News Post #3

Hello. I’ve been making a lot of these news posts recently… __φ(..) Anyway, ANNOUNCEMENT! I wasn’t expecting this but I’ve been accepted by adsense! Horay!

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MaouMuji Chapter 90

Hey guys, sorry for being away for probably the longest time since I started translating. I had a sudden opportunity to change careers, had to

MaouMuji Chapter 89

Chapter 89: That time when the queen came to rely on me + the heroes TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko I decided to visit the honey

MaouMuji Chapter 88

Chapter 88: That time when I let the beastmen demonkin eat chocolates TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko By the time the man whose stomach was slashed

MaouMuji Chapter 87 Part 2

Sorry for the delays again. I was only going to take a short break since it was my schedule for the second dose but stuff

MaouMuji Chapter 87 Part 1

Chapter 87: That time when we had serious injuries on the island for the first time + extras TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko After having breakfast,

MaouMuji Chapter 86

Chapter 86:  That time when we were having a factory tour-like experience TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko It’s the following day after I used the power

MaouMuji Chapter 85 Part 2

Sorry for the delays. I’ve had to take care of a couple of personal stuff. Chapter 85: That time when a dwarf found out about

MaouMuji Chapter 85 Part 1

Chapter 85: That time when a dwarf found out about the distilled liquor TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko The following day after the meat party, all

MaouMuji Chapter 84

Chapter 84: That time when we harvested coffee TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko In the evening, I went to the coffee shop to check on the

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