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Chapter 87: That time when we had serious injuries on the island for the first time + extras

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

「If that story is true then there might be a summoned hero in this village」

「I think we’ll recognize them immediately since they’ll have the same black hair as me」

「There have been a lot of heroes with black hair after all」

We walked around the village for a while.

「Ah, this village has a hand pump」

「Hand pump?」

「Ah, moving that stick makes the water come out of the well」

「Hee, that’s pretty convenient. It would make drawing water easier for sure. So, do you know the name of the hero here?」

「It seems to be Aida」

「Does that sound familiar?」

「Well, it’s a name that’s used in our world, that’s for sure」

「In that case, we just need to split up and gather information」

「Are you looking for Aida?」

A girl who came to the pump to fetch water asked us that question.

「That’s right. Do you know where he is?」

「Aida lives alone in a house outside the village you know~? It’s over in that way」

「Thank you, young lady. As thanks, this lump of muscle will help you draw water」

「Really!? Thank you, big brother」

「Oi oi, don’t put me in a situation where I can’t refuse. Geez, fine. Give me the bucket」

Mason operated the pump which caused water to gradually pour out.

「Woah, that’s convenient. This is pretty interesting. Oi, bring me more buckets」

「There’s no way we can do that unless we bring it back to her house first」

「Then go and do it. Oi, Rock. Go and find that Aida while we’re busy here」

「Thanks, Mason」

I arrived at the said person’s house and knocked on the door.

「Who is it?」

「My name is Rock. Is this the residence of Aida-san?」

「Yeah. I’ll open the door」

The door opened and I was met with a man who was about 35 years old with slightly greying hair.

「A Japanese, huh……」

「Yes. My real name is Iwamoto but I call myself Rock here. Do you have some time? I would like to talk to you about something」

「Sure. Come in」

He beckoned me inside as he said that.

「Are you a hero as well?」


「I was summoned too, but as you can see, with such a thin body, I contributed with my knowledge rather than in battle. So, what is it that you want to ask?」

「You know of Demon Lords right?」

「I do. They are the enemy of the human race, aren’t theyー?」

「I thought so too. However, a Demon Lord that’s a bit difficult to subjugate appeared. This one claims to be a former Japanese person reincarnated as a Demon Lord」

「I see……」

As he said that, Aida-san’s eyes narrowed and the mood slightly changed.

「I had a conversation with the said Demon Lord and he said that the hero summoning is pretty much the same as an abduction」


「He died and reincarnated so he doesn’t have that much lingering attachment to our world. As for us, however, since we were summoned, what happens back at home while we’re here? Can we go back? Has there been anyone who was able to go back? After he said that to me, I started to wonder. Will I really be able to go back?」

「I see. I’ve also had the same thought about a year ago now. This is just something I heard but do you still want to hear it?」

「Please, let me know.」

「Are you sure you won’t regret it?」

「I still want to know even if I regret it」

Aida-san sighed when he heard my reply.

「I’ll just give it to you straight. I don’t think anyone was able to return home. While searching for clues when I was working in the castle, I couldn’t find anything that relates to a ceremony to send us back. They only know how to bring us here」

「I, I see……」

「There was this guy I got along with called Ugajin who was summoned together with me. He’s the one who told me that. He was frustrated with the treatment he was receiving so he used a concealment skill he had to sneak inside the castle. After a few days of tailing the king, something awful slipped out」1

「What did he say?」

「According to Ugajin, when the king heard that a hero was killed by a Demon Lord, he just ordered his retainers to immediately summon the next “disposable pawn”. That’s why I immediately decided to run away by telling them that I had no more knowledge to teach. Oi oi, don’t make a face like that. You’re scaring me」

「I’m sorry」

I only realized I was making such a face after it was pointed out to me.

「So, is that all you wanted to ask?」

「Yes. You’ve already told me more than enough since I only wanted to know whether or not there was someone was able to go back」

「I see. You’re still young so don’t get any weird ideas you hear me? Why don’t we eat something before you go?」

「Okay. Thank you」

The meal he prepared consisted of white rice, miso soup, some kind of pickled vegetable, and a grilled river fish.

「It’s a good thing I was able to find something similar to the rice we have at home. I’m part of the rice faction after all」

「Me too. I was disappointed when they served the karaage lunch with bread in the cafeteria you know?」


We both laughed as we ate the Japanese-style meal before us.

I put some rice in my mouth first, took a sip of the miso soup, ate a piece of the grilled fish, then another mouthful of rice.

「I received the rice and miso from Enomoto-san who lives in the neighboring village. He’s a veteran hero who’s been here for almost thirty years. You can go and meet with him if you like」

「Thank you for the information」

「Are you going to continue your journey?」

「Yes but I think I should cool my head down a bit first」

「I see. I wonder if I should also go on a journey of my own……?」

「Do you want to come with me?」

「No, it’s alright. I’m curious about that Demon Lord you were talking about. Can you tell me where I can find him?」

I told him about the Demon Lord pioneering an island that’s six days by boat from the port city of Corundum.

「Thanks. Could you let Enomoto-san know when you meet him? I think he’ll want to come along if I tell him that I’m going to meet that Demon Lord. I can pick him up myself but Enomoto-san is a lot stronger than me after all」

「What kind of person is this Enomoto-san? He seems to be a really strong hero from how you’re describing him」

「I’m sorry to say but he’s a technical type hero. He’s a farmer that was summoned here at the age of forty-five. He’s still got strong legs and is a powerful grandpa who kills goblins using hoes and sickles」

「Japanese people have long life expectancy after all」

「In his current state, I definitely think he’ll reach a hundred and twenty years old before he kicks the bucket」

「That’s amazing!」

「Ah, as for me, I was a teacher so unfortunately, I’m not very good with physical activities」

「So that’s why you’re calling him here instead」

「That’s right. It’s pretty pathetic though. Ah, I should mention that the hand pump in this village was made by another technical hero called Oda-san. At the moment, he’s making farm tools and equipment at Enomoto-san’s place」

「The knowledge of the heroes must be really valuable to the people in this world」

「That’s true. I guess that’s the reason why they’re abducting us」

「I agree. Still makes me kinda furious though……」

「Are you planning on taking over the country?」

「Do you really think it’s going to work out like in games?」

「I’m a teacher but I do have a bit of knowledge when it comes to that. I’ve played the ambition series games that came out a long time ago after all」

Aida-san said that with a serious look on his face.

「Iwamoto-kun. Do you want to gather the other heroes in that Demon Lord’s island and take over the world?」

「Wait, what? It’s gone from just the country to the whole world you know? Let’s stop it with all these dangerous talks」

「I was half-joking. It’s true that I want to go to that Demon Lord’s island though. I’ll even persuade Enomoto-san and Oda-san to come along. From what I’ve heard, he seems to be a decent guy. I’ve already let that shitty king utilize a bit of my knowledge and skill so it wouldn’t hurt to give him a bit of payback right?」

Aida-san had a very wicked smile on as he said that. It really does seem like he wants to destroy the country.

「That’s right. They might only be able to summon us but there might be magic that can send us back since I’ve only been here for a year. It might be a good idea if you also try finding clues from the human magicians of this world」

Aida-san gave me a bit of encouragement before I left.


Idle Talk

He’s usually like that though


A: 「Caam-san was pretty calm, wasn’t he? He was efficiently giving out instructions after all」

B: 「He’s usually like that but it seems like he changes the way he talks when there are emergencies」

A:「Maybe that’s just how he really talks. He probably just being considerate of us」

B:「That’s trueー」

Fox: 「That’s right. He does sound more threatening when he’s mad though. It’s really scary」

B: 「Really?」

Fox: 「He made a military doctor tremble before, you know? It wasn’t even directed at me and I was scared」

A: 「I guess he’s the type that’s nice but scary when you make them angry」

Keith: 「When he was being harassed at the base near the frontlines, he would keep doing simple things just to get back at the guy like sneaking into his room while he was asleep to burn addicting contraband plants. When that guy was finally thrown in jail, as punishment, he made him walk inside the narrow cell for two days without sleep. He made the guards hit the guy with sticks whenever he stopped. He couldn’t kill him so I guess that was the best revenge he could get while the guy was in jail but how do you even come up with something like that?」

B: 「Uwah……」

Keith 「That’s why everyone in that frontline base made sure that they didn’t anger Caam. There’s one last thing. I don’t know how he did it but even though we all ate the same meal, that guy was the only one who had diarrhea. He lost so much weight that he was sent to the frontlines in such a haggard state. I would say he just reaped what he sowed but I also think that was too much」

A: 「We should make sure we don’t get him mad then」

Keith: 「Don’t worry. He rarely gets angry. From what he told me, he only started retaliating after the seventh day so he was able to bear with it until then」

B: 「That amount of patience is also amazing in itself」

Enomoto, hero (75 Years old)

The figure of him wielding his hoe was very imposing and exquisite. The sickles he throws seem to hit monsters like they were being sucked to them.

All of the goblins he’s killed have been buried and turned into compost.

After completing his task, he would shout words that were from a country that didn’t use the common language.

「農家なめんな!(Don’t look down on farmers!)」

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Oh! Enomoto for sure looks like that master farmer from Overgeared.

And thanks for the chapter! And take care of yourself. :3


Glad you were able to take a break, hope things work out for you!

Also, Rock going around to gather summoned heroes is a great plot point. Obviously summoned heroes are like enslaved mercenaries, with no loyalty towards the country that kidnapped them. That’s gotta build up a whole lot of resentment. It’ll be fun to see if anything comes of that!


For one, once he has a bunch of heroes on his island using other heroes would be close to impossible. (exept for unlikely cases that somehow are loyal to their abductors). Secondly he’ll get both the knowlege and power of the heroes. His island will likely become ‘highly’ advanced and very hard to conquer. If caam goes to take over the contry remains to be seen. He’s a nice guy so while he would like to stop the abduction of his former countrymen, he also wouldn’t want a war. Maybe they’ll go for a ‘peaceful’ takeover. (eg. causing some kind… Read more »



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