MaouMuji Chapter 8

Hello. ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ I made a mistake last chapter. Instead of a path in the forest, the MC was asking for the method of walking through the forest. I don’t know if there is a proper term for that so I’ll just translate it like that for now. I only changed 4 or 5 words so you […]

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MaouMuji Chapter 7

Chapter 07: That Time When The Harvest Festival Ended I went to our meeting place on the way to school but Suzuran didn’t arrive. I’m going to pick her up despite what happened yesterday. My stomach hurts. I hope I don’t get killed. 「Good morning. I came to wake up Suzuran」 「Oi, you already stopped

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MaouMuji Chapter 4

Chapter 4: That Time When I succeeded with the image of my magic AN: I think I’d like to avoid difficult expressions(idioms?) because I haven’t studied it. A while ago, I wrote about demons developing early so our protagonist already around 150cm tall. Three months after the futon pulling incident, it has reached a point

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MaouMuji Chapter 3

Hello. |ω・)ノ I’m sleep deprived and there were more stuff I didn’t really understand in this chapter so there might be some mistakes again. I’ll just edit it some other time… Enjoー (_ _*) Z z z Chapter 3: That Time When I peeled off my childhood friend’s futon 「Does anybody know how to differentiate between

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MaouMuji Chapter 2

Hello. |ω・)ノ I just decided to keep calling the MC Caam. Nobody had any violent reactions about that anyway… Chapter 2: That Time When I Used magic for the first time I go to a school-like facility where we learn basic reading and writing, fundamentals of magic and simple body movements starting from around 9 a.m.

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MaouMuji Prologue

Hello. |ω・)ノ I decided I wanted to try translating this since I thought it was interesting. I can’t say that this is 100% accurate since this is my first time translating anything and my Japanese proficiency is not that high so please go easy on me and let me know if there are any mistakes.

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I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory was an Uninhabited Island

I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island(魔王になったら領地が無人島だった) Author:昼寝する亡霊(Hirunesuru Bourei/Napping Ghost)Raws: Syosetu / Side Stories / Nocturn Translation Status: Ongoing SYNOPSIS Our protagonist Caam is a man from Earth that was reincarnated into this world as a demon. In order to survive, he spared no effort in avoiding the sparks of battle and without noticing it,

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