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I just decided to keep calling the MC Caam. Nobody had any violent reactions about that anyway…

Chapter 2: That Time When I Used magic for the first time

I go to a school-like facility where we learn basic reading and writing, fundamentals of magic and simple body movements starting from around 9 a.m.

The very young-looking principal told us “Please come to school before the sun reaches the peak of that mountain”. After that, I was told that the dragon kin are the oldest in this village even if they have a young appearance.
However, the concept of time here is a little vague. It doesn’t really trouble me in any way but as a former Japanese, I’m a little bothered by it.

There are no clocks in this world so, in my free time during sunrise, I pierce a pole into the ground and straighten it with my hands then point out my pinky finger towards the horizon. When the sun is fully aligned with it, I place a mark on at the tip of the shadow the pole is making. Then I do the same again when it aligns with my ring finger.
When all of the marks are aligned, you’ll know the general direction of east and west. Since it seems that the sun moves approximately 15 degrees per hour, when you open your fingers at a 15 degree angle, you’ll find out how long an hour is.1

Well, this was how to know the approximate time from when I was on Earth. Then, I just have to stand above the line to face north and synchronize my body clock with the approximate time from the sun’s angle. Or rather, I thought that the sun was supposed to come out from the east.2

“What are you doing?” Suzuran suddenly called out from behind me.
「I was just playing for a bit, it wasn’t fun so I stopped.」
She’s tilting her head. I was probably able deceive her since it looks like she didn’t understand.

【Skill・Comprehension of Time: 1】 acquired.

I just remembered something. There’s isn’t really any concept of time here but, that doesn’t really matter.

When school starts, as a man, there should be a “getting woken up by my childhood friend” event right? She’ll say “If you don’t wake up, you’ll be late!”and forcibly pull off my futon, she’ll scream when she sees my forming tent and we’ll run off to school while still in my bed hair.
I yearned for that kind of event but, I only had male childhood friends when I was on Earth and I didn’t have any close female friends nearby. That was just my delusion.
I did have someone like that at school but, I was just Mob A, a classmate to talk to.

As my childhood friend, I had great expectations from Suzuran but unfortunately, I’m good at waking up in this world as well. In my previous life, I got up just before my alarm then turn it off the moment it rings. My alarm clock was treated just as something like an insurance.

Ever since I came to this world, I would wake up a little bit before sunrise, help out a bit on the fields and then finish eating breakfast so I had plenty of time to go to school.

Five minutes passed but Suzuran still didn’t arrive in the meeting place. I told her to come in advance but she only arrived after 5 minutes.
She had Japanese doll-like bed hair and she looked really sleepy.

「Hey, Suzuran-chan. Are you perhaps not a morning person?」
「………? …….un?」

Not good. Blood hasn’t flowed to her head yet. I’m not even sure if she had breakfast.

「How many times have you been late? I’ll pick you up from now on so that we won’t be late for school. If you don’t want your sleeping face to be seen, wake up early!」

It’s unclear whether or not she understood it but I got her to agree more or less. I’ll also ask Suzuran’s parents later. We’ve been childhood friends for 2 years but this will be the first time I’ll get to know them.

When we somehow arrived at school without being late, Miiru[ミール] the self-important* Dhampir immediately looked like she had something to say. I wonder if they’re the type that thinks their race is superior? It doesn’t matter to me as a former Japanese though. Kids like those exist right?3

「Shouldn’t you have come to school earlier?」
She looked down said that while her waist-length silver hair was swaying.
I just replied “Aa*, I’ll do so to the best of my ability”.
For people like this, you should just brush them off lightly. Still, I thought that Dhampirs have weak constitution as a child but, it doesn’t look like that to me.
[*TN:Used when agreeing with someone]

「There are 10 apples in the store, if you buy 4 apples, how many are left?」
……what’s this? I feel like I’m being severely looked down upon. The teacher drew a circle with a line on something like a blackboard. It’s kinda like an apple bomb but…well, let’s just ignore that part.

The problem is reading and writing… I don’t have a choice but to seriously accept it but, why is there a「ξ」? Is something stinky!4

After school, I went home with Suzuran. I tried to tell her parents this morning but, I was only able to tell uncle because aunty was out shopping.

「To be honest, that would help a lot. This one is really bad at getting up. If it’s Caam, you can probably wake her up.」

The uncle who said that in a deep voice had a muscular body, exactly like the oni that you see in manga. His skin color isn’t red or blue but, he’s really scary. He has an incredibly intimidating aura. He looks so scary that the moment I say “Father-in-law-san, please give me your daughter”, I can’t help but imagine that sword hand making my body bid farewell to my head. You can immediately sell that in a Yakuza movie.

Suzuran left after finishing her lunch. I decided to go exploring since I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now.

「Mother, I’ll go into the forest for a bit」
「You shouldn’t go deep into the forest, okay~?」

It seems that my very slow and laid-back mother whose race is close to a Sahagin is good with water magic. Because of that, we don’t have to draw drinking water from the well.
Furthermore, once a week, we get into a bath filled with my mother’s water magic and heated by my father’s fire magic. Aren’t my parent’s amazing?
If I can also use magic, I think it would make things like working in the fields a little easier. I don’t know whether or not magic can be inherited but, it would be nice if I can learn water and fire magic that my parents use.

Now then, I guess I should try to see if I can learn skills I can remember(from games).

First of all, let’s try to throw a stone to that tree.
whoosh!, whoosh!, whoosh!, thump, whoosh! thud!.
Oh, a rabbit. As I was thinking about adding that, which I killed with a stone, to tonight’s dinner,

【Skill・Throwing: 1】acquired.

Ohhー That was unexpectedly easy to learn. And also it’s not “stone throwing” but just “throwing”. Oh well, I wonder what else I can do in the forest. Remember, think of something, me.

I thought about throwing more stones but, there were already no more rabbits.

After a few minutes, I thought “Poison? That’s right, how about a patch test”. I’m going to check whether or not a plant is safe to eat. I’ll go to the area near the stream where I can pick several kinds of grass. If something happens, I can just rinse my mouth, drink water or vomit.

First of all, I’ll grind some grass. Then add water and grind it some more. Next, I’ll press it against a tender part of my skin for 5 to 10 minutes. If a rash doesn’t appear, I’ll smear some of it on my lips. After 5 to 10 minutes and still nothing happens, I’ll put some of it on my mouth. Then, after another 5 to 10 minutes and nothing happens, I’ll swallow it. If everything’s fine after 1 to 6 hours, then I can say that it’s not poisonous. Although it’s unappetizing, it has no poison. You can get moisture and nutrition from it but right now, my parent’s aren’t worried about our meals so I can just use this knowledge as a last resort. I don’t think I can wait 1 to 6 hours so I’ll just try another one.

There it is! This is bad! When I chose the 3rd plant, the moment I smeared it on the inside part of my upper arm, I felt a burning like pain. This one is obviously poisonous.
I resolved myself. I put that plant into water, grind it, and dilute it some more. I put it in my mouth along with some water, then gulp it down after enduring it for a bit. My stomach hurts and I don’t feel so well but I haven’t thrown up yet so I went home, eat a little dinner, told my parent’s “I’m not feeling well” then went to sleep.

【Skill・Poison Resistance: 1】acquired.

It seems like I got over the poison while I was asleep. When the announcement didn’t come after I swallowed the poison, I was planning to repeat doing that for 2 to 3 days but, it’s a relief that I didn’t have to.

「Okaaーay. Today, I will teach you about the basics of the foundations of magic」
Birke-sensei had a serious look but she said it with a light feeling. I’m troubled since I can’t read this teacher.

「If you roughly categorize magic, then there are attack magic, recovery magic and summoning magic which is a special case. The magic each race can use is limited. There are rumors that within the humans, there are several people who can summon heroes from another world.」

The classroom started to become noisy when they heard the term “hero”.

Hero, huh.

「For attack magic, there are fire, water, earth, wind, light and darkness attributes」

There are fewer attributes than I expected.

「The form is not really fixed. Please make it with your own imagination. When it comes to fire, having a mental image of fire burning from a furnace is okay. With water, water droplets. Everyone should give it a try with that kind of feeling」

Oioi isn’t there some kind of chant? Something that would tickle my chuuni heart?

「Magic power is inside of your body. Be aware of that special power and imagine turn it into fire or water」

Eh? Is it okay for it to be that simple? First is fire. Like a fire burning in a furnace. Fire!
Ah. It came out. I wasn’t startled but it was so unexpected that I was strangely surprised.

【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Fire: 1】 acquired.

I was able to do it on my first try. I don’t know what are the standards of this world. Compatibility? Well, let’s not think about it too much.

There were a lot in the class who were able to do it on their first try so they were raising cheerful voices. And then, I noticed a strange noise coming from Suzuran who was sitting next to me. When I looked, with her palm facing upwards, a vigorously burning flame reached the ceiling burning it a little.
Are you a gas burner used in making asphalt?



Suzuran is expressionless, as usual. You won’t know what she’s thinking from her facial expression. She doesn’t have a surprised look on her and she’s just looking at the flames with a straight face. Are your bangs alright, Suzuran-san?

After that, the teacher quickly made a water ball and safely extinguished the fire on Suzuran’s hand.

Father. Mother. It seems like I don’t have that much magic power.

AN: Caam just set the standard of this world’s hour on his own. A day may not necessarily be 24 hours.

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