Chapter 87: That time when we had serious injuries on the island for the first time + extras1

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

After having breakfast, I left Van-san to Wurst then went back to the island.

「Sorry it took me a while to come back」

I told them what happened in town and about how we’re adding a dwarf to our population.

Then, I talked about my plans for the future.

「First is about the coffee. The shop is using a lot more than I had expected so let’s slowly start harvesting the beans. We can store them for a while as long as we peel and dry them after all. Since the fishing group’s leader has a good relationship with the sahagin called Sheila-san, he would take charge of fishing as well as the transport of the harvested coffee. We won’t need that much sun-dried and smoked fish with our crops being so close to harvest so you guys don’t have to fish as much for the meantime」


「You’re going to have more free time to flirt you know?」

For some reason, he became shy and just looked down without replying. Come to think of it, I still don’t know his name. It would probably be a good idea to ask what it is soon.

「I’m also planning to assign some of the members of the reclamation team to harvest the cacao which is located over on the left hand side of the mountain. We’ll finalize things after the flat-bottomed boats are completed. If I remember correctly, there were plenty of goblins around that area so we’ll need some fighting power as well」

「Is it my turn again?」

The man who was in charge of guarding the herb gathering group spoke up.

「Can you defeat goblins?」

「Of course. I can easily take on three of those guys you know?」

So he’s not the type to overestimate himself by saying he can take them all on, huh?

「Then I’ll leave it to you」

「It’s a different forest so there might be bears or deer. Anyway, good luck」

Hmー. I don’t know if Wild Herb-san is just the type that’s way too frank but that sounded like he was having a dig at the man. It was as if she was saying that the man who was escorting her this entire time was never necessary. I guess she just doesn’t see him as a love interest huh?

Ah, looks like he became disheartened by that……

「Anyway, what else…… Oil has also been requested so I guess we should find time to go and harvest that as well. Let’s harvest this plant even when it’s not harvesting season. The simple houses that were being built by the Demon Lord’s castle site are almost done so we should also begin preparations to move. Only a few of the men will have to stay here by the bay and take turns keeping watch」

I looked around and made sure there were no children there before I resumed.

「As for the couples, if you’re going to do the deed, please do it in the houses built near the Demon Lord’s castle construction site. That way, nobody would mind even if your voices leak out a bit」

The humans just awkwardly smiled after hearing that.

「Also, as for the children’s education. Adrea-san, can I leave that to you?」

「Yes. No problem. What should I teach them?」

「Let’s see. How about simple reading and writing as well as arithmetic so that they won’t get cheated at the very least」

「Understood. I’ll teach them those things. Would the common language be alright?」

「Yes. I’m hoping that in two season cycles, we’ll get more merchants from both the humans and demonkin sides to come to do trade with us. Having the islanders be literate might help out with that. It would also be nice if we can get more people to move to the island」


「Um, you can teach those subjects, right?」

「Yes. I also taught the children at the orphanage behind the church so it should be fine」

Good. I don’t know what I would have done if she couldn’t.

「Wait, how literate are the humans in the first place?」

「If it’s a large village, most would be able to read but if it’s a poor village then……」

「How about the islanders?」

「I think we’re probably okay but……」

「Should we conduct a simple language and calculation test later?」

「T-that would be great」

The goal is to have at least 10% literacy for the islanders. It would also be great if they would be able to do calculations that are useful for daily life.

「Well then, please make sure not to get injured today as well」

As I said that, everyone went to their respective works.


I’m gradually getting used to my cutting and uprooting work so we resumed the reclamation project.

I’ve gotten used to it but it’s still really scary so I should be careful.

While I was thinking that, I heard a scream from behind.

「His belly was split by an axe! Someone help! Let’s bring him to Antonio-san!」

Hearing that, I ran towards the commotion. How did that even happen?

Noticing that I arrived, the man looked at me pleadingly like he was asking for help.


「What happened!」

「My axe slipped and this guy happened to get hit as he passed by」

I cleaned my hands using a 【Water Ball】 then ordered them to hold down the injured person who was in pain. I lifted his shirt to check the injury and although the wound was deep, it didn’t look like it pierced the peritoneum.

「Get me some clean cloth and a wagon! We need to stop the bleeding first! We’ll bring him to Antonio-san once we do that!」

They were all stunned so I pointed at a woman nearby who was just standing there watching.

「You! Wash your hands then get me some clean cloth!」

She came to her senses then immediately ran off.

「You! Run over to the doctor’s place and let them know we’re going to be taking someone injured there! Tell them about the injuries as well! Just say that the belly was cut with an axe but it probably didn’t cut all the way through the membrane」

I gave that order to a different man who was also just watching.

「Let’s clean the wound first. This is going to sting」

As I said that, I washed the wound using a 【Water Ball】then applied pressure to it with my bare hands while waiting for a clean cloth.

This would have been resolved quickly if I just used recovery magic but I can’t. There might be times when something happens and I’m not around so unless it’s really bad, I decided not to use it.

While that was happening, the cloth I asked for earlier arrived so I used it to press on the wound while I talked with the injured man.

「Hey, are you conscious? Can you hear my voice?」


It looks like it hurts to even reply.

「Then you’ll be fine. Press down on your wound as hard as you can」

As I said that, I took his hand then placed it on top of his wound.

「That’s right. Somebody ask if Adrea-san can use recovery magic! You, you do it!」

I also specified who I was giving the order to this time.

Shouting doesn’t guarantee that they’ll act so it’s also important to clarify who the order is assigned to.

While I was thinking about that, the wagon arrived.

「We’ll be taking away the injured person so go back to your homes and wait! You won’t be able to focus on work properly with this situation so just rest」

I put the injured person on the wagon after saying that. I thought the trip to Antonio-san’s clinic would be painful for him but several people helped out and tried their best to make it easier for our injured patient.

When we arrived at the clinic, Antonio was already prepared and was waiting for us.

「I heard his abdomen got cut by an axe. How is his condition?」

「He’s conscious but the bleeding hasn’t stopped. The wound is deep but it hasn’t reached the membrane that protects the stomach」

「It’s just as I heard then. Good thing that he’s slightly overweight」

After saying that, Antonio-san removed the cloth covering the wound then opened a bottle containing what looked like a potion. He poured most of it into the wound to forcibly stop the bleeding before having the patient carried to his examination table.

Potions sure are convenient, huh? I should recruit a pharmacist so that we can make our own supply.

「Oi, Demon Lord. Did you do something to him before coming here?」

「After cleaning his wound, I pressed down on it with a cloth to stop the bleeding」

「You’re level headed and managed to do a proper assessment of the wound. Why don’t you become a doctor instead?」

After looking at the wound, he picked up a needle, threaded it, then made other preparations.

「I’ve been to a battlefield before. At that time, I had to suture an injury of a cat-eared old man to stop the bleeding」

「Really? That’s amazing. This is going to hurt」

Antonio-san stuck a needle into the injured man’s belly without hesitation.

The man was groaning in pain on the bed but that’s better than thrashing about.

After he finished closing the wound, he poured the rest of potion over it then finished the treatment by wrapping the injury with bandages.

「You just need to eat meat and rest for a while and you’ll be fine. Oi, this guy’s not gonna die so why don’t you let the others know」


With that said, the islanders who were anxiously watching dispersed.

「Iyaー. For future reference, I was observing how you worked but you just did it without hesitating, huh?」

「Well, it would hurt the patient either way so it would be better if it’s done quickly」

「So that’s why」

「Yeah. Anyway, I’m interested in how you fixed up that cat-eared old man. Tell me more about it」

「It wasn’t a big deal you know?」

While we were talking, he disinfected a bent needle with boiling water then closed the central part of the wound. After that, he applied another potion to it.

「Wouldn’t a curved needle be easier to use for suturing?」

As I said that, I lightly bent a needle using my fingers.

「Like this. Look」

I walked over to him to show him the needle.

「It certainly does seem like it would make suturing easier」

「Sorry for being late!」

Adrea-san’s breathing was a little rough. She must have rushed to come here. She was still really late though. It’s already over you know~?

「If it’s recovery magic then I can use it」

「It’s better than nothing. Go ahead」


With that said, she put her hand over the wound then started humming some kind of chant.

「Remedy this person’s wounds. Healing」

I wonder if that worked. The pained look on his face seemed to slowly go away.

I wonder if humans still have to use chants in order to use regular magic?

「This will just be quick so please don’t move okay?」

While saying that with a smile, she looked like she was avoiding the sight of blood as much as possible. Is she the type that’s no good with seeing blood?

「So, Demon Lord. You can’t use recovery magic, can you?」


I smiled as I said that.

「You gotta be shitting with me. Well, if you say so then I guess it’s fine」

「That’s right. Also, when will you stop calling me Demon Lord?」

「Why? Everyone knows about it right?」

「Even if they do, what do you think would happen if you accidentally called me that in the presence of outsiders? They would obviously become surprised right?」

「Ah, that’s true. Even I was surprised at first. That’s not the case now though」

「I was also the same. How come that such a kind person like you became a Demon Lord?」

「Who knows? It seems like if a strong demon lord dies for some reason, the next one they have their eye on become the successor. It was really troubling you know?」

I shook my head as I grandly stretched out both hands.

「I often hear about there being a Demon Lord’s sigil but I don’t see anything on Caam-san, do you?」

「I have it you know? It’s just that it’s in an inconspicuous place. I won’t tell you where exactly though」

「I-it’s in a place you can’t mention!?」

Adrea-san said that with both her hands on her cheeks and her eyes swimming about. It seems like she’s really, really, REALLY misunderstanding something.

「No, it’s not inside of my pants alright?」


After I pointed out that it wasn’t in the place she thought it was, her face turned red. Hmー, this nun is adorable, isn’t she?

「I-it’s not like I was thinking about that place, okay? I’m going back to the church!」

She puffed her cheeks as he walked away.

「Iyaー, she said something pretty cute, didn’t she? She definitely thought it was in my pants」

「That’s true, Maybe she was even imagining it」

「Good thing you’re already married」

「Oi oi, doesn’t it hurt to speak?」

「It does」

「I understand what you’re trying to say but just stay quiet」

「Got it」

「Iyaー, good thing we have such a nice Demon Lord. Normally, you would have just been thrown away. Well, he doesn’t need to be a Demon Lord for that though」

「That’s not like that you know? Compared to using money and time to get another slave, it’s cheaper to just use a potion and let the worker eat and rest without doing anything for a few days」

As I said that, the two of them looked at me with a surprised look on their faces.

「I’m just kidding. I never thought of everyone as slaves so don’t worry about that and please take a proper rest. It’s a good thing your injury wasn’t that deep since you can just eat normally. You have an appetite, right?」


「Alright, I’ll send someone to give you your food so don’t move much and just prioritize your recovery. Antonio-san, if you think the wound is going to fester, please don’t hesitate to use another potion」


「Well then, I’ll be taking my leave. I hope you get well soon. Ah, you can’t drink any liquor okay? It has an effect on your body that may cause bleeding after all」

After saying that, I left the clinic and went back to where everyone else was.

「It was a pretty bad joke, to be honest. I felt chills when I heard that」

「Me too. I wonder which one is his real nature?」

「Definitely the kind one. He’s not going to bother thinking of our wellbeing all the time otherwise」

「I guess you’re right. I’m happier here than before I became a slave you know? There are no bandits and wild dogs, we’re not starving, and we can even drink liquor」

「Yeah…… I’ve asked him before why he needed a doctor even though not a lot of people get injured」

「What did he say?」

「He said that it’s always a good thing if a doctor has no work to do. Despite not doing anything, I still get to eat. I’m not even allowed to work on the fields since he said that we wouldn’t want our doctor to get hurt」

「I guess you’re right. He’s a kind person at heart」

「Yeah. Anyway, let me take a look at your wound again…… It doesn’t look like it’s still bleeding so you’ll definitely be fine as long as you rest. If your recovery goes well, it should be okay to remove the stitches in a few days. For now, just go to sleep」

「Roger that」

「Anyway, he should be fine since he can already say that about Adrea-san」

I finished explaining the details of the injury to the others.

「Yeah, he’d probably be alright」

「That’s right」

「Well then, should we call it a day or are you guys ready to move to the Demon Lord’s castle site?」

「It’s something that has to be done so we should do it sooner rather than later. Even if the mood isn’t that great, we’ll be fine as long as we take things easy」

The fox-eared old man sure is earnest about work.

「Take things easy you say……? Well, it’s true that we can take our time moving things there. If there are no problems then can you move the food and firewood we’ve stockpiled to the new place? We should bring over the heavier things first. There are woodsheds built in a couple of places so let’s evenly distribute the firewood to each one of them. Before that, how about we eat first?」

I looked at the sun and decided that we should eat first. That way, they won’t get too tired while moving the goods later in the afternoon.

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Thanks for the chapter




Handled that pretty well. Although if his lack of using recovery magic was because he wanted the Islanders to be fine without him, then why use his sterilizing water magic which no one else uses? Anyways, at least Antonio gets a chance to earn his stay!

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