Chapter 05: That Time When I became friends with the 3 idiots

「Hah~~~~ Huu~~~ Haah~~~」

I used the magic I showed the other day to help in harvesting in the fields too much and I passed out.

When I first showed it to the villagers, they were really surprised. Five to six fields was my limit on the first day but today, I suddenly got asked to do eight. It seems like it was favorable because it’s much more efficient than harvesting it by hand.
Of course, since the harvest season is busy, our school is on break.

I feel mentally tired. Is this magic power exhaustion, I wonder. I’m not sure if the amount of magic power is fixed. I’ll try to ask sensei later. This isn’t a game where I would level up after defeating enemies so I haven’t been thinking about raising my status. I went into a shallow part of the forest but I have only seen rabbits or any other small animals until now. Rather, I have goblins as my classmates. It’s hopeless in various meanings to raise my level.

「Giyahahahaha. Thanks to your son that this year we were able to finish a week earlier!」
「That’s right, my son wouldn’t be able to think of something amazing!」(Random Villager)
「Nobody would have thought of using magic for agriculture. It’s normally used for attacking after all, right?」

They’re considerably drunk. I haven’t even had a drink ever since I came to this world, damn it. Aah~. Well, it’s fine if the adults are enjoying themselves.

After the harvest has finished, Fig-sensei was at the village square and kept on loudly repeating

「 Please let the children know that school would resume starting tomorrow 」

While I was still feeling languid, I arrived at the usual meeting place. Even though I waited for quite a bit, Suzuran still didn’t arrive. It can’t be helped. I’ll go pick her up.

「I’m sorry as usualー. And also, thanks for that time during harvest」

While she was saying that, I saw her preparing the usual tea. I’ve been thinking that they’re just afraid of the just woken up Suzuran, aren’t they? It hasn’t caused me any harm yet so I don’t mind. It seems like Ichii-san is still asleep. He was drinking like there’s no tomorrow with dad yesterday after all.

I knocked as usual. If she’s already awake and I enter while she is changing clothes, when I look back her father’s there, I’d be at the brunt of his bloodlust and would be sleeping with the fishes. It’s scary as expected and I was having cold sweat on my back. I get to see her disheveled state when I wake her up though. I don’t know why it’s bad if she’s changing clothes.

「I’m coming inー」

I called out and there was no response as usual. Inside her room, I peeled off her futon and shook her shoulders while calling out to her. Lately, I’ve only been needing 30 seconds to wake her up. It’s frightening that I’m getting used to this.

I need to think up my next hand if I want to wake her up without peeling off her futon. What should I do?


Ah, she’s starting to wake up.


I shouldn’t leave this room because she’d just go back to sleep. I’ll be watching her closely until she’s completely awake and is getting up. Suzuran’s starting to regain focus.
Her breasts are joggling about as usual. Since she’s wearing such shabby clothes, it becomes loose when she gets up and her dangling breasts can almost be seen so I make sure not to look as much as possible.
Still, it hasn’t grown at all. Even though there are girls who are already big and girls who are starting to get big from our class…
Even though Ricoris-san’s figure is great, Suzuran’s height is the only thing that’s growing. The future of her figure is already hopeless.
I’m not really particular about breast size. The person herself doesn’t seem to mind and has no complaints about it. I’d probably answer that if I get asked as her childhood friend but I haven’t been asked by the girls in class.

If I’m forced to say……

Perhaps calling it a washboard would suit it well.

If we exclude the ribcage, then it’s an ironing board.

Could you see her groin area if you roll up her shirt until can see her navel and slide off her short pants? Well, I haven’t seen that area yet so I wouldn’t know. Hmmー I’m going off topic… 1

「Are you awake? If so, I’ll be waiting for you over there」

I was drinking tea I received at the living room.
「Was that magic taught to you by you teacher?」
I was asked.
「Rather than being taught, I came up with it myself. Teacher told us to produce our own image so I made an image of a really thin and sharp blade of wind.」
「Nobody would have thought about using magic for something other than attacking. We’ll count on you again next year, okay?」
I was asked while being teased a bit so I had no choice but to say “Of course”.
Well, I think if it continued that way, I could just cut her off and change the topic. It would be an embarrassing story though.

After a little while, Suzuran arrived while absolutely not minding her ruffled hair.
「I can go」
She said it weakly said that as usual. “It’s a shame her really silky and glossy black hair.” is what I thought but it’s a mystery how it suddenly got fixed just a bit before noon.

And when I came to school for the first time in a while, I was thanked by everyone in class.
It started from Birke-sensei but even other teachers started praising and thanking me.
The only reason was because “It became easier”.

During a short break between classes, I was unexpectedly called out by the leader of the “three idiots”.
「What is it, Wurst(ヴルスト)? It’s unusual for you to call out to me」
「Well… I guess. We are not really good with magic so we want you to teach us a bit. When we asked sensei, she just told us to imagine and use our imagination.」
「Ahー, un. I guess she said something like that, that sensei」
「And since you can use all of the attributes, we decided to ask you」
「That’s fine. Let’s have lunch first after school then meet at the village square afterwards. I’ll guide you to forest where I frequently do some special training.」
「So you do something like a special training. Then it’s decided, we’ll eat lunch at our homes first then meet at the village square!」

After they said that, they were going back to their usual spot when they started shouting “You’re teaching us, okay!”. Was I able to properly convey what I said?

Wurst is a goblin but he’s different from the image of that monster because he can surprisingly speak. He’s not short and simplistic either. He’s something like a leader for the three idiots. He’s very helpful so I think he’s a good person.
The other members are Schinken(シンケン) the Orc and Speck(シュペック) the Kobold.

Schinken is an orc but he’s a half elf. He takes after his mother so he has a pretty clean and well proportioned face. It’s different from the image where a half orc half elf would only be conceived because the elf was raped. Or rather, it’s completely different from the image since his orc father is really well-mannered. He was the first to worry about me when I was recklessly using magic while helping with the harvest. It’s only in this world where beauty and the beast are a real couple. There’s a clear difference between monsters and demons right! That’s just one of the mysteries of life!

Speck, who is a Kobold, looks exactly like a golden retriever. It doesn’t matter who, he gets along with everybody in class. Nobody could hate those droopy ears and that silky hair. To be honest, I want to mofumofu him. I want to buy an uninhabited island and make a kingdom with those people(golden retriever kobolds or maybe dogs in general) and go “Aah~ yoshiyoshiyoshiyoshiyoshi!” Well, I’m not rude so I won’t do it though.
I would think of them as cute regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman. Whenever our maid uniform wearing janitor Toryapka-san(トリャープカ) sees her prey, she frequently gets those carnivorous eyes. She doesn’t have a lot of self-awareness but older women are my type. By the way, she has horizontal ears on top of her head. 2
And it seems like Toriyapuka-san is a Kikimora.

I heard about it in a conversation with Suzuran about what type of eyes are appealing. The guys bond by playing but I’m not sure what the girls do. Are they talking actually talking about who they like in class after all?

Now then, would I get any compensation for doing this?

I excused my self after our meal by saying “I’m gonna play with my friends in the forest”.
「Araー that’s rare. Don’t go in too deep okay?」
I was only asked to be careful. Well, that’s better than her being strict and always saying “no”.

I was surprised that I was late when I arrived at the village square. Do they act quickly since there’s no concept of time here? Well, that’s enough about that.
「Then, let’s go. It’s the forest to the south of the village so we’ll walk there. It’s just a bit after noon so it won’t take that much time」
It will take approximately 15 minutes. You can see the forest from the edge of the village. Because I take this path everyday, it became something like an animal trail so there are no more weeds and the obstructing branches were cut off. We entered the forest and after about 5 minutes, arrived at the stream that I use when I drink poisons.

「This place is where I train.」

I use it frequently so it I increased the convenience. I placed a large stone on the creek to divert it so that footwear won’t get wet.
I made two simple couch/bed by making A-shaped frames using three thick branches tied up with vines.
For my throwing practice, I placed boulders at approximately 10, 20 and 30 meter distances as targets.
There is a flat, palm-sized stone that has changed into an odd color because of the poisonous plants.
And for magic practice, I made a 3x3x0.2 meter stage using earth magic to harden the soil.

「This place is amazing. It’s pretty convenient and comfortable」(Wurst)
「That’s true」(Schinken)
「Amazingly amazing!」(Speck)

Their appearance is close to that of an adult but their mental age can’t catch up. I’m not sure if it’s because they are demons… or it’s just because they’re guys so their actual mental age is low.

「I haven’t planned to use fire yet so I haven’t made fire reflectors, wind barriers and furniture made of stones and logs」

As the boy scouts and those who are into survival say, “Always be prepared. You’re foolish if you aren’t.” They say that knowledge isn’t the heavy kind of wealth. I’m personally experiencing and am making full use of the knowledge I learned during a long vacation in my previous life. By the way, I also like survival games.
I would also like to add a roof to this A-shaped couch if possible. The problem is that the me right now cannot hunt so my current meals are only wild plants, bird eggs, fruits, snakes and frogs. I want protein from animals… In other words, meat!3
I feel like it’s easy to use magic but I think it’s a bit different when actually using it. I want to rely on my own skills rather than with magic but that’s just my pride talking.
Using my knowledge from my long vacation, I don’t think that I would be able to hunt large wildlife. I haven’t had such an overwhelming experience so I wouldn’t know what to do.

「Well then, should we start practicing magic? Let’s start with water because it’s easy to imagine. Is there anyone who is good with water magic?」
Everyone shook their head.

「Then, can you go to that creek over there and try scooping out some water?」

Everyone scoops up water in order to wash their faces.

「Okay, let’s try to use this image. It’s actually quite simple. Just imagine it like when you’re gathering water at your hand to wash your face」

They all let go of the water in their hands and closed their eyes while concentrating. I wonder if they’re imagining water gathering in their hands. Then, at that moment, Schinken shouted joyfully.

「Ooh, I felt something cold in my hands. Water has appeared on my hands!」
As expected from a half elf, his magical aptitudes is surprisingly high.

The next one is Speck.
「It’s true, water did come out」
He was shaking his tail so hard, I thought it was going to come off. It’s really easy to read what he is thinking. I really wanted to mofumofu him and pat his head but I held back on that urge.

The last one was Wurst. I was thinking”Is it difficult for their race to use magic?”  when,

「So this is magic! It’s really is!」

He was somewhat excited and in high spirits. I guess he is really glad. Well, the next one is fire or light I guess. If in case they get lost, they will have light and water and they would be able to burn things. With this, they would be able to survive at least.

「Seriously, Thanks. I thought I would never be able to use magic but I was able to do it」
「I’m glad that you are our classmate. If it’s possible, I want to become friends」

I was a bit happy that each one of them were thanking me in their own way.

「With this, everyone can safely drink fresh water. You see, unboiled water is dangerous. I would even want to boil water from that beautiful creek」

I asked what attributes they can use on our way home.

「I couldn’t use all of them. I though I could not since my parent can’t use magic and we are pure blooded goblins」
「I can use fire and wind. I guess I’m better with wind.」
「Earth dayo! 」

I guess it’s true that a lot of goblins can’t use magic.
Elves have an image of using wind and earth since they live in forests. I wonder if orcs can easily use fire?
It seems like kobolds match their image of being good at earth magic.

This is my honest impression. It’s been five and a half years since I came here and there are still a lot of things I don’t know.

It seems like these three idiots consider me as their friend so I also told them in return

「Aa! We’re friends!」

I’m sure that I’m going to have a somewhat inseparable relationship with these guys.

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