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Hello. I’ve been making a lot of these news posts recently… __φ(..) Anyway, ANNOUNCEMENT! I wasn’t expecting this but I’ve been accepted by adsense! Horay!

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Okaeri Saotome-san Chapter 32

Saotome-san wants to aim for the world   「I am off!」 「Irasshai」 I am not sure if the tofu diet had it’s effect or not,

Okaeri Saotome-san Chapter 31

Saotome-san is the Milky Way   「Listen carefully Murasaki, this is a culture that was born in the great Tokyo, so be it Kanto or

MaouMuji Chapter 71 Part 2

Hello ( ̄ω ̄)/ Here’s a friendly reminder to follow the health protocols and remain vigilant. Please don’t forget that the virus still exists like a few

Okaeri Saotome-san Chapter 30

Welcoming Saotome-san back   「When I found Aa-chan there was no semblance of him left remaining」 I came out into the veranda from the living

MaouMuji Chapter 71 Part 1

Hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sorry for the delay. I got addicted to a certain recently released anime styled action adventure rpg gacha game

Okaeri Saotome-san Chapter 29

TL: This chapter is quite small, so I might release an extra chapter over the weekend.   Welcoming Saotome-san back   Saotome-san’s perspective   「After

MaouMuji Chapter 70 Part 2

I guess I’m posting these at this time now lol. Chapter 70: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure

Okaeri Saotome-san Chapter 28

Won’t let her meet Saotome-san   I want to meet you. While I was struggling to figure out what she meant, Watase Mikako divulged information

MaouMuji Chapter 70 Part 1

Hello ヾ(☆▽☆) This is late but it’s fine! It’s fine okay! 〣( ºΔº )〣 Also, I’m going to go back to calling the chapters parts “part

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