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Chapter 90: That time when heroes arrived on the island

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

The following day after it had been decided that Queen Bee and the others will be living inside the cavity of a large tree, set up a barricade with some signs, a rope, and a few stakes. I drove the stakes on the ground around the tree then connected them with the rope. These were of course taken from the community storage.

『This tree is home to Queen Bee and the Honey Bees. They are managing this area so don’t be afraid of them and let’s all treat them well』
『 Bees are living in this tree. Don’t play any pranks on them okay?』

「This is good enough right? I even wrote sign intended to be read by the children after all」

I should also inform Arc-san and Speck next.

「Oiー. Speck. Are you freeー?」

I met up with Speck first who was in the middle of his patrol.

「Hmー? What?」
「Do you know about the bees that came to the village yesterday?」
「Un. It was that black swarm, right? I saw it. I also heard about it from Reika」
「Then that makes things quicker. They will be living in that large tree in the middle of the forest. They don’t want to be disturbed as much as possible so I put a sign around the tree」
「Uh huh. Still, shouldn’t you go and tell the village chief about that? That way, the whole village would know about it. I can’t just decide on it by myself you know?」
「Ahー, that’s right. I don’t really feel like doing it but I’m going to talk with the chief. Who knows? Maybe he has something to say about it」

「Anyway, please take care and protect the bees」
「Umu. It’s good that there are more things getting added to the village but what about the island?」
「It’s fine since these bees were originally from the island. It seems like they have to find a separate hive once their numbers increase. Speaking of, this is a simple blueprint of a hive. I think one of the honey bees would inform someone when it’s time for them to find a different hive so I’ll leave them in your care」
「Then it’s fine」
「Well then, please tell everyone else what we just talking about okay?」
「Alright, I understand. We could get some honey which we can sell in town so there’s nothing to complain about」
「Thanks. I’m heading back then」

After saying that, I went home and decided to make some snacks with honey. I should make use of it now that we have it.

Hmmー, I could make something with flour I guess. It’s easy to make as long you have the ingredients after all.

I added 5 parts flour to 1 part sugar, honey, olive oil, milk, and a pinch of salt.
I quickly mixed all of the ingredients then baked it in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.
And with that, the vegan honey cookie is complete.1 It’s something you can make without butter and eggs. It’s healthier that way. Flour really is all-purpose.2

The children should be playing in the morning so this will be their afternoon snack. I should start preparing for lunch.

In the afternoon, I did the usual training with the kids. Suzuran told me I could fight back using 【Water balls】 as long as I only used it to hinder their movements so I aimed it at Lily’s face to get her to flinch and at Miel’s whenever he shoots out a 【Fireball】. I kept using these dirty tactics against the children, or rather, I had to use them.

After that, Latte came back, then we all ate the snacks I made. When evening came, I decided to check on the store.

「Good work. How has it been going?」
「U-um, you see. Three people came to the store. They were humans like us but they were a bit different. They had rare black hair so we were thinking they might be heroes. Their party consists of two elderly men and one that was much younger than them. They had different features so they probably aren’t related to each other. One of the elderly men even came to the store five times in a day」
「We’re they doing surveillance!?」
「No, I don’t think so. This is just a guess but I think he just really loves coffee. He would even drink it without adding anything and he looked satisfied whenever he left. He also purchased coffee to bring home whenever he came to the store at night」
「If that’s the case then I guess he just really like coffee」
「That’s right. It was surprising how much he drank. He didn’t even add sugar or cow’s milk. He would just say “the usual” then take a seat」
「Ohー, that’s already at the level of a coffee addict then」
「However, this evening he purchased more bags than usual. Fifty to be exact」
「Haa? Fifty bags? Those guys are pretty amazing」
「We’re not sure but doesn’t it take five days to get to the island from here? I think that amount is enough to last that amount of time」
「So that means they’ll leave tomorrow and arrive five days later at the island……?」
「That’s what we think」
「Thank you for this valuable information. I’m going back now to prepare」
「Yes. Please be careful」
「Because of that, I won’t be able to come by for a while. Would you guys be alright?」
「We’ll be fine. Leave everything here to us」
「Thank you」

With that in mind, I went back to the island.

「And so, there’s a high chance that a group of three heroes will be arriving on the island five to six days later」
「Three huh? They’re also all old men so they might be skilled. They have lived for that long so we need to be careful of them despite their age」
「That’s true. There are surprisingly strong grandpas and grandmas after all. It would be better if we acted on the side of caution」
「Do you have a plan?」
「Nope. I’ll just deal with it when the time comes.」

I won’t be able to win with just a straightforward attack if they’re a kendo or aikido instructor after all. Takeru-kun is still young but he might get stronger once he matures. Did they give up on his development and just send someone strong, to begin with?
Takeru-kun said he’ll do his best to help us out though so either they thought he hadn’t defeated me yet or they came to make sure. I guess I shouldn’t make light of the enemy.

「Don’t be fooled. They might be the ones teaching swordsmanship and unarmed combat to the soldiers of the castle」
「Got it. I won’t let my guard down even if they’re empty handed」

Six days later

「Caam-san! It’s a ship!」
「They’re here! Everyone, please head to the new village」
「Keith and the old men, let’s engage the enemy here. There are three of them. Let’s do our best!」

The ship stopped at the entrance of the bay, then a really small rowboat like the ones you’ll see at a park was lowered. Once it was on the water, the ship raised its sails then sailed towards the demonkin side of the continent.

「Oi, looks like they left them」
「That’s true」

The sense of unease kept piling up as the boat got closer.

As per the information I received, an elderly man was rowing the boat. The other old man looked like he was throwing up while a man who looked like he was in his thirties had both of his hands in the air with a white flag raised.

「What’s going on there?」
「I don’t know. Do you know what waving a white flag means?」
「It means they’re surrendering」

Ah, so it has the same meaning in this world. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like that.

Once the rowboat got close enough, the man waving the white flag started speaking in Japanese.

『We heard about you from Takeru-kun』
「What the hell is that guy saying?」

Keith had already drawn his bow and was ready to shoot. Ah, this is bad.

「Keith! Stop! Lower your bow! Down boy! They are probably related to that hero Rock so I’ll deal with them. Keith, you go and tell the others that it’s okay」

I desperately tried to stop Keith.

「A-alright. But don’t be careless okay?」
「It’s fine! You guys too, lower your weapons. There might be people who are strong even when they are unarmed like you said but these guys are probably different!」
「Got it. If that’s what you say then it’s fine. We will also go back」
「Thank you」

After saying that, they all went back to where the other villagers were.

『Iyaー, I was scared when he started pointing his bow at us. Thank you, Nagi-kun』

That was the first thing they said when they disembarked.

『Uh, nice to meet you. You can call me Caam. Ah, this is what my parents named me. It’s not like Takeru-kun’s which is an alias. And you are?』
『I’m Aida. These two are Enomoto-san and Oda-san』
『Best regards』
『Hey, before that, do you have water or tea? The inside of my mouth’s like a desert right now』

I quickly produced a 【Water Ball】 then gave it to the old man called Enomoto to drink.

『Ahhー. So good. It’s not shaking like in the ship』
『So, do any of you speak the continent’s common language?』
「We all can. We just spoke in Japanese to gain Nagi-kun’s trust」
「Ahー, that’s good. Although everyone on the island knows that I’m the Demon Lord, they still don’t know I’m a reincarnated person. That’s why, I would appreciate it if you would speak the common language from now on. Now then, let’s not talk here while standing. Follow me to my house」
「Alright. We’ve brought a little something for you so look forward to it」

「Here’s barley tea and coffee」
「We ran out of coffee on the ship yesterday so this is much appreciated.」

Oda-san, you bought fifty bags and had already gone through all of them in five days? He’s a total junkie huh……?

「It’s not something that goes along with barley tea but here is some tsukemono. I made it with a year old nukadoko so it’s sure to be good」

He opened the package he was carrying on his back then took out a pot that had boiled eggs, tomatoes, and cucumbers inside.

「Oh, it’s nukadzuke or to be more specific, picked tomatoes and boiled eggs」
「The small ones are really good but there weren’t any in the port town so we just bought the regular ones. We put it in there before we left so it should be ready to go. You just need to wash it first」

With the addition of the nukadzuke, the table was filled with stuff you wouldn’t usually see in this world.

「Waa, it’s been a while since I’ve had nukadzuke. I want some rice now. I used to make malted rice after all」
「Don’t worry, we also brought the seed rice with us」

Enomoto-san grinned as he took out a large pouch and put it on the table.

「Woooah! I didn’t have any knowledge about rice cultivation so I haven’t tried it out. Does this mean that you have agricultural knowledge, Enomoto-san?」
「Of course. You seemed to be doing interesting things here from what we’ve heard so we decided to come」
「Enomoto-san already said it but I can’t stand just drinking roasted dandelions and seeds anymore so I’m really thankful that you have coffee」
「I also came because I was interested after hearing about you from Iwamoto-kun. Well, to be frank, I just wanted to get out of that rotten country but anyway, shall we introduce ourselves? You already know our names so how about our professions? I was a teacher」
「I worked a mechanic’s job. I stripped down and put together bikes and tinkered a bit with cars. I used to be a mechanic for a nearby agricultural cooperative so I know a bit about it. These are my blueprints」

Oda-san handed the blueprints over to me.

「A windmill with a waterwheel, a hand pump, and is this a leaf spring? It’s also easy to understand. It’s drawn in a way that’s easy to understand for people in this world」
「I also wanted to make an engine but I don’t have the technology to build one. It’s going to be tough with just smithing after all. We’re surrounded by water though so I could probably make something if it’s just on the level of a pop pop boat」
「A long and narrow iron pipe would be impossible but I could probably do it if it’s something simple」
「Ohー, we’ve just been getting help from aquatic demonkin when it comes to that up until now」
「If that’s the case then we’ll need to discuss it with them since it concerns their employment. Besides, we’ll need fuel. We’ll also need to make improvements to a wooden ship since there will be fire involved」
「Then let’s just work that out as we go」
「As I said earlier, I worked in agriculture. I’ve done a bit of dairy farming so I can help out with that」
「I’m really glad you’re here. One of my wives is helping out with the livestock industry in my home town so…」
「「One of?」」
「Ah. Well, you see…… Uh, I have two. I really only planned for one but…… Well, bigamy is common in this world. The other one fell for me and……」

My excuses keep on piling up.

「Aren’t you a former Japanese? What are you doing?」
「I think you should just devote yourself to one woman if you’re truly Japanese」
「I tried my best to persuade them, you know? But before I knew it, that happened…… Uh, I’m sorry」
「No no no, it’s natural for a man to approach a woman if she’s beautiful. That’s what I used to do in my younger days you know?」
「Nope, that’s not true at all. That’s just you」
「Yeah yeah. He’ll understand even if you don’t say anything. Here, why don’t you have a cucumber」

He gave him a cucumber with a smile which he wryly ate.3

After that, we talked for a bit more and I was told about the details of how they came into this world.

「You were summoned then treated as a sacrificial pawn huh? Even a mild-mannered Japanese person would get mad after that」
「That’s right. If Ugajin hasn’t sneaked in, we would still be sharing our knowledge and skills as heroes of that country」
「I heard that the previous generation wasn’t that bad though. It only went downhill after that brat that they spoiled became king. Even his daughter, you can’t hear a single good rumor about her you know? She’s a manizer who preys on the summoned men that she likes」
「She has no chance to succeed the throne so she’s probably just playing around as much as she wants before she’s used as a tool for a political marriage. She’s probably already engaged with a nobleman from somewhere that she knows nothing about. She might not even know how her fiancé looks like and if he has a terrible personality」
「It’s horrible how not even love can help in that situation」
「That would make even heroes run away」

I drank up my lukewarm tea as I listened to even more of their stories.

「If it weren’t for you, Caam-kun, we might still be living in that declining village. Because of that, why don’t we spread the word out and gather the summoned Japanese people scattered throughout the world?」
「Hmmー, I don’t mind but isn’t that just asking for us to get attacked?」
「Even if we have cannons? I know when it comes to that you know?」
「We even have the blueprints」
「We should increase the number of pigs and cows to collect their shit then」
「Wait wait wait, why are you all so eager about this? And don’t you need to get a saltpeter for that plan to work? Did already you discuss this among yourselves beforehand?」
「That’s right. At the very least, together with Ugajin who isn’t here, we were planning to fire portable cannons made of wood at the castle walls to harass them. If the tree cannons catch fire then we’ll stop」
「Please don’t act like it’s something simple to build when even I can’t do it」
「It should be easy for Japanese people who know some history or have some knowledge about it right? Didn’t you build a distiller and make sake?」
「Well yeah. But that was just to develop my home town」
「Still, don’t you think you’ll want to make one if your hometown was a war-ridden place? Gunpowder or a musket is a relatively simple thing to make after all」
「I guess. It wasn’t necessary in the place where I was born though」
「Sorry, Caam-kun…… Can I have some more coffee……?」

This person really is that huh…? Even though we’re having a serious conversation, there’s nothing in his head other than coffee. He even said it in a really low and serious voice. I thought something serious happened for a second there.

「Well then, let’s discuss this some other time」
「Let’s permanently shelf this discussion since the fewer the fires, the better. I want to live in peace you know?」
「You don’t understand. Taking such a low cultured world would be child’s play」
「What are you going to do after taking over then?」
「Just taking it would be enough for me」
「At least think about it. How many people do you think would die before you manage to take over?」
「Well, we were used as sacrificial pawns, you know? Just a bit should be fine」

Aida-san said that with an evil smile.

「Please don’t smile while you say that. What do you plan to do to the demonkin side then?」
「I’ll destroy them if they decide to attack the humans while they’re weak from the battle. If not then I’ll already be satisfied taking over the humans’ side」
「Aida-san, you sure have a wild imagination, don’t you?」
「We’re already in another world so I want to have some fun at least」
「Don’t say that so smugly, please. I really can’t tell when you’re serious you know?」
「I want to get back at the country that summoned us. At least that part I’m serious about」

Hearing that, the other two just nodded quietly. I guess they were pretty pissed off.

「Ah, how does everyone feel about a bath?」
「I more or less had them. It sure was tough to dig the well though. I thought that if there was a well, it would be easier to set up the hand-operated pump that I built」
「When I was a kid, I was in charge of fetching the bathwater but it’s tough now at my age」
「It’s also hard for me so I only did it a few times」
「Well then, let’s go to the hot spring. Let’s make preparations so we can get in once we get there」

As I said that, they instantly stood up from their seats. Slow down, you guys.

「One overlooking the sea or one that’s halfway up the mountain, which do you prefer?」
「Why not both?」
「That’s right. That’s the only correct choice」
「Then it’s settled. We want to visit both」
「Alright, after you’ve prepared, I’ll use transfer magic to take us there」
「If it’s a change of clothes then we have it right here」
「It’s in the innermost part if I remember correctly」
「I’ve got everything in my small shoulder bag over here so I’m good to go」

What’s this? They’re like a three-person comedy act. I wonder why they get along this well even though their ages are different? Must be nice.

「Alright, first up is the mountain-side hot spring. Harpies sometimes come to play around so there might be feathers floating around and…… there sure are a lot huh? Please just ignore it」
「It’s fine. It’s just like dead leaves or bugs in an open-air bath」

After he said that, Enomoto-san immediately got undressed and entered the hot spring first.

「I would have preferred if there was a wall or a hedge but it’s probably impossible with this kind of mountain. It must be hard to get materials here huh?」

Oda-san immediately followed.

「It’s such nice scenery, isn’t it? It would have been great if that lake was the ocean though」
「Hey, you’re already asking for too much」
「That’s right」

「This would have been great with some nihonshu」
「We’ll be able to make it once Enomoto-san succeeds in growing rice」
「We’ll need a cellar and large barrels for that」
「Wait, won’t that take a lot of time? Why are you talking about it like it’s something made just like that?」
「We’re Japanese people so it’s already decided, right?」
「Even I wouldn’t drink coffee in a hot spring」
「An out of bath beer would also be great」
「Oh, that’s nice too」
「Rather than just beer, why don’t we make a properly managed distillery with a production method that’s actually established in our world?」
「It’s nice to have a goal. Although, even if we have the knowledge, we don’t have the technology. It really is a frustrating world」
「How do I even join in on this conversationー?」

After that, we moved to the hot spring that was close to the beach.

「A hot spring overlooking the beach. This would have been the complete package if we just had some Nihonshu right now」
「I prefer mountain springs」
「Wait, it doesn’t sound like you two care about where as long as there’s nihonshu」
「「Both are great」」
「Yeah yeah. Thanks」
「Alright, I’m going to live near this hot spring. The land’s flat, I can even make rice paddies, and it even comes with a hot spring. This place is perfect」
「I’ll help too」
「As for me, I’ll stay at Caam-kun’s village. Come and visit from time to time okay?」
「Wait, aren’t you getting ahead of yourself when we don’t even have a house yet? Do you even know where we are on the island?」
「Based on the sun’s position, the hot spring we were in before was west of here. As for the bay, it’s to the east right? I don’t know how far it is though」
「Teachers are amazing, aren’t they? You are correct. The coastline is roughly 150 kilometers across and the mountain we were just at is the center of the island」
「It’s quite far, isn’t it? So it would take about a day to get there from the village we were in. If it was me, I’ll need two days though」
「Don’t say something like that so proudly……」

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