you come back to the village. You already made the fields, dug the well, and helped out with all sorts of stuff around the village after all」

「I see. Thanks」

I had a strong urge to pat him on the head but I was able to suppress it.

「Alright, I should go back to work」

He went back to the forest while waving his hand after he said that.

I also wanted to meet with Shinken so I decided to go to the watchtower at the edge of the village.

I noticed someone was looking at me while I made my way to the watchtower. That was probably Schinken.

As I got a bit closer, I heard a voice that came from the top of the tower.

「Yo Caam. Wait right there, I’m coming down」

「I don’t mind going up there you know? You’re in the middle of work after all」

After saying that I started climbing up the almost vertical ladder. It was scary, to be honest.

「It’s the first time I’ve tried climbing and it was surprisingly high and scary. You sure can see far away from here」

「It wouldn’t be a good watchtower otherwise after all」

「That’s true」

「Have you met the others already?」

「Yeah, you’re the last one」

「I see. You haven’t been coming back as frequently as before, have you? Are you busy?」

「Pretty much. We’ve recently found things we could sell that could be found on the island so I was taking care of that」

「Well, you won’t be able to buy anything without money after all」

「That’s right. If it’s just to avoid starvation, hunting animals on the island and catching fish is enough but we also need clothes and tools after all」

After that, we had the same conversation as what I had with Wurst and Speck.

「Well, just let me know if anything happens. I can at least lend you an ear while we’re out for drinks」

「I would prefer if we talked without any liquor involved though. It’ll be a pain to take care of you when you get drunk after all」

「You’re too cruel」

「You couples act like normal people as long as you’re not drunk after all so although I’m not telling you not to drink, I hope you do it in moderation」

「You just said something mean but I guess I can’t really deny it」

「Since you’re aware of it, at least hold back a bit in front of the children. Ah, a goblin」



I pointed at the goblin that was along the road that leads to the town. It looked as big as a pinky finger’s nail from where we were standing.

「You can see quite a lotー」

「One goblin! On the side of the road 250 paces away from the tower! Arrows won’t reach it!」

As he shouted, he hit a dangling plank of wood with a stick.

「Eh? What were you saying?」

「I said you could see a lot from this tower」

「It wouldn’t be a watchtower if you couldn’t」

I was already done with what I came to do so I said my farewells then went down the tower. While I was on the way down, I saw some villagers with farm equipment getting rid of the goblin. I thought they were quite bold seeing as how they’re trying to attack it with just sickles and hoes.

Sickle huh……? It’s something that’s frequently used to cut off heads in legends, isn’t it?

Well, I didn’t use it since it doesn’t have a lot of practical uses. I would have turned it into a sickle & chain if I did though.

You can’t think of one without the other after all.

While I was thinking about that, I got home.

After lunch, I joined the children in their training. Once that was done, I took a bath then while we were having our dinner, Wurst arrived.

「Here, this is a thank you from everyone. We discussed it and although we can’t afford an entire barrel, everyone wanted to give a little something to you Caam」

As he said that, he put a medium-sized barrel on the ground.

「What are you talking about? This barrel is full to the brim you know?」

「Oi oi, shut up and just receive what’s given to you」

As he said that, he tapped my shoulder.

「Did Wurst-kun already go back?」

「Yeah, he just came to give the sake」

After saying that, I put the barrel inside the house. I took an empty bottle and refilled it using the barrel’s contents then the three of us took a little sip.

「It’s really hard to drink without diluting it first…… It’s necessary to add a small amount of water before drinking it I guess」

「That’s true~. I like the ones with fruit in them that are not sold in barrels」

Although Latte said that, she kept taking small sips.

「Aroma too strong. Might have been over-smoked. Think will be easier to drink if the fruit is seeped in it for about three days. Also want meat」1

As she said that, Suzuran also took small sips.

「I want to try drinking too!」

Lily came out while saying that.

「You obviously can’t」

Even if you’re a demonkin and grow up twice as fast as humans, you still look like a ten-year-old right now. I was a special case since I was made to drink at the age of five.

「It’s fine, it’s fine~ Drink a lot~」

As she said that, Latte took out a cup then Suzuran poured a little of the distilled liquor in it.

「Oi oi, that’s not a good idea you know?」

「Why~? I was already drinking when I was the same age as Lily you know~?」

「Me too. Father secretly gave me」

「Those were most likely fruit wines or beer though……」

While we were talking, Lily drank the distilled liquor like it was water.

「Uehー. It’s hot and bitter」

「Stupid girl. You should have drunk it with small sips. Water! Drink water! Sake is still too early for you!」

「Uh-oh, she drank it all at once」

「I guess fruit wine would have been better if she was going to drink it like that. Lily can hold her liquor like her grandpa, can’t she?」

As we said that, I poured water into a cup and had her drink it.

「Heheー. Miel wants to drink too?」

「I-I don’t want any」

He seemed scared after seeing her sister’s reaction.

「I seeー. However, you will be able to drink it soon so you should try getting used to it, okay~?」

I poured a small amount of sake into Miel’s cup that had water in it.

「Look, it should be fine if it’s only this much」

After I said that, he proceeded to drink.

I’ve come to understand the laws and customs in this world but I still don’t agree with the idea of letting children drink alcohol. These mothers are hopeless.

「It tastes weird. This is just bitter water you know?」

「Hoー. You are mama and papa’s child so you won’t get drunk from just this much, will you~? How about we add a bit more~」

「Okay, stop. He’s still a child so don’t force him to drink」

「Eh~. Why not? Let’s all enjoy drinking together as a family」

「Not if it’s as strong as this. Alright, that’s enough of that. We can have that fun once the children start their schooling」

After saying that, I put the bottle into the highest place in the cupboard. Once they enter school, they’ll probably grow up all of a sudden and look like fifteen-year-olds.

Looking at Lily, her face was a bit red, she was unsteady and she kept grinning the entire time. This part of her is exactly the same as Suzuran.

「Lily, are you alright?」

「Ahahaー. There are three mothers~」

「She’s lost it」

「She has, huh?」

「That’s true~」

「I’ll put her to sleep」

As I said that, I lifted Lily then carried her to bed. I laid her sideways so that she wouldn’t choke in case she vomited.

「I will watch over big sis so you can sleep together with our moms」

「Oi oi, you don’t have to be so oddly mindful of us you know?」

「We promised after all」

「Well, the situation is already beyond the scope of that promise right?」

「It’s alright. Moms were really looking forward to it after all」

「Alright. If you’re going to go that far then I’ll leave it to you. I’m counting on you to look after your sister」


Since I got a reassuring reply, I slowly closed the door.

It would be great if he won’t sexually assault his blood-related sister. He’s half incubus though so I can’t say for sure. 2

「At any rate, even though he’s still a child, Miel was really considerate of us. I don’t know how to feel about that as an adult but let’s just sleep!」


After saying that, Latte clung to my arm and pressed her chest against me.

Not wanting to lose, Suzuran also did the same, although she didn’t have any so she just placed her chin on my shoulder and rubbed our cheeks together.

It was difficult to walk in that state, to be honest.

And just like that, we got to the bed and deepened our bonds as husband and wives until the date changed while making sure that the children couldn’t hear us.

The women were the ones taking the lead though!

Also, please give me a break and just be satisfied going one round each!

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lucky bastard




Even when resting Caam’s still working. Sheesh.

Also, check your note formatting, a portion of the story got hidden in a note.






I don’t think a single chapter has made me dislike the protag more then just letting his kids drink sake. That is not something to just roll over on.


It’s better to make them experience something once, than to cause them think that it’s like a forbidden fruit which tastes great. I actually think it’s pretty good for a rejection response, if you allow a kid experience it once and have a bad experience out of it. I’m pretty happy how it turned out with me and cigarettes, trying them at ripe old age of 10. It was the first and the last time in my whole life.


See, suzuran has Kevin energy sometimes. Why use many word when few word do trick?

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